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Menus is Google Chrome Everett Muniz (4 comments)
Boolean Filter Fabrice Hoffmann (3)
Any way to make the case list filter by, or show email status? Zach Rosen (3)
fogbugz-search Dies, spits out a bunch of juunk Ian Weaklim (2)
Dealing with Delivery Status Notification Failures Mark Thibault (2)
Feature Request: Add "Parent Case" as a displayable column Donnie Hale (1)
Search builder Justine Lera (5)
FB6: Delete Spam after ... Justine Lera (5)
embed Google Calendar in Wiki page Laura Klemme (1)
Get the Total Time Spent ( Per Milestone) Ngu Soon Hui (1)
is there a URL parameter to add a value into a custom field? Rich (2)
Great use for tags to organize testing Charlotte M (0)
FR: be able to delete tags when closing a case Charlotte M (1)
FB 7 Discussion group value and posting comment with XML API KJ (1)
Cleaning up dbo.BugEmail James Kubecki (1)
How integrate wiki/forums with single sing-on on my site Mario Montoya (3)
LDAP or only AD Jeff Vannest (4)
Emailed bugs have garbled data Chris Bates (1)
Considerations for upgrading from 6.1.42 to 7.0.30? Lars (4)
Get Back to Filter View Using Breadcrumbs Byron Ross (1)
Feature Request: Add link to main page after bug submission Geoff Hart (1)
Feature Request: Improve usability of bulk action buttons Donnie Hale (6)
wiki hard carriage return Glenn (1)
FogBugZ 6 Search Problems. James Fisher (4)
Public case view doesn't show sub-cases or allow outline view? Joe Payne (1)
Feature Request: Default Category to Parent's Value Michael Trafton (1)
Parent Cases with Estimates of their own Michael Trafton (1)
Custom Image Header on top of customer ticket Don (1)
Calculate the Total Hours Estimated/ Hours Spent for a Milestone Ngu Soon Hui (3)
SearchTool fails spectacularly James Copher (2)
Schedule Items and Getting Started with EBS (noob question) Everett Muniz (5)
clear due date when closing case Rich (3)
Snow Leopard Brady Duga (6)
Auto reply - sending to first email in body rather than sender James Justice (5)
FB 7.0:  Complete email in "new incoming email" notices Sharon (1)
Send Email -- default mailbox Frederik Slijkerman (4)
"Reply" and "Send" links not available to some users Shawn L. Bradley (1)
TFS and FogBugz Work Item Connector Omar Soto (1)
Display category name in gridview Donnie Hale (3)
SVN links broken Shuang Fan (3)
EBS with undated milestones Pascal Bourque (3)
When a case is closed - it retains the backlog number Abby Dowd (4)
No Auto Reply Based on Email Address Jim Duffy (1)
AutoSubscribe Plugin Michael H. Pryor (8)
Sorting multiple columns Jaydel Gluckie (1)
FB 7 on demand - LDAP support anytime soon ? KJ (1)
FB case email quote collapse not working for Lotus Notes emails KJ (1)
Error: A message could not be sent from your mail queue. Jason Harrison (1)
FB as a PM tool -suggestions for integration with 3rd party app Robin Österholm (9)
Sorting not working when including extra fields as criteria Chris Bates (1)
Is it possible to get a report of issues by area (closed) Offbeatmammal (1)
FB on Demand - balsamiq plugin not showing in wiki insert menu KJ (4)
Deleting project area Marco Di Vittorio (1)
Is it possible to have all cases viewable by the general public? Jessica (2)
How to Set a default "From" e-mail address when replying Scott Porad (6)
Migrating to FogBugz from Collabnet Steve Hebert (2)
Query language: edited:"(today-2).."  ? Sam Jones (1)
Thread contention BugzScout cases Black Beard the Pirate (0)
bugmonkey plug-in - run this code - only community and anonymous KJ (2)
Bugmonkey plug-in sample js KJ (7)
Feature/plugin request: Inline time estimate editing Per Bergland (3)
Different subcases sorting order: outline:"8" and list cases Nothize (0)
Bug? Click pull down menu, drag on text, text selected from top Nothize (4)
Answering multiple emails with the same answer Hannah Rooks (2)
Sandvox wont open vanessa rowlinson (1)
Bug: Backlog edits not being saved / unintuitive Donnie Hale (3)
FogBugz 7 for Linux? Gerald Brandt (10)
FB 7 on demand - single sign on SSO for community users KJ (1) Rich Armstrong (4)
Remap LDAP Name Field? Chris Roedel (3)
public tickets - turn off or make password static? Isaac Strack (1)
Feature request: preview attachment before sending mail Tuomas Jokinen (1)
[API] Listing all cases - closed or open - attached to a project Dan Storm (2)
Do you know who is logging into your FB system and when? Sam Jones (7)
The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation... Chris Wenham (10)
FogBugz 7 API: Any way to know if a built-in filter is "current" Lukhnos D. Liu (5)
How do I save emails in a folder for future reference? Hannah Rooks (1)
Release notes 7.0.30? Kris Kumler (2)
Feature request for ISO 8601 date format Roman Hernandez (3)
The Maintenance Service Problem - 3 Yuri Kuleshov (4)
Problems with reports and milestones James Crosswell (2)
Feature Request: Quick edit for all items in Outline/Flat View Martin Lindberg Mogensen (1)
Removing problematic entries from BugEvent Roman Hernandez (5)
Unable to Add Case in FogBugz on Demand account Ngu Soon Hui (2)
Security: How can we see failed password attempts? Sam Jones (4)
How to expire a user's password ? / Password security (7)
Advice on custom workflow scenario Hermano Cabral (1)
Wiki problem on FB 6: Unable to edit a table Sam Jones (1)
Customize Release Notes Output Eric (2)
Exchanging emails between two FogBugz servers Peter Štibraný (2)
Bug: Sort gridview by "Date Opened" broken Donnie Hale (1)
Pulling timesheet out of MySQL Bishop Bettini (0)
Problem with wiki in fogbugz Artur Dąbek (3)
Creating and Using Wiki Templates Don Fuller (2)
Wiki TOC block float KJ (3)
FogBugz 7 MySQL: Importing data from On Demand or trial Bill McCord (1)
Removing Default Priorities MSSW (4)
Saved Filters containing search expressions don't function? Will Sadkin (5)
Cases sorted by milestone, "Set Milestone" from hover menu James Frost (1)
Disable automated emails for a project? Donnie Hale (5)
Inconsistent Search Results Paul Henderson (1)
Auto-Subscribe Plugin Y (2)
Problem with Cyrillic Artur Dąbek (7)
Fogbugz on demand timeout issue Ngu Soon Hui (1)
Anyone using Project Locker? Philip Yurchuk (0)
Filter on cases not opened by bugscout Ben (3)
Submitting Screenshots to Fogbugz via Screenshot Tool Mike S. (3)
visability of virtual users Mike S. (2)
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