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How much machine/app info should I capture for a ScoutSubmit? Geoff M (1 comment)
Can I password protect a FogBugz discussion board? Geoff M (1)
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Suggestion: default priority Andrew Rosca (1)
Maintenance URL not saving (Unix) Dominic Bush (4)
Default Grid View Layout JF (1)
CaseDetective 1.2 for FogBugz released. Ian M. Jones (CaseDetective) (3)
Search check box (close cases) configured by filter Miguel Angel Diez (1)
"Edited By" filter or search? Matt Henry (2)
International characters in BugzScout Hlodver Tomasson (6)
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Mailbox not pulling in emails Bryan Coleman (2)
Allowed memory size of 52428800 bytes exhausted ( Jean-Marc Couture (1)
FogBugz, CaseDetective and Excel Pivot Tables Stefanie Burnham (1)
Why does assignment go away when a case is closed? PWills (1)
FogBugz integration with Team System (VSTS) Dave Diehl (2)
Can't add Clients or Departments JeffV (1)
Feature Request - Area Contacts Sean Kelley (1)
FogBugz keeps sending mail after disabling Joel Cruz (2)
Public Portal Privacy Concerns: Advice? Justin (0)
Determine the Public Case Number Justin (3)
Firefox doesn't show reference to duplicate bugs Jon Jacox (3)
French translation for FogBugz? Diana Guy (0)
Project Archive / Delete (2)
Linux 64bit support Marc logemann (2)
Feature Request - Download All Attachments Glen Richards (0)
Spell Check Glen Richards (5)
Spam filtering's not working David Dunham (20)
Escalation reports for resolved cases Steve Troxell (0)
can't open txt attachments alex (4)
Statistical analysis of FogBugz Data Stefanie Burnham (0)
How can I customize the Reminder message? flipdoubt (1)
Customer's case list when viewing a ticket: no case titles Steve Troxell (2)
Historical data in FogBugz Helga Waage (1)
Could not log into the mail server: Michael Jones (1)
Printing Fogbugz cases loses the right edge of text and graphics mark cuneo (3)
definition of time filters rich pearson (1)
SalesForce Integration Micky (2)
Ubuntu Dapper PEAR install problem (1)
Office 12 breaks fogbugz emails Dan Mitchell (5)
Did somebody say Postgres? Cory R. King (2)
Feature Request: Ability to administer Status Codes JF (4)
Feature Request: button to reverse the order of case activity. Joshua Friesen (5)
Make custom field a combo box Josh Dahms (2)
Public / Private Areas Brett Veenstra (2)
XP "Media Center Edition" Robert (3)
System recovery procedure Robert (1)
Custom Fields Searching Not Working Daniel (1)
about heartbeat again Oleg Kuznetsov (1)
Adding elapsed time to a case via HTTP requests Craig Chambers (1)
Not getting email notifications from Trial version Anthony O'Doherty (1)
Canceling a 'Reply' inserts two 'Assigned to' entries Mark Thomason (1)
Move FogBUGZ instructions Chris Sagovac (1)
Filter with cases closed by user Miguel Angel Diez (2)
SQL Server security Roger Reid (2)
Using the Reply Feature and selecting the FROM address Neil Kendrick (1)
Customising "asignment" emails sent to fogbugz users Joe Hanna (2)
firefox opens some image attachments as a text file Spencer Stejskal (3)
Cannot create project 'areas' in trial? Thomas J. Theobald (3)
Spam training David Dunham (3)
Spam filtering comments David Dunham (0)
Search results lost Brian (1)
Screenshot tool for Linux? Bryan Hanks (1)
"Search is not available right now." error Abdul Muthana (1)
Changed the project of a case, default "assigned to" user wasn't Brake (1)
How do I backup FogBugz 5.0 from Linux? Shane Tolmie (1)
The Fog Creek Maintenance Service has reported an error. bumperbox (5)
Screenshot Tool: Failed to create tray icon 1 Eric (2)
Possible bug in fobugz.conf set/test logic Andrew Greenberg (0)
Error when attempting to use BugzScout.DLL... Geoff M (1)
Fogbugz problem with Source Control URL for logs URL. Paul Maddox (0)
Using the field "Estimate" when submitting new cases M Ossi (2)
Email notifications no longer work Dan Wheeler (1)
Move Database (1)
FB5 Discussion Groups and Ben G. (0)
Spam Training David Dunham (9)
Discussion group title (in browser) David Dunham (6)
Discussion List Style Customization Ben G. (2)
Disable keyboard shortcuts? Thomas Stache (5)
Task - "By Design" Status Rory Becker (1)
FogBugz on SQL Server 'hangs' Phil Dye (2)
Fogbugz and NOD32 John Wilson (2)
Where are the BugzScout sample files on demo version? Geoff M (2)
Fogbugz 5.0.19 and Red Hat EL4 + PHP 5.1 Jason Young (5)
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