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FBCLI - Open a Case? Joseph H (1 comment)
daily deadlock error Charlotte M (4)
email into cases directly Tim Day (8)
FogBugz API - knowledge of how a filter is grouped Jon Hjelle (3)
FogBugz API - finding starred cases Jon Hjelle (5)
importing from Fogbugz Peter Fox (1)
Search for a correspondent email w/o the correspondent axis fail Scott Willeke (2)
Problem adding picture to wiki Graeme Hood (0)
Filter failure Chris Bates (1)
Create Reports using Excel w/ Mysql database Kim Novak (2)
2 people tracking time to one case Chris Dandeneau (3)
Search didn't work until I enabled SQL full text search. Greg (8)
iPhone FogBugz client (Inbugz): Request for beta testers Jon Hjelle (3)
FogBugz uses non-standard HTML attributes Vasili Galka (1)
Downloading MySQL dump from Fogbugz on demand fails Mark Hopwood (1)
Wiki Feature Request: Full Screen editing Duffy Brook (2)
Case Open vs. Case Resolve Report tsara (1)
FogBugz API clarification about ixPersonResolvedBy Peter ┼átibraný (3)
FogBugz API - adding images and attachments to a Wiki Heather Miller (1)
Clear Due Date Brett Veenstra (2)
Remind function use own mail-address, and get killed as spam Kaare Lilleng (7)
Feature request: snippets in Wiki Steve Reaser (4)
snippets not working on public case submission? Steve Reaser (1)
How do I change my community user email? Pelle Plutt (6)
[Bug] Scandinavian letters in email attachment filenames Tuomas Jokinen (2)
Is possible single sing-on with FogBugz on-demand? Mario Montoya (5)
email integration S (1)
How do you get a list of specific cases via search Mary Boose (4)
Automatically reply to correspondent when case is resolved. Paul Williams (2)
Searching for previous "assigned to" Justine Lera (1)
Feature Request for FB7: Paste image into browser Sam Jones (4)
Publishing release notes and issue lists for customers Jason Kochel (4)
email link missing on cases Rich (1)
Attachements automatically deleted Renaud BOMPUIS (5)
Adding a category in the on-demand environment Ross Rankin (1)
How should we actually use the "due" field? Tuomas Jokinen (4)
Don't let me assign cases to people who can't see them! Jesse (2)
Search for special characters in Title Randy McCharles (1)
RSS Feed items are pointing to the wrong location Mo Flanagan (1)
Wiki in IE8 Avi Douglen (4)
API: CDATA section has numeric character references Peter ┼átibraný (4)
Wiki inbound links or all articles list for non-admin users Vasili Galka (1)
Scrum levels in FogBugz Gerrit (5)
zend_mm_heap corrupted errors when editing cases/users Rik Eberhardt (2)
Remove Case number from subject line of outgoing mail? Terry Kearns (2)
Some Active or Resolved Status subgroups missing in On-Demand Jonathan Davis (1)
Feature Request: Opensearch description to include the site name Dee Earley (3)
Global Releases - mixed content Mike Robertson (2)
Apostrophe in User Name Chandra McFarlen (1)
Unix services fogbugzmaintd & fogbugz-search, run as root? Michael Ferrante (4)
Can we use both AD or LDAP and FogBugz authentication? Doug Rhoten (3)
[Bug] Email encoded in QuotedPrintable not displayed in CaseView Kay-Uwe "Kiwi" Huell (2)
[Bug] Resizing text field in IE8 puts cursor back to beginning Frederik Slijkerman (3)
Issue when searching for release... FYI Sam Jones (1)
Internal wiki links for muti word pages Michael Burns (2)
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