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Date Format issue (Unix v5) Jon Ballinger (1)
Poor support of other browsers than IE Alf Inge Iversen (12)
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Message Template not being used? David Dunham (2)
FogBugz DB schema in UML exquisitus (1)
Release Notes for non-existing cases? Georg Ledermann (2)
Reply & Forward addresses no longer auto-fill Nate Brink (6)
Links keeping cookie after closing case Nate Brink (3)
Separate Server for Public Interface Justin (2)
Out of control httpd when attempting to edit a case Lenny (2)
Architecture help please Kevin (1)
Bug Upgrading to FB 5.0 from FB 3.0 Kevin (1)
Fogbugz "forgets" SMTP server address every week Dima Parker (1)
FogBugz TortoiseSVN integration Duncan Smart (0)
Bug: Can't change Maintenance URL in 5.0.15 Paul Norrie (0)
Campfire integration M H (0)
Sensetive item viewable with restricted Clients/Departments Steven Winter (1)
Feature Request: Inline attachement placement. Jason Glover (0)
Advice wanted on overall FogBugz configuration Lloyd Charlier (1)
anonymous users + screenshot tool Earl (3)
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Fogbugz and Team Foundation Anon (0)
Dragnet Migration Tool Joseph Adams (3)
Filters won't open when linking from non FB site Jason Loscher (0)
Multiple Repositories with WebSVN 2.0 Jeffrey Burt (0)
FTFFS (Fix the search) Per Bergland (3)
Change the column settings used by the default "My Cases" filter Alexej Hirsch (2)
"Some errors have occurred;" FB parked on / Chad Whitacre (1)
Feature Suggestion: Printer-Friendly Cases Josh McFarlane (4)
FogBugz appliance? Chad Whitacre (0)
addicted to FogBugz (trial db ballooning) Chad Whitacre (9)
Suggestion for small change that would make a big difference Rowan (1)
Trial over the limit Mark Wiseley (1)
External Customer References Stephen Cosgrove (3)
Full text search in custom fields Christer Engman (1)
FogBugz gradually slowing down Serge Baranovsky (6)
Teamworking : Shared Filters? MarkG (2)
Google 'Personalised Homepage' problems with FogBugz RSS MarkG (2)
Ubuntu Dapper John (1)
time out when user leaves screen idle Hector Lopez-Silvero (1)
Can you add a Resolve/Close button? Wei Yang (3)
Case due dates Jon Ventresca (2)
All issues for a Correspondent Dan Reber (8)
link truncation in perforce integration Noah Healy (1)
email not showing up in inbox Fritz Burnell (1)
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messages from POP mailbox not being pulled into FogBugz Miguel DeAvila (6)
v5 and CSS Dan Reber (3)
View PDF automatically? Jeff Straathof (0)
Split tech support and development by project or area? Jeff Straathof (7)
Screen capture tool improvements Tristan (3)
How to track the source of a case for reporting purposes? Sparker (0)
Bug in FogBugz? Shane Tolmie (1)
How do I export my database - if its warning me of an error? Shane Tolmie (0)
First timer's comments and suggestions Matt Lavallee (0)
fogbugz source, is it obfuscated? S (4)
CVS Integration - Multiple Repositories Randy McCharles (5)
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Integration with Subversion and .NET IDE DotNetter (3)
mysqldump, best practice? Magnus Timmerby (1)
What to do when Fogbugz can't find any bugs? Dan Mitchell (1)
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Estimated completion date Josh Clark (5)
Could not log into the mail server: imap_open(): Couldn't open s Shane Tolmie (0)
Why is Unix installation such a PIA? Chad Whitacre (3)
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How do you track items PF (5)
How do you generate an email, every time a bug is sent? Shane Tolmie (1)
FogBugz works on CentOS 3 and on RedHat Enterprise 3 Shane Tolmie (1)
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Crazy Suggestion: Donate a FogBugz Installation to Python Chad Whitacre (1)
Error upgrading MSSQL database Greg Cochard (2)
Fixing Notification Problems flipdoubt (4)
Active Directory Authentication w/Unix Version? (1)
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How can I Shane Tolmie (1)
Starting Out (late) with Source Control Matt Lavallee (6)
Viewing cases I've worked on? Steve (3)
Reactivating a case leaves it assigned to the current person Wiley Cox (1)
Problem with Japanese characters in attachment filename. B. Kretzler (2)
FogBugz vs. Jira vs. Serena TeamTrack? Kookee (5)
Ctrl+ is zooming Ed Eichman (3)
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