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$1 in place of URLs in bug comments Russell G. (5 comments)
Did Safari keyboard shortcuts recently break? Daniel Jalkut (4)
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Occurrences and duplicates Giovanni Bajo (1)
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Maintenance Service query timeout Randy McCharles (4)
FB API - Problem with cmd=viewFixFor Chris Bono (4)
Feature Request: Timesheet Base Reports Zach Burlingame (2)
Moving Wiki articles Greg Case (3)
Priority shift up or down in list view. Dave Fowler (4)
half-hearted password checking Jason Howat (4)
How do I remove an alias to look like original install Dan Wilkins (3)
FB6/windows SearchTool cannot register... Patrick STeil (1)
Discuss forum needs email notifications Rowan (2)
a vote for "Save as draft" feature Jim Kring (6)
Integration of Fogbugz and git Simon Barber (2)
API-only user? Chas Emerick (1)
FogBugz for Unix 6.1.29 Upgrade Problem Zach Burlingame (4)
Release Notes Line Ray (1)
API XML inconsistency Chris Dunford (1)
"An error occurred while sending mail" (POP3) Warren (1)
How can I turn off the firebug warning Colin Newell (1)
How to disable "" address? Dan Wood (1)
ScoutMessage: line edit is too small Giovanni Bajo (1)
Wiki notifications Niklas Matthies (1)
MindManager intergration Matthew Bean (3)
Feature Request: Summary/Rollup/Milestone tasks Brad Allan (1)
Another vote for "Save as draft" and "Fork Case" ... Philip Villars (3)
Better Fast Entry? Am I doing it wrong? Leonard Lin (1)
Feature request: Print options - Cases on this page Kris Kumler (2)
Speed with large amount of areas Don Becker (3)
Recently Modified Cases JohnFx (2)
Best practice for "Waiting for Information" Jason Buberel (2)
Feature request: deactivate projects Thomas Coleman (3)
Delete an attachment (4)
Force EBS Update Phil Brown (1)
Out of office replies rene (1)
Attachment handling is seriously flawed Vincent Parrett (1)
Not receiving email notifications for email inquiries Taylor Brown (1)
Estimate corrections: Add time Sergey Sobolev (4)
Filter questions Frederik Slijkerman (4)
FogBugz 6 slow on PPC Mac mini Frederik Slijkerman (3)
Please rebuild FogBugz web client with "SproutCore" FTW Dan Wood (9)
Is there any issues with RSS in Fuz 6.1.23 Linux Jay Lucke (1)
Add dates to searches in FogBugz Forums Vincent Parrett (1)
Attachment Search Brent S (2)
New bug in screenshot tool icon. Anonymous out of shame (2)
Retired user shows name incorrectly BradC (5)
BUG: sign-in username requires all emails if multiple Rob (1)
maintenence server traceback Peter Harkins (1)
API call to get release info for a project Devon Greenway (1)
Field restriction Joe Fortun (1)
Track Department Requests Independent of Project Alex (1)
Auto Responding to Self - again Vincent Parrett (2)
RSS Feeds and Sharepoint Steve Czetty (1)
Wiki table formulas Brad Cranford (1)
Smart quotes/apostrophes in wiki Brian Richter (1)
Deleting cases Hemanth Doma (2)
Split up licenses or sepearate purchases? Jim N. (3)
Possible to import from Fogbugz 6 standalone --> on demand? Donald Lee (1)
Scan File Attachments for Virus Alex Rush (2)
Project ReleaseDate Calendar Popup Date Incorrect Andrew Davies (1)
Reduce length of Reports menu Andrew Davies (2)
Order My Filter above Shared Filter Andrew Davies (2)
"Save Filter As..." doesn't pre-populate the current filter name Rich (1)
Feature Request: Provide list of previous correspondents Joern B. (1)
Customer replies to non-Inbox cases Daniel Jalkut (10)
Feature request: make 'Assigned To' filter check email address Greg (5)
Don't like the sound of this John Fuex (2)
Resolved by filter issue Joe Fortun (4)
Public screenshot submission? Jesse Keller (3)
Fogbugzmaintd broken Andrew Rowley (3)
Wish List of Features for FB7 Ray (8)
Email Notification Delays (using local IIS SMTP) Greg (6)
Looking for a "vaporize" button... Deane (6)
Subversion Source Control Integration Greg (4)
Why release notes is available only for resolved cases? Alex Strusberg (5)
Search for "initially assigned to" or "touched by" Jesse Keller (6)
Getting release notes from the API? Deame (1)
RSS Display issue IE7 Brendan Hillary (2)
Customised discussion forums still have FogBugz "junk" Jason Glover (1)
Clock Fast on FogBugz On Demand Matthew Passell (4)
Disappearing tables when saving article in Wiki Simon Jones (3)
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