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"New Case" should use the same defaults as "Add Case" Niklas Matthies (3 comments)
Hover popup for bug details shows incorrect information Matt Stupple (1)
search for and display cases marked as spam? rich (3)
Editing timesheet/TimeInterval via API Duncan Smart (3)
Stuck e-mail message, what to do Frederik Slijkerman (3)
how i fixed my subversion integration-(wget,testing post-commit) Andreas Petersson (2)
FogBugz unicode support with MySQL on Windows Vasili Galka (1)
Estimated/Elapsed/Remaining days calculations Ian M. Jones (CaseDetective) (8)
Is it possible to search for cases starred by someone else? Charlotte M (3)
FireFox 3 Mac can't right-click in list view Craig D. Miller (3)
LDAP domain John C. Kirk (1)
Feature Request/ Email Recipients autocomplete reinaldo garcia (1)
Links in a pdf Kipp Koren (1)
EBS Calculation Concern/Confusion Zach Burlingame (10)
Background color by status Greg Case (8)
Code samples in wiki articles Philip Villars (0)
Search for reopened cases? Kris Kumler (1)
Feature Requests Kurt Milam (2)
Notifications for tasks nearing completion / overrun James McPheat (1)
Official Opera Support Statement Jim Duffy (3)
Feature Request: Editable Field, last comment view, wrap text Thom Franklin (4)
Feature Requests Kurt Milam (4)
searching for "editions" Michael Huntress (1)
Comma in email address causes problems Niels-Peter Vest Nielsen (4)
How do I represent features v. tasks in FogBugz 6? Steve Betten (4)
Failed to update the search index: 7 - Out of memory John Christensen (6)
Bug: "SMTP user" is filled automatically again after cleared Joern (1)
Changing opening date for case Eitan Shay (3)
Does this search need escape characters? Scott Langham (1)
Bracket within quotes when searching causes problems. James Fisher (3)
FogBugz on Slackware linux. John Brandwood (1)
FR: Combining user permissions and the assignment dropdown box Charlotte M (1)
FR: Wider search box, and some other thoughts on search Charlotte M (5)
Assign Case to Multiple People Alex Kac (10)
Select on more than one field with OR Edgar Bolton (1)
upgrade of FB 6 from release 19 to 36 caused DB errors Assaf Lavie (1)
Discussion Group Permissions Carl Pates (4)
Ability to setup a case template Bill McLaughlin (1)
"past n days" search criteria? Steve (1)
Feature Request: Site option to exclude closed cases from search Jason Pareti (2)
configure the default 'from' address in a FogBugz email reply Patrick (5)
Memory leaks using FogBugz with Ubuntu Peter van Boheemen (3)
Unlink/Edit cases Simon Morris (1)
Using FogBugz with new Subversion release? Dave Peterson (1)
Feature Request: IMAP support Brett Veenstra (3)
Automatic status change for completed cases Elisa Aapola (1)
How to see all Non Closed cases assigned to a person? Sam Jones (2)
Chrome issues from moderately heavy user Sam Jones (6)
New version FB 6.1.36 release notes not available Andrew Davies (1)
More EBS confusion JB (4)
How to link Wiki article from Fogbugz Case Brett Veenstra (3)
Multiple-step operation generated errors. Check each status valu Paul D. (4)
FogBugz and Windows 2008 (5)
Feature suggestion: Error notification Tim Keating (3)
Hierarchical Filter Organization Eric Z (3)
24 hour stuff Thomas Flogstad (0)
Get Emails of all cases in a search Alex Kac (3)
Admin, API and LDAP - not working for me Dan Hauser (0)
Google Chrome and FogBugz attachments Pascal Bourque (6)
Case export with a specific filter using the API Nick Pierpoint (2)
Google Chrome and Reply to Email Micky (3)
Time Sheet Title Description Chris Thame (1)
Change / remove CTRL+S shortcut Andrew Davies (4)
Embedding Discussion Group into Web Page Mark Illing (1)
Incoming mail not notified when case is closed Rene (1)
Additional ScoutSubmit "Scout Will" option Andrew Davies (3)
Scout-like batching of mailed-in cases Andrew Davies (2)
FogBugz and Google Chrome JohnFx (8)
out of office changes primary reporter Sean Shannon (0)
Change columns displayed in search results Nick Pierpoint (5)
Fogbugz Search indexing fails occasionally. Fred Ngo (3)
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