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how do I reassign the built-in administrator account dave (1 comment)
Missing status options! Rob Kedward (1)
E-mail Issues Matthew Rand (1)
Primary Contact Goes on Holiday Lloyd Newby (2)
License question me (2)
Freeform field defaults Ricky Dhatt (4)
FogBugz 3.0 -- backing up screenshots/uploaded files Jim Causey (2)
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make overdue task appear in a different color - feature Greg Coleson (2)
Showing forum comments as RSS comments SuperJason (1)
Spec Documents and Fogbugz SuperJason (3)
Major change Steve Hales (5)
Edit Tooltips for non custom fields Phil Kohler (1)
Email to customer Daniel Hauser (4)
message template failing to display in the reply Manoj Patel (6)
Restructure Projects/Areas Neil Burnett (2)
Missing fields (Version and Computer) Dayna Sherstobitoff (1)
Antispam sorting not working Claus Christensen (8)
Filter by date range Karan Mavai (3)
Shared Filters Kevin Koehne (1)
Hack: Auto-upload attachment and Reply Magnus Timmerby (1)
Installing 4.0.15 version triggers virus scanner Thomas de Nooij (1)
Good for a laugh if nothing else Scott Merklinger (2)
BugzScout and Fogbugz on Mac Lloyd Newby (1)
Deleted posts in discussion group still showing John Tatlock (8)
Discussion groups Frank Roscher (0)
Feature Request: Sequence Numbers for Added Defect Comments Matt Church (0)
How to update? Dimitri@NL (2)
Reports Kevin Koehne (3)
Diagnostics POP3 Secure Error Brian Kelly (2)
Regular Maintenance Service error Brian Kelly (3)
dealing with winmail.dat attachments Thibault Baradat (1)
Extract source code without IIS? Paul Christmann (1)
Troubleshooting fogbugzmaintd on Mac OS X Ryan Dionne (3)
FogBugz in Omar K. (1)
Resolve & Close Steve Troxell (9)
Overwhelmed by email notification on SPAM messages Eric Marthinsen (5)
separate urls for heartbeat and customer email? Terrence Talbot (6)
How to fix if you forget to enter buglink in version control? Herbert Sitz (1)
Showing FogBugz cases Adam Saxton (4)
Linking cases Adam Saxton (2)
what is new in 4.0.15 Michael Hom (1)
Painless Software Schedules in FogBugz Patrick Foley (3)
How do you set the number of days in a week? Martin G Brown (3)
Release Notes report without bugs N Brake (3)
Setting the Status field Vincent Parrett (3)
Screenshot tool for Windows assumes .asp extension Henrik Jernevad (2)
Poor man's version control Patrick Foley (1)
MySQL 4.1 incompatible with FogBugz? Chuck McKinnon (3)
Example: C++ POST to scoutSubmit Kai Backman (0)
Another parsing error in the Fogbugz Forum RSS Feed Yaakov (2)
Merging cases Jason Handby (2)
upgrade/pictures; name giorgio (1)
Change the Bug's Correspondent? Brett Veenstra (4)
Unnecessary escalation reports Birgir Kristmannsson (9)
AutoSort Statistics page crashes Henrik Jernevad (4)
"New Case" versus "Send Email" Steve Troxell (2)
Which system is fastest? Ben Loh (2)
PHP FogBugz now supports Solaris and Fedora Core 3 Brett Kiefer (0)
AutoSort into other projects? Henrik Jernevad (6)
"Spam" button does not move case to area Spam Henrik Jernevad (1)
Way to automaticaly flag spam if the autoresponder fails? Jason De Arte (1)
IE6 - default.asp bug Brett Veenstra (6)
Screen Capture Double Login Matt Church (2)
Subversion Integration Bliss SuperJason (6)
Using scout to submit feature requests Andrew Lighten (1)
Filter my subscribed cases Andrea Brown (1)
Server freeze... (4)
Fogbugz Screenshot Utility under McAfee Anand Narayan (5)
BUG: Completed Tasks Show Blank Estimate Andrew Andrson (2)
installation problem with renamed computer Eric (3)
Preserving Grid Columns when saving a filter... Colby (2)
New shared hosting option for FogBUGZ Patrick Foley (0)
FogBugz Support Contract RM (3)
BUG:  SnippetSelectDiv is missing attribute quotes in 2 places Olivier Dagenais (1)
BUG:  Ampersands should be entity-encoded when used in attribute Olivier Dagenais (0)
BUG:  Invalid XHTML generated for calendar month buttons Olivier Dagenais (0)
BUG:  Invalid XHTML generated for help tips Olivier Dagenais (0)
BUG:  Incorrect use of FB_NO_USER Olivier Dagenais (0)
Discussion Group Font mike harrington (1)
FogBugz Internal Error (util.asp - line 2524) Jeff Shaffer (2)
Challenge-Response for spam messages Siqi Chen (2)
How to make cases viewable only by related party? Iván Vega (1)
FogBugz Maintenance Error M. Dallek (1)
Incorrect date handeling when editing releases Henrik Jernevad (2)
Invite Public to a Case? Brett Veenstra (4)
"Secret" updates Steve Hales (3)
Feature Requests for FogBugz Jeremy Williams (4)
Feature Request: Searching text of attached files Rich Loen (1)
Associating clients with cases, not projects Steve Troxell (6)
Online trial import into 4.0.15 Brian Richter (4)
How does one attach an incoming email to a case as an attachment Nicole Wagner (2)
FogBugz doesn't handle spaces in attached file names properly Greg (1)
Undefined entity in RSS feed Henrik Jernevad (4)
WebSVN CGI Error Andrew Shell (8)
Forum notification Henrik Jernevad (3)
links to external sites should open new browser window Steve Troxell (6)
Browser Title not correct when Greek characters Angelos Giannatos (1)
Suppress notification for spam Steve Troxell (3)
Searches include items marked as Spam Ken (1)
Feature Request: Noisy Correspondents flipdoubt (1)
More Columns (This is a priority) Tommy (1)
HeartBeat.asp and Email admin returning error John Roberts (2)
Re-activating old discussions Phillip Carter (1)
cases created via email have "attachedMessage.eml" files Jason De Arte (2)
VSS integration question, display piece OutOfMemory error Robert Rice (1)
Data not saving Wayne Stripe (7)
NT Server 4.0 Not supported in FB4.0 Kristofer Skaug (3)
Mail pulling interval (PART III) Yaron MAROM (6)
suggested change for bug link to WebSVN Herbert Sitz (1)
Can you format the case text? Rob Kedward (1)
My experience with setting up link to WebSVN Herbert Sitz (2)
Assign/Edit/Reply (etc.) screen problems in Firefox Jack Brewster (5)
Login screen's Email field isn't focused when page loads Jeremy Driver (1)
Microsoft OLE DB Provider error: 'Timeout expired' David Thompson (1)
Save & Close function in FogBugz is CONFUSING marc rosenberg (2)
Add or Modfy Status John Williams (6)
Slow access times with large email attachments Matt Dillard (4)
Trial user question: Capturing hours worked Mike Pitcher (2)
Bi-directional case linking Mike MacSween (4)
Updating BugEvent.s flipdoubt (1)
Sorting by the date a bug was closed Tony Stiles (1)
'Case 1' is VBA, not a Fogbugz case. Mike MacSween (2)
'CLOSED' not displayed in grid view Mike MacSween (0)
Reactivating a case assigns it to Primary Contact Simon Smithies (0)
VSS integration breaks with VSS 2005 Beta 2 Chad Pavliska (4)
Installing WebSVN Mark Fox (10)
Source Control URL for logs : Should take ^R2 parameter Ryan McGeary (1)
Eclipse Integration Kent Driscoll (0)
How can we make the " Andrew Busolin (0)
FogBugz as a Task Management system? Stephen Noftall (4)
Send a Reminder, get an Out of Office Reply... Colby (1)
Multiple Subversion Databases SuperJason (3)
FogBugz & VSS integration questions Matt Rand (3)
Link from WebSVN to FogBugz Herbert Sitz (14)
Annoying error Steve Hales (4)
[patch] chkconfig for fogbugzmaintd Jason (1)
Deleting cases from Spam area Ken (3)
BugzScout and C++ Ryan Bailey (4)
FogBugz 3.0 - Removing Picture of the Day Content Block Jimmy Anderson (1)
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