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Feature Request: Multiple milestones displayed in a filter Donnie Hale (2 comments)
Quoting behaviour Marco Di Vittorio (1)
Visual Studio Add-In Feature Requests Eric Johannsen (1)
Changing Fogbugz server address in Snagit David Fox (1)
"Unable to create case" using inline Add Case feature Jason Duke (4)
Support for Open Source Projects Dale Ragan (7)
Viewing Auto-responses Rex Miller (1)
Timesheet Bug (as we see it) Marc Moroz (3)
Link to my current case? Tom Finnigan (1)
How do I create a dependency between issues Eamon Kelly (1)
Outlook Import Jonathan Stearman (3)
Text search of everything in a case David Clayworth (3)
Feature request: Save to PDF feature Sam Jones (2)
Feature request - screenshot tool Richard Kaye (3)
Can I Access plugin on FBOD via API ? Jens Brejner (3)
Vote for Issues/Fixes? Philip Yurchuk (1)
Export FogBugz Wiki Jake Mauer (2)
FB7: Changing Fonts and Sizes Ken Bonnin, Jr (12)
Bugmonkey plugin (5)
Why does Fogbugz have a domain for each customer? Steve Schramm (3)
Restrict user ability to create bug Chris Bates (1)
Add support for "See also" hyperlink into custom text fields Jan Sotola (2)
Feature request: Context sensitive help Per Bergland (1)
FBOD and plugins Per Bergland (3)
Log of user logins? James Fisher (2)
Assign an existing case to be subcase of another case Ngu Soon Hui (1)
Caveat when using Subversion as a Windows service Uwe Raabe (1)
Feature Request: "Pinned" filter links Donnie Hale (1)
Feature Request: Saved Views Donnie Hale (1)
Edit typos in Case notes Paul Nielsen (5)
Reply to an email notification should update the case an edit Kiran (2)
Search for and Display custom fields in API Jeff Ward (8)
Integrating ext subversion servers (DevGuard, beanstalk) w/ FOD? Chris Keenan (4)
Multiple Parent Dependencies Jeremy Hendrickson (1)
FB On demand email still slow Krister Renaud (1)
/opt/fogbugz/Website/MailUtil.php Internal Error Steve Anness (5)
Global Milestone Dependency Jeremy Hendrickson (1)
Feature Request: Dedicated "case synopsis" field Donnie Hale (7)
"Deleted" milestones still showing in filter lists Donnie Hale (3)
Where is the nice FogBugz Video ? KJ (2)
Wiki Subscription Link not appearing $subscribe_link$ Chris Roedel (4)
Use API to handle offline requests? Heather (1)
Starring the case via API Peter ┼átibraný (1)
Milestones & reports: "all projects" vs "this project" Paul Lalonde (4)
Recording time to subcases on Features that have estimates Chris Busse (0)
FB 7 Installer crashes "Fogbugz Setup has stopped working" Roddy Pratt (4)
Any interest in a ClarkKent "pro" version? Martin Zardecki (0)
Feature request: Hours, not days Jakob Kruse (2)
Complete description of consequences of emailing a case? Marek Janouš (1)
FB 7 Once again - plea to drop FogCreek logo from login page(s) KJ (7)
Moving Wiki Articles Matthew Lowe (1)
Deleted articles still scraped by Google Andrew Davies (5)
Feature request: Auto-subscribe or at least on case creation Pelle Plutt (4)
Upgrading to On Demand Eric (1)
checking email can be really slow Mike Derouin (1)
Why can't I delete milestones? Dave (2)
Resolving a parent case resolves subcases by default D Upton (5)
Bulk Closings on Hosted Version doug coates (11)
Some PNGs not showing up in Wiki Chris Roedel (1)
problem with immediate logout Charlotte M (4)
Bug setting cross-project milestone dependency? Charlotte M (6)
What happens when you delete a milestone? flipdoubt (1)
Backlog plugin: Only show when it has a value doesn't work Charlotte M (5)
"Make sure ASP_ISAPI is handling ASP pages" Samuel Neff (2)
FugBugz-Screenshot: why can I only highlight one area? Markus Fischer (5)
Missing help page for snippets Charlotte M (1)
Backlog plugin: Can I set the order when creating a new case? Colin Campbell (1)
Report of Changed Cases by Date Range doug coates (6)
How do I search by a custom field - or how do I assign "client"? Timothy Khouri (1)
Request: API list of custom field names Bill Nalen (1)
FB7 rebranding public welcome and log-on page and help menu KJ (1)
Sending an email from a case closes it David Perdue (7)
7.0.23 upgrade not filling in new ixRepository column Dave Peterson (2)
Checkins popup is too small Dave Peterson (3)
Subcase category should default to category of parent case Donnie Hale (2)
How are you using the "Backlog" feature Donnie Hale (2)
How do you make a case depend on fixing another? mathieu longtin (4)
'Only show "Backlog Order" when it has a value' doesn't appear t Dee Earley (2)
Problem with milestone sort order in FogBugz On Demand (12)
How to change FogBugz site URL for On-Demand Antonius Frentis (1)
RSS feeds don't appear to be working Sundar Narasimhan (1)
Need formatted emails for better communication (1)
"Remind" plugin per case flipdoubt (1)
Dealing with bugs raised from testing and the effect on schedule Tom Quarendon (6)
Feature request: Change/Delete community user Per Bergland (2)
Feature request: Comment field for each user Pelle Plutt (1)
Mail sent (or not) from "Copy user" Pelle Plutt (1)
Error when click on a My Case Item in FB 7.0 Chris Rendall (3)
Wiki Search Results Theming Jim Duffy (1)
Search/filter axis for projects I admin Bill Foecke (3)
Changing Escalation Report Keith Mangold (6)
Wiki permissions: departments? Jason Harrison (1)
PHP 5.3 & FogBugz 6.2.46 Mac Caio James (1)
Save a Shared Filter with an "Assigned to Me" search. Mark Ribau (1)
How to add a new resolution type? Chris Velevitch (2)
Edit tags on a closed case? Jim Correia (1)
API support of complex queries David Sexton (4)
FB 7: The Fog Creek Maintenance Service has reported an error Petros Amiridis (1)
Group/User Permissions. James Fisher (4)
The "Edit Project Admins" link does not work. Greg S. (5)
Unsorted Milestones (FB7) Marc LaFleur (1)
Issues with Filter searches in FB7 Eric Z (1)
Whitepaper on Fogbugz 7 and Agile Dan Reber (6)
Is there a way to AutoSort incoming messages from the API? Jake B (3)
Where is the release notes page? Greg S. (2)
Combining Milestone and Title search axes doesn't work Stefan Möbius (4)
ondemand version or else? (2)
Repeatable items for operations guys Greg Nash (2)
Project planning questions, book update? peterchen (1)
Can't apply heading styles inside a table Joe Payne (1)
Should be an easy way to clear filters Maksym Taran (1)
Usability suggestion for working on Scheduled Task Uwe Raabe (6)
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