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suggestion when cases are re-opened bumperbox (2 comments)
Feature Requests : A Few suggestions for improved usability James Selleck (1)
Installation Script Error - PHP 5.1 using 5.0.19 version Dan Hayes (1)
Addenda - Better way to Highlight new comments... Tim Kent (2)
Adding tool tip text for extra fields how do you bold entries? Richard Downey (2)
Adding a new bug Category Steve Aze (5)
css styles bumperbox (3)
Turn off Send Email, Discussions, Snippets Patrick Steil (2)
Combine keyword search with a filter Billy Yuen (2)
Influencing Autosort Steve Troxell (1)
User Name Change Steve meyer (4)
Log in Problem for v5.0.19 Dan Maharry (2)
Open cases by release showing deleted project Kevin Hawkins (1)
Problem UPgrading from 4.0.35 to 5.0.17 Phil Kohler (3)
Minor Bug in search results JF (1)
Migrating from MySQL to SQL Server 2005 Advanced Services Alexander Balzer (4)
Not pulling support email Glen Richards (5)
Step 8 - Maintenance URL Test of "diagnostics" does not work Glen Richards (4)
FogBugz 5 and 64-bit Windows Server 2003 David Aronchick (5)
Ability to notify customers about release notes GB (3)
Support for Fedora Core 5 Bryan Coleman (3)
SQL 2005 Jason Brown (1)
FogBugz on Solaris x86 Jereme Claussen (3)
Make a project unassignable Ben Fyvie (1)
DTS import misses rows!! Magnus Timmerby (0)
FogBugz Screenshot Neal Britner (6)
BugsScout Area parameter Jonathan Matt (1)
Give Case Numbers a Unique Prefix bumperbox (0)
New Topic Button at Top of Screen Too Tim Kent (1)
Fogbugz VMWare Appliance Jason Young (6)
Marking cases as fixed but not resolved J Breslin (9)
First port? Linux or Windows? Doug Gault (1)
Installation on CentOS 4.3/Apache 2.2/PHP 5.1 possible? Simon Christian (2)
Feature Request: default owner on resolve Scott Bowden (5)
public view & attachments Mick Kelly (5)
Feature Request: Watch List KateA (4)
Internal Error Richard Edwards (1)
Page of Checkins (Suggestion) Fred Schetterer (1)
Showing forum comments as RSS comments? David (1)
Departments Sean Kelley (3)
Full screen width (1)
Can't download attachments David Thompson (6)
Timeout on SQL Server 2005 with full text search Terrell (7)
Forwarding an Email that YOU sent Micky McQuade (3)
Backing up the Tickets and Projects Jason Brown (1)
Can BugzScout return the case number? Steve Troxell (2)
Keeping a Discussion Group current Richard Irving (1)
Feature: ISO Date/Time Mikko Ruuska (0)
MS SQL Server 2005 log file over 16GB after 4 weeks of use Terrell (4)
No blinking cursor bar in text fields in Firefox Chris (5)
FogBugz gradually slowing down (round 2) Serge Baranovsky (2)
Attach File to case fails due to permissions error Alan Paterson (1)
Getting an error whenever I try to log into Fogbugz Anand Narayanan (3)
Invalid Fix-For when reassigning cases to other Projects Randy McCharles (2)
can't change "scout will" back to "continue reporting" Chad Whitacre (0)
Description field not actually mandatory (BugzScout) Chad Whitacre (0)
Backslashes incorrectly added to Filter page title Bradley Grainger (1)
Emailing case details Mike (3)
Database server change Jason Miller (6)
Spam hanging around a long time Hamid Noorbakhsh (3)
MailQueue and Heartbeat Michael Dorfman (2)
Upgrade FogBugz 5.0.15 Alexander Balzer (1)
How to use always the last filter? Alexej Hirsch (1)
Refreshing new case, creates a duplicate Ian Bradshaw (2)
Suppressing estimates David Dunham (0)
Change FogBugz User Mike Carlson (11)
Managing Features/Requirements Stephen Johnston (1)
bulk / auto subscribe to cases Max van Biezen (4)
Duplicate emails on reply Josh Clark (2)
ValiantHost Setup - Easy & Relatively Quick Ed Eichman (1)
German translation for lang.asp? Georg Ledermann (8)
Primary Contact Joseph Adams (2)
Categories in FogBugz Joseph Adams (2)
I have 2 status column and there's no way to only remove 1 Eric Latouche (0)
Feature Request: Search should include CVS files William Barrett Simms (0)
Screenshot problem with Office 2007 beta, IE 7 beta 2? Matthew Hile (2)
eMail subject line parsing MarkG (1)
support expired alex (1)
Default project (or URL?) for user submissions David Dunham (2)
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