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Network Status

sending email about any changed case to interested parties Lynn McGuire (1 comment)
Screenshot tool with Firefox and dash in fogbugz URL Sherman Uitzetter (3)
lang.asp translation Sébastien Nussbaumer (2)
Request - Link email domain to project Dan Reber (0)
Team System or Fogbugz? Graeme Hood (3)
Assign case to email address Dan Reber (7)
Where to find the release notes? Thomas Stache (1)
email bug linking John (1)
No checkboxes when I using opera Christopher Rasch (2)
Ditto: changing elapsed time shouldn't change estimate Michelle McGinnis (1)
SMTP Port Jeff Loomis (1)
Release dates swap day/month on each attempt to edit Ian M. Jones (0)
Unable to setup POP3 accounts Chris Short (6)
Search quirk Andrew Lighten (0)
Changing the behavior of the department filter Michael Johnston (0)
Bad Forum Searching Yaakov (4)
filter's RSS feed showing too many cases Christopher Rasch (5)
Trial Database download problems Tomas Leko (1)
Fogbugz screenshoot tool and Google search Chad Pavliska (0)
Could not log into the mail server: Object required Rich (6)
Error: Could not login into mail server Daniel Maltarolli (7)
Escalation Report & Notifications stopped Tony Niemann (0)
email not receiving into FB, and can't send from FB Rich (6)
FreeBSD 5.4 Duncan (1)
Labels for Issues Angelos Giannatos (1)
"FogBugz 4.0.27 launched today?" What's in it? tk (2)
My page only displays the first 50 cases rachel (1)
Creating new statuses Christopher Pope (2)
starting fogbugzmaintd at startup (FreeBSD 5.4) Joel Gudknecht (3)
delete attachment icon missing Manoj Patel (6)
[BUG?] Changing 'Assigned to' in a filter view doesn't work? Dave Burns (8)
Record/Display Estimates in Hours (not Days & Hours) Greg Orr (2)
Stepping through the results of a filter is frustrating Lawrence Bruhmuller (3)
I get notification of my own edits when subscribed to a case Steve Troxell (2)
What is 'Area' for? John (3)
Email Problem Dale Levesque (1)
FogBugz cannot login to mailbox Ivan Vega (7)
Resolved, Code Review and Code checkin (1)
More Columns! Stephen Friedrich (2)
search for three letter words Lloyd Newby (1)
Daily Notification Includes Empty Set? Daniel Farnan (1)
FogBugz Maintenance Service is not running on OS X Alexis (1)
using fogbugz with mailing lists.. Justin Swanhart (1)
Project Global Area Keri Prasky (2)
Adjusting frequency of pop account checks Chaz Larson (4)
Google Mini search appliance Dan C (1)
Linking emails to actual Case Bugz Brian Metzler (1)
Feature Request: Populate Release notes from resolved note Ryan Wood (0)
Prevent the re-opening of closed cases by e-mails? Terry Jennings (2)
Correspondent Nick Ebbitt (0)
Sending emails on behalf does a automatic reassignment Myles Penlington (1)
email notification for email inquiry Louis Beauregard (4)
Can FogBugz handle large attachments (>5MB)? Ivan Vega (2)
Goddamn MySQL again - help please! Ivan Vega (5)
BETA testers for SP1 Michael H. Pryor (0)
Timezone in email messages Andrew Rowley (1)
Use attachments of a case when sending an email Torsten Uhlmann (0)
Search titles of cases failing Rob Kedward (4)
FogBugz 4 Localization Jason Dearborn (1)
Linux Screenshots Chris DiMartino (2)
Full Text Search + wildcard not working, MySQL Bryan (0)
Win2003 Install problem Jason Dearborn (2)
Add new types Rob Kedward (2)
How do you associate a case with a client? Tuvia Alon (2)
Anyone tried ValiantHost for FogBugz? Simon (0)
[REQ] Ability to specify columns - finer grained Donovan J. Edye (1)
Sending email to specific case stopped working Rich (5)
Is there a way to search on FogBugz comments? Jerome Fong (2)
Can a saved filter reference current user? Tom Darci (3)
Cannot instantiate non-existent class Kieth Furey (2)
Calendar of due dates Andrew Christensen (1)
[req] easy related case creation Justin Ruckman (0)
[REQ] case hierarchy Justin Ruckman (1)
Email from addresses Myles Penlington (0)
Auto login not working, cookies are enabled Ethan Michaels (2)
Possible to view closed cases? Ethan Michaels (2) and Apache Crash Mac OS X Ryan Dionne (11)
A message is stuck in mailbox... David Thompson (16)
discussion groups semi-private Andrew Christensen (1)
possible to give VIEW ONLY access? Andrew Christensen (5)
Sending attachments through Scout Jeff Paulsen (3)
414 errors when sending through Scout Jeff Paulsen (1)
*Urgent* Catastrophic error on DB connection Ivan Vega (2)
Contact Management app Mike Levitt (0)
FogBugz not sending emails about bugs Adam Endicott (1)
Change fields / columns of RSS feeds? gareth williams (1)
Installation problem on Fedora Core 3 Vijay Santhanam (3)
Trying to install Fogbugz 4.0 on Fedora Core 4 Vijay Santhanam (3)
[Q] Making sure maintenance release don't break Donovan J. Edye (2)
[REQ] Feature: Trend information... Donovan J. Edye (1)
[Q] More Printer friendly? Donovan J. Edye (0)
[Q] Change appearance of FogBUGZ? Donovan J. Edye (4)
[Q] Open a bug as someone other than logged in user? Donovan J. Edye (2)
[Q] Bug tracking of FogCreek? Donovan J. Edye (2)
[REQ] Batch Editing Navigation Donovan J. Edye (0)
Improving these discussion forums.... Donovan J. Edye (9)
Multiple Repositories with Subversion Adam (1)
How to paste in a picture from the clipboard Mitch Barker (2)
Email with Pop3 Exchange Account stopped working Dale Janssen (1)
No notification on received e-mail to an open case Robert (1)
Contacts by area Alex (0)
Change log or release notes where to find Gunnar Hägglund (3)
Upgrade from 4.0.11 to 4.0.15 won't let me upgrade Jeff Straathof (1)
Appended "]" in the TO: field Tim Chandler (4)
Feature Suggestion: Public Duplicates Pierce T. Wetter III (0)
Feature Suggestion: Discussion Group -> Case linking Pierce T. Wetter III (1)
Support email reply loose address when having multiple "To:" Pokoto (5)
Splitting the SQL database - Back-up Sue (0)
Email - Auto Priority Brett Veenstra (0)
Attachment filenames with spaces do not work on Firefox Bernard Sumption (2)
Valid Email addresses - mail not sent. Myles Penlington (1)
New to do I do advanced features? Chris Miller (1)
No way to filter on "Open by:" an inactive user? Greg (1)
Switch From Unix to Windows Version? Brian Poff (1)
Deleting and editing topics in internal discussion forums Dan C (1)
Date/Time format Nitzan Shaked (2)
FogBUGZ version not up-to-date Paul J. Mills (1)
FireFox cache breaks Filter popup Paul J. Mills (1)
Hack REQ: Divert emails w/attachments before they get to FB Webb Myers (3)
PostgreSQL support Stephen Friedrich (1)
Why is a user who not opened a bug able to close it? Tomas Leko (1)
Customize the Discussion Area Thomas Wagner (1)
HTML inside RSS formatted wrong Blair Jennings (1)
Speaking of searching - True wildcards? Chris Kasten (6)
Having a rough time with searching v4 Chris Kasten (2)
4.0 won't start - "lost network connection" Mac Entropy version Andrew Christensen (3)
Can the public site remember email address? Nicholas Orr (2)
How does the spam filter work? Ivan Vega (4)
Upgraded from MySQL 4.0 to 4.1 / ODBC errors Ivan Vega (14)
Hosting Permissions Curt (1)
PHP source code CJ (1)
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