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Default Due Date for a project? Chris Kasten (1 comment)
Custom fields Lawrence Bruhmuller (0)
Private comments Lawrence Bruhmuller (3)
FogBugz is nice and simple ... but too simple??? Lawrence Bruhmuller (2)
Slowness in processing requests Fred Moyer (1)
RSS feed updates Alex U (1)
The best add-in ever Ivan Vega (2)
What RSS reader to use with FB ? Sam Jones (11)
Trialling SourceGear Vault Integration Matthew Pass (3)
Need some support for MIME multipart/mixed Thomas Stache (3)
Access to email messages Michael van der Veeke (3)
Hebrew in reply mail appears as ???? Miki Watts (7)
How to recognize cases where customers have replied to? Rogier Eijkelhof (1)
Avoid TextDrive Hosting for FogBugz Trevor Lohrbeer (12)
Subversion integration with multiple files Mike Laster (1)
Case edits - newest first, instead of oldest first Sean Cameron (0)
Email with the same title becomes a related case (1)
Related cases feature not restricted enough Sjoerd Visscher (1)
Default to Email box on login screen Mark Ross (1)
Occurrences Field Joshua Mueller (1)
Cropping using screen capture tool? Mike Laster (5)
Visual Studio Team System Rob Kedward (2)
Problem while restructuring project Areas Jonathan T (8)
Entering a New Case when not logged in, looks incorrect. Chris Skardon (2)
Integration with FogBugz 4.0.15 and Source Vault 3.0.4 Steve Parsons (5)
Delete releases? Svein Are G (4)
email inbox public/private Peter McMillan (1)
Different time zones per "site" Phil Henningsen (0)
Password change requests John F (0)
Addressing emails from within case (To: field) Peter Cuce (1)
Projects and Clients the wrong way round for us? Sean Bamforth (5)
Fogbugz Priority summary figures by bug, feature & Inquiry are w Steve Russell (1)
Migrating install question Chris Short (5)
Question about modifying resolved status field. Rob Kedward (1)
[ANN] CaseDetective Beta2 for FogBugz is out Ian M. Jones (0)
Feature Request: Streamline closing your own cases Joe Hughes (1)
Browser requirements? Svein Are G (3)
Default category on projects Myles Penlington (0)
Shared Filters feature Myles Penlington (0)
Times on closed cases Myles Penlington (3)
Full text search and TLAs Roddy Pratt (3)
TicketUrl for New Emails? Brett Veenstra (6)
Sprint cycle best practices Jason (0)
Merging duplicate cases Michael Higgins (1)
Mailbox default values Myles Penlington (3)
Escalation Report - report once per week not every day John D. Rossini (1)
Partially resolved items John F (1)
Odd Error Message -- Outlook Express!? Joe Hughes (2)
Linking cases : words used Rob Kedward (3)
Cannot attach a file:- Anthony Ganley (1)
Deleting "junk" bug events Nitzan Shaked (2)
Creating a "Known Issues" list? Gavin Stark (1)
Changing Elapsed Time should NOT automatically change estimate Wiley Cox (0)
Redirecting requests for heartbeat.asp Ivan Vega (1)
Another Fogbugz Usability Annoyance Matthew Kull (1)
Can FogBugz export bug reports (filter results) ? Everland Fennell (2)
Admin message to users Nitzan Shaked (1)
https again -- more fixes Nitzan Shaked (2)
Count for Filters? Chris Skardon (3)
Better filter options, particularly searching by user Dan Lipofsky (1)
Resolved Duplicate not creating hyperlinks Dan Lipofsky (1)
How do I get a list of closed bugs that were assigned to me? Kevin Laws (2)
Google Mini Search Appliance and FogBugz Dan C (3)
Mac OS X - Notes on Installing and eAccelerator Ben Loh (2)
Email notification for Password/User name Bill (1)
Fogbugz Usability Annoyance Matthew Kull (7)
Screenshot tool and multiple displays Anthony Dyson (2)
One discussion group in Hungarian, another in English? tk (1)
Case Printing on 8 1/2 x 11 cuts off left edge of text area Sam Mikes (1)
FogBugz over https:// Nitzan Shaked (3)
History of CLOSED case Peter Cuce (1)
Release notes suggestion, question Jacob Heidt (0)
FogBugz, Firefox and recent Windows Update Joe Tucker (3)
What category do you use for compatibility/optimization changes? flipdoubt (1)
How do I add *MORE* columns to the grid view? Nitzan Shaked (7)
"Wrong SMTP To: Header" won't go away Nitzan Shaked (1)
How do I set the default "Fix For" for a mailbox Kevin Laws (2)
Per-report Customer Access Kristofer Skaug (5)
Symantec "Script Blocking" and "Email Scanning" Eric Brunsen (2)
Looking for FogBugz customer feedback... NormallyNotAnon... (3)
Can you delete cases in 4.0? Hoof'hearted (9)
Leaving mail on server Peter Cuce (4)
Snippets not working in latest Opera? Rogier Eijkelhof (0)
Vault Integration Bryan Tyler (1)
Bug in version control integration? Ivan Vega (4)
FB and security Steve Hales (5)
New FogBugz installation -- permissions problem Peter Cuce (3)
Feature request: More extra fields Peter Teng (2)
Escalation Reports - changing frequency Myles Penlington (1)
Possible to have Discussion Board on different server? Herbert Sitz (1)
How do I set the default for "Fix For" Kevin Laws (1)
VS2k5 Support Brett Veenstra (1)
Bug with default time if only due date is specified Arsène von Wyss (1)
Install screenshot tool for all users Anthony Dyson (1)
Perforce Integration Robert Cowham (1)
Error integrating VSS Jeff Schwarz (7)
WebSVN error: "svn: Can't determine the user's config path" Dan Budiac (0)
Request - Automatic conversion from BMP to JPG/PNG in attachment Jack Brewster (0)
Using Subversion/TortoiseSVN Ivan Vega (6)
How to add text of "Opened by" in list view Peter Teng (1)
Default Priority Jeffrey Carlisle (4)
Giving hints to the Inbox Omar K. (0)
Deleting Screenshot Allen (3)
SuSE Linux 9.1 (x86-64) Ivica (0)
timezone on email appears confused Greg Shaw (0)
FogBugz 3.0 - Not sending e-mails Richard (1)
How to make sure all cases have ticket URLS.. Chris McLean (0)
How to associate an icon with a new custom category? Jay Cincotta (1)
Feature re-request: different primary contacts for each area Jaymie Thomas (0)
Basing a new project on an existing one Jaymie Thomas (3)
Replies: Quoting not complete Georg Ledermann (1)
Add AccessKey support for frequent actions Ankur Bulsara (2)
Display embedded text in reports? Peter Cuce (1)
"User has not been granted the requested logon type" Larry (2)
Screenshot tool - e-mailing images Mark Taylor (1)
Webserver access control Andrew Rowley (0)
New feature Paul Reidy (2)
Screenshot tool hijacks IE windows - suggestion Tony Rasa (3)
minor change to miniReports.asp & picture of the day Tony Rasa (0)
French Translation Sebastien Nussbaumer (0)
SharePoint integration Andrew Lighten (1)
Delete or edit related case? Michelle McGinnis (1)
Apache on Windows? Lincoln Quirk (4)
A default bugscout message Bob Walsh (0)
Feature Request: Filter Page Use Appropriate Controls Kevin Laws (3)
Redhat EL me (5)
FogBugz and Configuration Management? me (2)
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