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Fogbugz File Attachments Duane (3 comments)
Display description field in a filtered view Jason Tal (2)
Minor Suggestion: Add Remind Button to case detail view John Fuex (1)
Enquiry regarding FogBugz AutoSort Matthew (1)
Windows Server 2008 Mark Smith (3)
Feature: Add a User menu option Angelo Giannatos (1)
Bug: When sending email, attachments dropped if case edited. Dan Fuller (3)
Remove TimeIntervals through the UI? Stephen Lee (2)
FogBugz API: ixStatus Chris Dunford (2)
feature Request: Working sheet Arjan Zwarteveen (the Netherlands) (2)
Feature Request: Default value new case Arjan Zwarteveen (the Netherlands) (5)
Is there a way to view a log of all sent e-mails? Jim Mitten (1)
HOWTO Create anchors with the id attribute? Stefan Strandgren (6)
Inbox emails Andy Lunn (1)
"Show changes" feature request/query Aidan Fraser (4)
What to use to write feature specs Chris Dahl (2)
feature request: case interdependency Yaroslav Berezovsky (6)
Tip for using fbcli (command-line client) Matt Solnit (1)
JPG Open/Save Eric Renken (2)
Fogbugz exceeding PHP's configured maximum execution time Ben Enser (1)
Feature Request: Automatically determine the ClientProject Dan Fuller (4)
Enquiry regarding wiki links Matthew (1)
Release notes as RSS Jan Sotola (0)
Search Within Screen or Filter doug coates (1)
Integration with Mercury Quality Centre Andrew Jackson (1)
API file attachment problems darrell esau (4)
Using FogBugz for tracking my personnal to do's Jez (2)
Customer Database CCS (3)
Newsletters CCS (1)
Bug in timsheet editor Antonio Leonforte (1)
FogBugz Screenshot crash at startup John Fuex (5)
Ability to create custom active statuses? Jeremy Yabrow (1)
'Fix For' dependency? Josh K (7)
Feature Request: Add "last edited by" to saved searches flipdoubt (1)
Attachemnts in Scout Uwe Raabe (2)
W3WP.exe maxing CPU when certain user uses site Brent Sessions (4)
CaseCloner problem Chris Martin (1)
Custom Database Field Link jrs (2)
Attachments Mike Carlson (1)
List bug events for given bug using API Eric (3)
Moving closed cases to a new project Jesse Keller (5)
Edit bug notification template Matthew Miller (1)
iPhone / .mac reader? Jack M. (1)
Create a discussion group Hemanth Doma (2)
Size of Case display box. James Fisher (1)
Change default "resolved-to" user? mpg (1)
Feature request: department-specific releases Bob Cross (1)
Linking to a specific Wiki article revision Aidan Fraser (5)
Editing user permissions for Projects. James Fisher (2)
SearchTool.exe issues when using different mysql port number Doug Weimer (1)
Secure POP and self-signed certificates Todd Martin (2)
How do i configure the user cases get auto assigned to? Chris (2)
Customize/extend FogBugz notification emails Matt Stupple (1)
Feature Request: Preserve Area when switching Project Peter Skirko (2)
Internal error after installation of Fogbugz 6.0 for Windows Marc van Kempen (4)
Wiki template variable request Todd Martin (2)
Cases with no 'actual' time count in estimation history Stephen Lee (1)
API: change Assignable on Fixfors, create filters, and user Alex Kuretz (2)
Getting an Overall Project Plan Howard Waterfall (0)
Virtual users no access to Client? Peter Lillevold (3)
Setting table width in a Wiki? George Sealy (5)
WIKI Expand / Collapse Text Jim Kitchen (1)
Using Fogbugz with a Team Duane (1)
Importing from "other" Wikis; Markup Format? Sarah Kelley (1)
Feature request - add working on to VS plugin Ian Firth (2)
Moving Articles from one wiki to another? Gerry Kurz (9)
Replying with an email causes the case to get assigned to you Simon Olsberg (3)
Exporting to Bugzilla N (1)
Project Hierarchies N (3)
Sluggish response when editing wiki Charlotte M (2)
SELinux Matt (4)
Email Template for Response To Public Form Submissions Ian M. Jones (CaseDetective) (2)
I have a fix for you: Perforce commits show (0 Files) in FB case Totem (1)
FEATURE: add time remaining row when sort by user Totem (1)
Email doesn't remember addresses David Nason (2)
Undocumented API change? Tim Keating (4)
Solution: Vault -> FogBugz Integration Ken Bonnin, Jr (3)
Historical "Ship Date Over Time" Kris Kumler (1)
REQUEST: My estimation history Tim Day (1)
Forum fix to change list all limit doesn't seem to work in FB 6 Michael Scott (2)
Problem with search Stefan Möbius (2)
Feature request: Release notes available as a View column Peter Lillevold (4)
Global release for per-project reports Phil Brown (3)
Safari on Windows and editing a Wiki Petros Amiridis (2)
How do I create a filter to show changed items MArkee (2)
Case Email Forwarding Does Not Work CCS (5)
SPF records for FogBugz On Demand FJ (4)
Feature request: view all release notes, in order PWills (3)
SVN Post-Commit Issue with CHANGEFILESUFFIX Scott Porad (1)
Recurrence Doug Coates (2)
Advise on Subcontractor scenario Angelo Giannatos (1)
Random thought: Sleeping Kiwi Grant Rhys-Jones (3)
Time Report Jerish Stephen (7)
SVN Post commit hook Justin (7)
Add preview page to discussion group postings Clumsy Poster (3)
Problems migrating from Access db to MS SQL Server 2005 Magnus Ahriman (7)
User-submitted Fogbugz patch repository? Bryan (1)
Feature request - Timesheet rounding Bryan (5)
Advice needed: 1 large web-based application Steve Reaser (2)
Breaking large features into cases. Steve Reaser (3)
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