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Email case confusion (7 comments)
Requiring estimates in order to use time tracking (3)
Link between project and wiki page? PWills (2)
Fogbugz is now usable with IE8 beta 2 Dan Mitchell (0)
Extra <br> in Wikis Robin Österholm (3)
Non-US character bug in FB Robin Österholm (2)
Automatic Database Backup For Hosted FogBugz Daniel Jalkut (2)
Reopening Closed Case Assigns to Primary (not LastEditedBy) Andrew Davies (1)
Retrieve sum of cases, hrs remaining through the API Totem (2)
What is with Picture of the Day? Jay (4)
Spam coming in from web interface Ben Harper (15)
Interface Issues Nick Morgan (2)
FB6 Performance on G4 Xserve Brian Campbell (6)
FROM email address per project Paul Houx (4)
Feature Request: "Now Working On" in systray Chris Thame (4)
List view Chris Thame (2)
Can I move (case 1234) to the end of the subject line? Rich (4)
API: Need "q" back from listFilters or sFilter param on search Ian M. Jones (CaseDetective) (2)
(Optional) User Location feature for Discuss Groups? Andrew Davies (1)
Search for a developer's edits James Bayley (1)
Feature Suggestion: Reserved Names in Discussion Groups Zach Burlingame (7)
Delimiter for users in filter drop-downs Kris Kumler (2)
Feature Suggestion: automatic detection and estimation of actual Mike Llewellyn (3)
Internal vs. External Wiki / Discussion Group Visibility Andrew Davies (3)
wiki template keywords for customization Mark Pursey (4)
Is it Possibleto close a list of cases without sending notifi nasser (2)
[Patch] Syntax-highlighting for code snippets in case-events Peter Mounce (2)
Fixing broken VSS links Ben (3)
URL is (still) case-sensitive Andrew Davies (0)
Embedding "New Case" Form into my own web site Martin Tauber (3)
Search for wiki links ? Vadim (4)
Auto-assign based on TO email feature Andrew Davies (4)
Automatic Table of Contents script for Fogbugz Wiki articles Aidan Fraser (2)
Search for wiki pages linked to specific page (1)
Resolve and Close Brooke Parker (1)
P4 integration changes in 6.1.33 and release notes suggestion Totem (1)
Can't login to administrator account or change password John (2)
Perforce DTG Integration - Updated "checkins" in Cases Mickey (5)
MySQL 5 / MyODBC 5.1 - How to get Unicode support? Sam Mikes (3)
Save and Close shouldn't send me an email(?) Steve (1)
Upgrade-related questions Sam Mikes (2)
FogBugz Maintenance Service is not running - Impossible to run (4)
Perforce DTG missing fields (using FB 6.1.29) Mickey (2)
Still Can't Resist:  Even More On Deleting Information (8)
Submit Bugscouts to On Demand account Daniel Wilson (1)
Excel Export John Van Vliet (2)
entries disappearing in timesheet editor (3)
Migrating to FogBugz - New/Edit Case API In Python Wayne Witzel III (2)
Restricting wiki access is inflexible Charlotte M (2)
Wiki links after moving to a different server Charlotte M (3)
Non-admins can't see deactivated user's names Greg (0)
FogBugz displays like this louis (5)
lost draft of a new wiki document Benjamin Chuang (4)
Maintenance Service stoped several times a day Daniel Lerose (5)
Estimation history for different skill sets Craig Bannister (1)
Can't Resist:  More on Deleting Information (13)
Historical Bugs Counts Scott Porad (2)
Deleting Cases Bret Reece (10)
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