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Network Status

The FogBugz Maintenance Service is not running. (6 comments)
Wiki - can't apply styles to multiple lines Dave (3)
FB 7: Maintenance Service has reported an error Kevin Koehne (1)
ScoutSubmit error:  User not valid: Kevin Gabbert (3)
"outside working hours" warning when I'm inside working hours Matthew Passell (9)
Installing FogBugz with existing DB fails on granting access Samuel Neff (2)
Resolve and Close behavior changed from 6 to 7 David Braverman (11)
Non Deterministic Estimates Gabi Davar (2)
Does the API support extracting information about sub-cases? Assaf Lavie (1)
Don't assign case numbers to spam Chris Wenham (6)
Moving Fogbugz installation to a new web server Eduardo Gregorio (1)
Wiki Images Only Visible to Administrators John Kraft (3)
"Working on ..." mouseover popup clicking far left case number Markus Fischer (3)
Can't use "," in subcase titel, unexpectedly creates new subcase Markus Fischer (1)
Feature Request: Link to images in Wiki Articles James Crosswell (2)
table of contents in wiki template (2)
Spreadsheet Import AJ Cantu (4)
Trac integration with FogBugz 7 not working Kevin Gabbert (3)
Version 7.0 for Unix Wouter de Vaal (10)
Updates always break VSS integration Don Benson (3)
API: Editing milestones Jeremy Johnson (1)
API: cmd=listFixFors incredibly slow in FB 7 Jeremy Johnson (3)
Tags: Any plans to restrict creation of new tags? Eiren Smith (1)
discussion sorting james wisecup (1)
Send Email -- default project Frederik Slijkerman (2)
Create New Case on behalf of my Boss; make him Case Owner? Justin Winters (3)
SPAM filter change In FB7? Terry Kearns (1)
Time of day for edited/lastupdated (possible feature request) Marc Moroz (3)
best way to handle external collaboration/dev. james wisecup (2)
Workflow plugin question (2)
possible timesheet bug? james wisecup (1)
XML API change Category not working? David House (8)
Unable to close a case (9)
PDF of plugin documentation Samuel Neff (2)
RSS feed for plugins? Samuel Neff (2)
"day" in "Total est. time remaining" should = "day" in schedule Chris Busse (9)
Small Feature Request on Case Menu in Grid Mark Howard (3)
RSS feed content configuration in 7.0? Will Sadkin (3)
Why is IISRESET required with every update? Neal Culiner (1)
FogBugz 7 with IE8 the column widths don't always save Joe Payne (1)
FogBugz 7 how to subscribe others to a case Joe Payne (3)
Record/Display Estimates in Hours using version 7? John Mulhollen (1)
Renaming "Spam" Area Sharon (1)
FogBugz Internal Error Ilan Chait (2)
Cursor still jumps to the top when editing in IE8 Greg S. (2)
Upgrade from 6 to 7 and migrate from Windows to Linux Alessio Pollero (8)
Erroneous "Outside Hours" warning when editing timesheet Ken Lyon (3)
Feature Request: Auto subscribe Y (1)
Usability observations Tom Quarendon (4)
XML API: reordering tags Peter Štibraný (2)
XML API: clearing tags via API Peter Štibraný (2)
Fogbugz forgets me Daniel Berglund (3)
"Could not open trial database" Chuck McKinnon (1)
Any possibility of searching on terms of 3 characters? Stephen Kay (3)
EBS and Milestones Tom Quarendon (3)
Workflow plugin broke "Resolved (Duplicate)" functionality. Greg S. (3)
Workflow plugin doesn't remove menu item after being disabled. Greg S. (2)
Timesheet Reports Yalim (7)
fogbugz SVN integration diff link problem ali (5)
Old emails not showing up in case histories after upgrade to FB7 Paul D. (4)
Setting milestone of parent changes it for closed subcases? Shawn Fumo (1)
Spam sent via Discussion Group David Dunham (6)
sorting without grouping james wisecup (1)
Plugin licensing under GPL Vasili Galka (3)
Suggestion for LogBugDataSVN.vbs Andrew Jennings (1)
Searching for strings which contain a dot and end in a dot Kevin Sikes (1)
Estimates vanish? Andrew Brehm (6)
Wiki links and article renaming Vasili Galka (1)
Count Duplicates Steve Baxter (2)
Session Timeout on FogBugz seems to be too short. Rusty Watrous (6)
Reactivate not possible from FogBugz-Screenshot tool Markus Fischer (1)
Community member - how to see my cases Mark Smith / Hyperoceanic (3)
Missing Help page Jevgeni Kabanov (3)
Strange character in checkin list Petros Amiridis (7)
FB API - Token CDATA andy knasinski (5)
Wiki Export to PDF Plug-In Jim Duffy (2)
FogBugz API: Changing list of subcases Peter Štibraný (5)
FogBugz 7 on Windows 2000? Eric (5)
Help for recurring tasks Eric (3)
export to excel - times in minutes without the descriptions Jaydel Gluckie (1)
AutoSubscribe Plug In Rich Platt (9)
FogBugz 7 and MySQL? Bryan Bates (12)
FB7 and grid/list view Tim Sparks (3)
How to update to FogBugz 7 Jim Duffy (5)
OleDBException in 7.21 database upgrade Matt Hamilton (9)
Update links Will Dean (2)
FogBugz 7.0 upgrade gotcha "Unrecognized configuration section" Duncan Smart (2)
Feature request: subtasks or parent case ID in Excel export Richard C (1)
Feature Request: Nested snippets Kevin Korslund (1)
SQL Error in upgrade to FB 7.0.21 Guy Hanchet (1)
Fruity Treat: IMAP Support Brett Veenstra (2)
Bulk "Resolve & Close" doug coates (2)
Fogbugz API - formatting data submitted into the sEvent field Andy Davies (2)
Case options in grid with multiple selected Calvin Spealman (1)
Hide "Resolve & Close" Button (3)
XML API: how to clear ixBurParent? Peter Štibraný (5)
Is it possible to work with Custom Fields plugin via XML API? Peter Štibraný (4)
Please explain the power of URLTrigger Kevin Jones (4)
XML API: documentation bug for tags element Peter Štibraný (1)
Multitasking Shawn Fumo (6)
SLOW!! Zack Simpson (8)
XML API: sending duplicate case number Peter Štibraný (5)
FB7 Replying to an Email Micky McQuade (1)
FB7 Send Email - The Default From Address Micky McQuade (2)
FogBugz 8? John Fuex (1)
API: how to get list of known tags Peter Štibraný (2)
Remote bug submission in 7 Will Dean (8)
The text in default.asp Will Dean (1)
Emails from FogCreek support Will Dean (1)
batch tagging? Jason S (1)
GetSatisfaction integration Noah Horton (1)
MSL Error Jay Lucke (1)
Email filter Michael Hewitt (1)
Weird message about support contract expiration Petros Amiridis (1)
Best way to change 'Opened By' Mike (1)
Search reset exception Pavel Marchenko (3)
cannot download Austyn (2)
Check Similar case before submitting Alessio Pollero (3)
Make "To:" label in email form smar James Bayley (1)
Subscribe to a project or area James Bayley (1)
Subscribe others to a case James Bayley (1)
Search box should be wider James Bayley (2)
What are "recent" files? James Bayley (1)
Description Format for case (7)
[ANN] CaseDetective for FogBugz permanently discontinued Ian M. Jones (CaseDetective) (1)
Cannot attach two filetypes at once Matt Sederberg (1)
Resovlved vs Resolved and Closed doug coates (1)
status of a case Toomas Römer (3)
Re-Assign but retain reference to case in your list Glenn McIntosh (1)
Suggestions for handling Request for Change ? Kaare Lilleng (6)
Feature Request: Filter for Stale Cases David Boike (7)
Aggregating data to find unreliable components over time. Carlton Gibson (4)
blocking discussion spam completely Sam Warwick (7)
Search problems Sam Warwick (6)
Email filter rules James Bayley (1)
Why isn't the search index ever up to date? Greg S. (3)
Rougue case check finds a problem Greg S. (2)
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