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Feature Request: Bug shouldn't load full image then resize it Eric Renken (4 comments)
FogBugz 5 uses server's time zone regardless of client prefs David Braverman (0)
Task Category Dan Barron (0)
Sort by issue type Janet Hoffman (4)
Forum Searching Brian Briggs (1)
Adding Screenshots to Existing Case Brian Briggs (1)
BugzScout improvements, anyone? Eric Hahn (3)
Expand/Collapse of email not working Mark Rutz (5)
1 post for a "final summary" of the case James W (2)
Linking url file in attach file Miguel Angel Diez (0)
Help! Kieran (1)
Potential User - Best way for app to send out error report? Geoff M (2)
My wishlist Lance (1)
Anyone get FogBugz installed on a Intel Mac (4)
A case for varying priority descriptions by case category. Jason Glover (2)
Add a "General" section to Release Notes, for developers to add Mike Llewellyn (2)
FogBugz on a Domain controller Karthik (9)
Public Survey Daniel (3)
Images Being Stored On Database = Huuuuge DB File (5)
Stop spam producing a second spurious case markee (2)
Discussion Groups Peter Scott (4)
Any reason we cannot integrate with PVCS fro version control? Bob Marcum (1)
Performance of 5.x JF (3)
Howto modify an Extra Field to be a HyperLink ? (Fb v4.x) Christian Listl (4)
Restricting the project list by login Mark Williams (2)
Reassigning Emails TC (1)
Bug assignment upon resolution David Dunham (5)
Screenshot.exe at 50% CPU Richard Edwards (2)
Error mesage in IE Robert H (3)
Message Dropdown for “From:” Person. Steve (5)
Setting Priorities just wondering (6)
Migrating from Access to existing SQL instance Andy Roper (2)
Picture of the Day feature mark stephens (1)
Export Dragnet Database Joseph Adams (1)
Tip: Configuring Areas is odd (1)
Handling resolved queries for 'dead' users mark stephens (2)
Support for "3-Tier" environment? Duff (3)
Upgrade after source change? Dan Barron (3)
Giving Case Numbers a Prefix Dan Barron (2)
Feature Request: File Save for Screenshot Dan Barron (1)
Release Notes / Known Bug list Martin Meuli (2)
Smooth As A Babies Butt Upgrade Scott Shillcock (0)
Feature Request: field to specify the build a case was fixed in Mike Plagen (3)
Vault integration with multiple repositories Richard Edwards (1)
How do I migrate a database from Unix to Windows? Shane Tolmie (1)
Running FogBugz on freeBSD markee (1)
What happens when I click the SPAM button? Fred Schetterer (4)
Too many active users error Sean Kelley (3)
Scrum and FogBugz Lou (4)
Let "primary contact" add releases to projects Udo Reuther (2)
Bad Correspondent email means a new case on every case update Edward Guiness (1)
Order of Notes in FogBugz Dave Dunlap (2)
Vault and Visual Studio 2003 Shane Gibbons (1)
{ticketurl} for internally opened tickets. Doug Gault (4)
Justin Foster's Eclipse/FogBugz plugin Sumana Harihareswara (0)
Filter to view Assigned To Me OR Opened By Me Rasmus Grunnet (2)
mysql repair table alex (1)
I don't understand the assignment process well Cat Zimmermann (3)
Need to change notificatoin email "From:" heading Ty Brewer (1)
Licensing Question JF (2)
Feature Request: Extra Status after fixed Eric Franken (2)
Two sites - one machine - heartbeat.asp Paolo (3)
Supported configuration? richard stern (1)
Editing a case and data disappeared Frans (1)
Fogbugz Data Analyzers Daniel (5)
Login & access specific case via hyperlink? Sparker (1)
Integration with test case management tools? Steve Munk (0)
Can the "default" email for outgoing messages be set? Assad E.K. Ebrahim (2)
Version 5.0.19 on PHP 5.1 and Fedora Core 5 Bryan Coleman (3)
Migrating license from Windows to Linux PDF (1)
How can regular folk access their bugs? David Dunham (5)
Feature Request: Ability to edit a post you have made Doug Gault (5)
Can you tweak the homepage built-in filters? Sparker (4)
Keeping on top of dicsussion group traffic Cary Millsap (8)
Installation Problem: Fogbugz 5.0 (Windows) on SQL 2005 Arthur Pettigrew (2)
Seach against Attachment File Name? Doug Gault (3)
Visio diagram fo the workflow. Michael Creedon (2)
Clients vs Departments (again) Lance (3)
SQL Server 2005 DB backup failed Jonathan Matt (2)
New Field Kevin (1)
Discussion forum RSS keeps updating David Dunham (0)
Resolve and Close Button Eric (1)
FB 5.0.19 doesn't see eaccelerator during install Chad Whitacre (0)
Global Queries (or Filters) Joseph Adams (1)
FogBugz is not supported for PHP 5.1 on freebsd. Chad Whitacre (0)
Is it possible to Consolidate multiple FogBugz cases? JoelF (0)
Who should close a case recieved via e-mail. Doug Gault (4)
Status Bar Oliver Thylmann (0)
mixed line endings in Unix tarball Chad Whitacre (0)
Unable to open attachments after upgrading to 5.0.19 Anand Narayanan (4)
Wildcard search on version field? Patti B (2)
See also function gets out of control with some usage patterns JoelF (0)
Address book for sending mail JoelF (1)
Pre-filled Case description? KMcDermott (4)
ability to merge cases FogBugz User (4)
How do I delete a global project? Chad Whitacre (3)
What is the direct URL to back up the FogBugz database? Shane Tolmie (1)
Clients vs Departments nathan (2)
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