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EurekaLog sidekick (1 comment)
FB 6 -- Status of Perforce integration is ? Sam Jones (4)
A message is stuck David Dunham (1)
Add Additional Status Options? Keith Mangold (4)
Discussion Group & URL with FogBugz on Demand Scoopex (1)
Feature Request ->  NEEDED Basic CRM features!!! Scoopex (2)
Hours to Days Conversion JohnFx (1)
What does the ixWikiPageRoot in the Wiki do? JohnFx (1)
Interfaces with Phone Systems Jeremiah (2)
Google Search Appliance Jeremiah (2)
Allow the specification of required fields Mike Drew (1)
Questions about Wiki JohnFx (1)
FogBugz 6.0.27 released Eric Nehrlich (0)
Can you change the 'default' email FROM: address? Kevin White (3)
Any way to shut off tooltips Paolo (3)
Upgrade to 6.0 and BugzScout Kirby Turner (1)
Resolve & Close being used accidentally Charlotte Manly (4)
link to wiki in a case Tim Wood (3)
Handling task breakdown and grouped tasks Clinton Chau (3)
Wiki - Pasting from Word - messing up the display Paolo (3)
Old projects David Wilkinson (2)
Email - But not from me? Paolo (3)
Incoming emails not processed Andrew Davies (1)
DEP is off in Vista, but install won't get past error screen. Jim Mitten (6)
integration with tina plummer (2)
Seperate Case Edits Dermot Fitzpatrick (1)
Allow additional Areas to be chosen Dawn Wielgus (1)
Dates wrong after FGB6 upgrade? david (2)
Can we have the WYSIWYG editor for cases not just WIKIS Richard Downey (10)
Force Password Entry For Admin Accounts Dan (3)
mark items as read? Charlotte Manly (3)
View what cases people are currently working on? Anand Agarawala (2)
FB6 DB Upgrade Error - Conversion of char to date (UK English) Jason Glover (3)
Drop down lists do not work in Safari 3 on OSX Aaron Moore (5)
Failed to update the search index aknasinski (4)
Remind button for different admins Eric Z (1)
Auto Responding to Self Vincent Parrett (3)
SVN post-commit: CHANGEFILESUFFIX trouble? Chuck McKinnon (0)
Fogbugz Version 6.0.25 (DB 612) installation bug Greg Obleshchuk (2)
FogBugz 6.0 supported platforms Dmitry K (6)
Setting up to use areas for an existing FB installation andrew finkenstadt (1)
How to organize helpdesk? Dmitry Skavish (3)
Is it possible to customize a notification email? Dmitry Skavish (3)
Custom logo instead of FogBugz's Dmitry Skavish (4)
Default Priority in FB6 Odin Ortiz (1)
FGB6 How do I make the search only show me ACTIVE cases like b4 david (4)
Strange Smtp Problem Joris Bauer (7)
Resolve-logic for incoming mail (2)
Security problem with /FogBugz/KB/howto/GiveCaseNumbersaUniqueP (3)
fogbugz upgrade aknasinski (6)
Reporting on Closed Cases by Release? jtleavens (5)
Global Releases et al David Whatley (3)
Customer Portal, self service, or tracking feature? Stephen Blount (1)
Am I crazy? Audrey Crane (1)
FB6-OD Bad time calculation in Timesheet Matthew Passell (6)
Auto-email when case created for client jtleavens (3)
FB6 API vs BugzScout Eric Z (2)
FB6 API XML schema Eric Z (2)
FB API: Sort order from search cmd not always correct. Ian M. Jones (CaseDetective) (3)
Limited community user registration? Don Benson (2)
FB API: Event Codes Ian M. Jones (CaseDetective) (1)
Multiple developers/testers for a feature (2)
Has scoutSubmit recently changed? Ian M. Jones (CaseDetective) (2)
FB API: listWorkingSchedule not returning nHoursPerDay Ian M. Jones (CaseDetective) (0)
Exit a Wiki page without making chages Byron Ross (2)
Address Book Jo Douglas (1)
A new API for developers andrew finkenstadt (6)
Edit cases (3)
When/why doesn't email work? Ari Davidow (3)
Filtering criteria: Equals, Not Equals, Greater than, etc Alex W (1)
Currently working on Filter Eric Z (1)
Version 6.0.25 Jon Tresadern (2)
Schedule item for debugging Petros Amiridis (4)
Mails get stuck. Both incoming and outgoing Mattias Berge (1)
Original and current estimates Petros Amiridis (2)
suggestion for time tracking bumperbox (8)
Just Upgraded to Version 6 Eric Renken (12)
Can we customize the New Case template? Joel Sheppard (3)
Upgrading from 5.x->6x on a multiple install server JohnFx (2)
Problem upgrading to FogBugz 6.0 Brynjar (2)
Trouble upgrading from 5.0 to 6.0 Joel Cruz (1)
Are automatic replies sent to SPAM messages? Erik Spierenburg (1)
Escalation Report, Strange characters appear Angelo Giannatos (3)
Importing bugzilla data into fogbugz on demand Daniel Plaisted (1)
Create tickets? Brad Bellomo (1)
End User Wiki scott (1)
SQL Server Memory Usage - v5 vs v6 Paolo (1)
Add-in for VS2003? Mark R. (1)
"Cannot add case" -- ??? Scott (4)
Future Nicety Brian Briggs (5)
Users seeing their own bugs. Brad Bellomo (2)
Repeated E-Mail Failures should be dropped... Nick Lange (1)
FB 5 Edit specific case entry. Joe Young (1)
moving sql 2005 db (but not IIS) to new server for fogbugz Anthony J Biacco (1)
Multiple Subversion repositories? Petros Amiridis (1)
How to organize projects? Petros Amiridis (2)
Upgrading from 5 not 6 not a happy experience markee (4)
Buying more than 1 year of support? Price tendency? (1)
FogBugz Screenshot doesn't run on my Mac (OS 10.4.10) Denis  Ahearn (0)
Response to "Making Feature Choices" blog post Samuel Neff (5)
Incorrect "You do not have any historical estimates" message flipdoubt (11)
Flash Reports require click to activate Brad Cranford (3)
EBS and Actual Ship Date Lief Zimmerman (6)
6.0 - Resolve and Close - Logic Paolo (4)
Email notifications - ways to customise? Andrew (5)
Using FB for Change Management Andrew (1)
Customized Escalation Report Brian Briggs (3)
Is there a 6 guide for 5 users markee (2)
FB6 Fonts Ed (4)
Release notes for 6.0.25 Paolo (3)
Can't post image with "_AD" J.R. Willett (3)
Planned Start Date for a Case Rahul Dewan (0)
Little annoyances with timesheets PDF (4)
Image Resizing in FB6 Wiki Byron Ross (1)
Importing TWIKI (6)
FB 6.0: Unable to view image attachments Ed (9)
Evidence Based Scheduling Confusion (6)
FB6 - Text Search and filters Eric Z (1)
FB6 - Can I get the 'Picture of the day' back? Steve Schoon (2)
Wiki export? Anders Båth (5)
why is the case number in fb6 so big? bumperbox (10)
Single Sign On with IIS (4)
importBugzilla2.php difficulties Jeremy Yang (0)
Turning Off Sending of Mail Allen Moore (1)
Move FogBugz 5.x Session State to db? Andy Hooper (1)
Multiple systray screenshot instances Matt Hicks (2)
Table Creation in the Wiki, FB6 James Evans (3)
FB6 Restricitng Community User Access to individual wikis John Elliott (5)
"Unable to parse date" Yaron MAROM (0)
Remaining time after a case is closed PDF (7)
Is there an easy way to change area/project for multiple cases? (1)
Can we have Resolved (PEBKAC)? (2)
FB6 and sql error message Eric Z (1)
Link to wiki article from case text. Lasse Vågsæther Karlsen (2)
CVS checkin Glen Au-Yeung (2)
Separating public facing webpages from core FogBugz (6)
Are you really using LUCENE for the PHP-version? (3)
(Yet Another) Request for Case Cloning Feature Allen Moore (19)
Fogzbugz on demand, email forwarding... gavin burke (1)
Vista Sidebar Gadget for FogBugz 6 Neal (3)
Itching to purchase FB6 for linux. Azrul (4)
Cursor For Hyperlinks Inconsistent Using Safari John Topley (1)
Server CPU goes crazy on FB6 PDF (3)
Feature Requests: Subscriptions J.R. Willett (5)
6.0 Bugz Justin Foster (3)
FB 6 and disappearing due dates Eric Z (1)
6.0 - Tooltips Paolo (4)
Email to Multiple Cases J.R. Willett (1)
Best way to upgrade 5.0 to 6.0 (Win) and migrate to new server? Serge Baranovsky (1)
Just upgraded to FB6 -- internal error Eric Z (4)
Feature Request: Merge Cases JohnFx (3)
Checkins popup window horizontal sizing issue Ben Murray (2)
Periodic Notifications to All/Selected Correspondents? Kevin McD (4)
sCustomerEmail not fills form on public bug report Sander van Dragt (2)
Bug: smtp user gets stripped (FB for unix 5.0.31) Marc Logemann (1)
New categories won't appear when editing case Anders Båth (1)
6.0 More thoughts Paolo (9)
Publishing FogBugz 6 through ISA Server 2006 Alistair Young (4)
V6 - Edit timesheets and case preview don't work in FireFox Reggie Gardner (2)
Some comments of FogBugz 6 Ray (4)
Upgrade Problem from 5 to 6 - Dates and British Summer time Mark Winfield (2)
FogBugz 6.0 On Demand and SSL Chip Anderson (5)
Is there a log for bug tracking? Tyler Waitt (1)
Deleting unused releases? Joe (4)
Assigning case manually when resolving Ben Fyvie (1)
Email failure notifications Tim Turner (8)
Is there a quicker way to empty spam markee (1)
Please can we have community users on here? Ian M. Jones (CaseDetective) (5)
"No estimated cases" in Upcoming Releases Matthew Lock (3)
More trappable errors.. Mark Smith (9)
Error editing a mailbox in 6.0.23 Mark Smith (3)
FogBugz 6.0 for Windows Available Ben Kamens (5)
Testtrack to Fogbugz import James Dadd (0)
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