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Network Status

Moving through 'replacement' placeholders. Hamid Noorbakhsh (2 comments)
New grid view breaks searching pages Dan Mitchell (1)
FogBugz on Unix - any reason that it can't run via FastCGI PHP? Jeff Trawick (1)
Disappointment with Version 5 Guy Hanchet (2)
Mailboxes and Addresses issue Chris K (2)
Forum - Read Topics, Identifying New Comments Tim Kent (4)
Sorting by Status only shows Active Todd Reed (1)
"Show quoted text" in email gives "fetching" and no more Ian Howlett (1)
Feature Request: Editable Assigned To while Resolving Ryan McGeary (1)
"Recording" changes for release notes Robert (1)
"Mail Import Error" Jacob Gabrielson (1)
Ajax => annoying "back" behaviour in Firefox Dan Mitchell (3)
Possible Bug : Installing Firefox plugin MarkG (6)
Automatically populate fields for new case? Dan Mitchell (2)
maximum size on the case number field in screenshot tool MarkG (2)
Feature Request: Non standard categories MarkG (2)
Edit Status Field Robert Sertic (1)
Feature Request: Filter for cases touched by a certain person Fogbugz User (1)
Heartbeat a flutter David (4)
Case numbers by projects dmitry lozansky (5)
'Reply' insertion point not showing in FireFox Tony Schick (1)
thought on documentation MarkG (1)
trial stopped working alex (4)
Date Format John Wilson (3)
Using FB as Public Issue Tracking / Complaint Resolution Mongo (2)
We will purchase FogBugz - if it installs on our Unix server ... Shane Tolmie (1)
XHTML fixes for 5.0.17 Olivier Dagenais (2)
FB 5.0, SQL Express 2005 (Adv Srvs), but No Text Indexing David (9)
Licensing / Pricing anonymous for this one (2)
Sorting search results changes view to Filter Ken (3)
error submitting screenshot to fogbugz matt wilkie (5)
where to report a fogbugz bug? matt wilkie (10)
where is the title comment stored? Rich (3)
FogBugz 5.0 Feature Requests DanB (1)
Hey what happen to the ability to copy from Grid View in 5.0 Terry Cass (2)
Error Reporting Warren Blackwell (0)
Bug entry box resizing Dan Mitchell (2)
Deleted topics show in the discussion forum Christopher Hester (5)
Feaure request: better date filtering Michael Teper (2)
Removong links between cases Simon Smith (1)
File attachment size limit Simon Smith (1)
Escalation reports sent to everybody? Ben Harper (2)
Autosort turns off email notification :-( Tony Schick (4)
Feature request: assign to project first, then to person Chuck McKinnon (2)
Send and Close - A rookie error I see a few people have hit Tim Kent (3)
PocketPC ro resolve a bug MarkG (1)
Filter/Search by last edit date? Sparker (3)
Can't attach extra files to case opened by screenshot tool Wiley Cox (4)
SQL Server Express 2005 and FogBugz 5.0? Don Cheadle (2)
Could not log into the mail server: imap_open():: Devi Lozdan (3)
FogBugz 5.0 and Google Spell Check G.B. (3)
Fogbugz 5.0.17 crashes Mozilla browser when clicking OK/SUBMIT Wiley Cox (4)
Submitting bugs anonymous Alexander Balzer (17)
sorting icon backwards? Rich (10)
No Closed By Filter Field? Abram Pousada (1)
Possible Bug: Multiple Daily Escalation Reports on FogBugz 5? Josh McFarlane (5)
BugzScout and VFP Phil Sherwood (0)
100% cpu usage Juan Rodriguez (5)
Permissions model improvement request Peter Mounce (1)
Changing FogBugz Hostname and Port Francisco Javier "Curro" Alcala-Soler (4)
Lost cases Fred Schetterer (3)
BugzID and SSafe integration Fred Schetterer (2)
Free Web Based Reporting for FogBugz Sanjay Bhatia (0)
What happens to attachments send via Reply? Fred Schetterer (3)
Reply attachment lost after "case changed warning" Fred Schetterer (1)
Show content of ticket when hovering mouse over link to ticket Neal Culiner (2)
Forum search broken? Mark Richards (2)
Memory Allocation Error Timothy Ritchey (3)
Attachments via Email corrupt (5.0.17) Fred Schetterer (9)
alternate SMTP port Robert (3)
Edit not saved :( Paolo (3)
Order of Fix-For list box in filter selection Randy McCharles (1)
After upgrade, heartbeat.asp always has + flipdoubt (1)
FogBugz 5.0.17 Josh Watts (1)
Can I add a new icon for a new Category ? Angelos Giannatos (2)
Source Control Checkins Display James Higgs (7)
Deleting a case Andrea nagar (1)
Downloading V5 Kyley Harris (1)
Closing a BUG (Feature Request) Kyley Harris (6)
Running out of space in FogBugz trial Tom Golden (2)
Fogbugz stopped downloading email (email stuck) Diana Diehl (1)
Help with the MySQL/Notifier connection string Ivan Vega (4)
Another email problem Marc Passy (1)
POP3 Error:, corrected Marc Passy (1)
Firefox Google Cal extension issue witFogBugz kbd shortcuts MarkG (2)
datebox interpreter bug Bryce schoberb (1)
Transferring filters Bruce Logan (2)
RSS for a single bug Mario Giacomino (1)
FogBugz Maintenance Service not running Mark Smith (2)
Keyboard shorcuts and Spanish Keyboard Leonardo Carlos Prada (8)
Bug: No confirmation on delete of saved filters Jim Kring (2)
FogBugz Notifier (like Outlook Notifier) Michael H. Pryor (2)
James Higgs on FogBugz 5 Michael H. Pryor (2)
Bug: List View changes to Grid on Left-Bar filters Josh McFarlane (1)
Memory error after 5.0 upgrade Mark Smith (7)
Can't get kb shortcuts to work on demo server Wiley Cox (3)
Script to fix grid row selection on right-click Samuel Neff (1)
Change the column settings used by the default "My Cases" filter Jack Brewster (1)
POP3 errors are not reported Andrew Rosca (1)
Does FB 5 allow "only see own bugs" ? Sam (8)
Multi-row display in Grid View Michal Simek (1)
Cluster Services Brett Clapham (1)
Starting case number and 'Configuration' issue MarkG (1)
Grid View Speed in V5 Joel Matthias (3)
Screenshot Utility Jason Young (3)
A way to add Checkin file information post-commit? Sean Kelley (5)
Tracking public submissions Michael Teper (4)
Better searching with SQL Server? Chris K (2)
VSS 2005 and FogBugZ Jay Giganti (5)
Case Popup, Last Comment Angelos Giannatos (9)
Showing values for user defined fields in a droplist Frans (2)
Problems with adding Database Fields? T. Andrew Hooper (1)
v3 to v5 Upgrade - account could not be granted user rights Bradley Dean (2)
Numeric Search Issue with FB v4 and v5 Rich Platt (4)
FB 5.0 overlays vss_fbupdate Paul S (2)
Timeouts on slow-responding cases Dave Nanian (1)
Bug in RC2: Filter popup, expanding Priority makes popup blank Matt Hawley (2)
Bug in RC2: Clicking Next, then Edit, Reloads Page w/o Edit Matt Hawley (2)
IE7 Bug: "Shadow" not present on AJAX submit Popups Matt Hawley (0)
Release Notes - Multiple Releases Joel Matthias (0)
Mail not reaching Inbox project Steve Dinwiddie (5)
Feature - don't default to blank release notes, use titles Mike Llewellyn (0)
FogBugz 5 on PHP 5? Jonathan Ragan-Kelley (3)
Multiple Email Recipients on Change Shannon (3)
Two FogBugz Install On Same Server Mike Carlson (1)
Multiple 'See also' Edward Ross (4)
Checkin branch re-naming problem Paul Maddox (4)
V5 - Every page refresh connects to Paolo (2)
Reopened cases should be assigned to the one who resolved it Andreas Andersson (4)
Moving Fogbugz 3.0 to another server Juho rikala (1)
V5 Select Item = Checked Item? Paolo (3)
RC2 issue with newlines in editing cases Kevin Hawkins (6)
Feature request: triage view Michael Teper (0)
Help Me Understand Working With Releases Spencer (0)
DBxtra For FogBugz 5 Rudolf F. Vanek (0)
Elapsed without estimate Andreas Andersson (2)
5.0 Filter - Max Items Paolo (2)
FogBugz 5 Release Candidate now available Ben Kamens (21)
"Work report" and "resolved by" filter Andreas Andersson (3)
feedback - elasped time in minutes / data entry fields alex (0)
trial database over limit alex (1)
Customize Escalation reports Tim van der Hulst (1)
Keep getting "message is stuck in mailbox"..?! Rogier Eijkelhof (5)
Previous and Next Buttons when Viewing a Case Paul Rubin (2)
CPU W3WP Using all Resources Anthony Mok (2)
How can I set project default values for new cases? Dave Patterson (1)
FogBugz RSS and 4.0.33 Geoff Peters (2)
Best Practices: Project Schedule vs Expense Greg (3)
Default mailbox for new cases SuperJason (4)
Feature Request: Need to modify the sign-off/QA person 4 a case Ken Baltrinic (4)
Feature Request: Edited By... Filter Ken Baltrinic (0)
Mouse scroll wheel in Firefox? Emily Wilson (2)
Integrating FogBugz with email Michael Teper (1)
FogBugz stopped working Dan B. (0)
Attach multiple doc into the a new case Yik Chong (1)
HTML in Scout's Extra field Bob (0)
Accessing the Extension Fields via scoutsubmit Esan (0)
Display BCC info on sent messages Jack Brewster (0)
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