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Release Notes
Network Status

Call for FC3 and RHEL4 beta testers Brett Kiefer (1 comment)
Turck-MMCache deprecated Rod Begbie (1)
Can't download attachments Brian Hardeman (7)
403 error with IIS Brian Hardeman (1)
Refine Filter popup does not work on Firefox Angel Fradejas (5)
CVS: spaces in the repository directories Eugen Walcher (9)
FogBugz 4.0 on Mac OS 10.4 Elliott Hughes (14)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) support? Jason (7)
Small Business Server 2003? Duane Boldt (3)
FogBugz unix - good tip about Turck MMCache Andrew Rowley (0)
Fogbugz Unix v4 Attachment problem Andrew Rowley (2)
FogBugz unix 3->4 upgrade problem Andrew Rowley (6)
Need Sort/Filter on the 2 user fields in the grid/filter views Myles Penlington (0)
FogBugz in Dual-Boot Setup. RM (1)
CSS Body in FogBugz Forums Mark Fox (0)
Installer fails on "Upgrading the database" RM (2)
Wrong date on notification email Henrik Jernevad (1)
Message Stuck Mark Fox (2)
Feature Request: Require email address for public posts (0)
Cannot stay logged into Fogbugz Ivan Case (3)
How do you handle spam auto-responders? Steve Troxell (5)
Is there an easy way to get statistics from FogBugz? Jerome Fong (1)
Invalid Feed Yaakov (2)
CVS Integration: fails using wget Jeff Mitchell (1)
Option to switch off the 'Due date has been reset to today' msg Richard Downey (1)
Mail - CRAM-MD5 josh paul (1)
Perforce integration successes and failures? Jeff Fry (4)
Bug on unix when runs out of licenses Matthew Landauer (2)
Case Public view - # of cases displayed and closed cases. Myles Penlington (5)
Case Numbers Myles Penlington (6)
HUP signal crashes Apache if loaded as PHP extension Nate Silva (2)
Submit files via scoutSubmit? Adam Endicott (10)
Forwarding mail into FogBugz? Jason May (1)
Configuring php to avoid the memory leak on Mac OS X Ryan Dionne (5)
"Case does not exist or has been deleted" / Editing cases fails Jim Beard (2)
User Rights Dan Hauser (1)
heartbeat.php error Ryan Dionne (5)
Unix System Requirements Ryan McGeary (1)
Query, Can I have a different primary contact for each area? Geoff S (1)
Can I delete releases? Nate Silva (3)
export list to Excel or text file Lee Hamel (2)
Can all users use the "bulk" spam button? Nate Silva (0)
Minor UI Issue - Page Titles/Back Button History List? Myles Penlington (1)
Attaching a file to a Project Dan Hauser (3)
Snippets in Forum The Naked Coder (1)
Change case details after case is closed Yaakov (2)
FB4 for Unix upgrade problem Henrik Jernevad (3)
[Feature Request]: Default Release Notes to Closed Comment flipdoubt (6)
Delete Forum Post The Naked Coder (3)
Install problems on windows 2003 x64 server Manoj Patel (14)
Archiving Closed Cases Angelos Giannatos (1)
search by Case # Lee Hamel (4)
Mapping products and clients to Fogbugz Myles Penlington (1)
Minor UI Issue - Edit release notes Myles Penlington (1)
Location of "title", "project", and "area" fields Elliott Hughes (6)
Mail diffs with full context? Elliott Hughes (1)
Hosting with hosting provider SuperJason (1)
How do I get more than 500 entries to show in Grid view? Brian Giroux (6)
Developers Request - ability to search on past ownership Jon Hance (2)
Little help for svn users Istvan Hoffmann (0)
Discussion group search missing keywords in title Steve Troxell (0)
Wishlist: Bidirectional Related Cases Steve Troxell (0)
Opened By in gridview (0)
Thoughts about See Also Steve Troxell (4)
Direct case Edit from list mode Myles Penlington (2)
Patch to show bug ticket Gary Thorne Jr. (0)
Changing the default assigned-to for new cases? Jason May (1)
Are reminders only for Admins? flipdoubt (3)
Viewing an e-mail attatchment Kun Wang (1)
How do you track bugs across projects ? Carsten Hess (0)
Timezone for the Trial Version Aleksandar Mandic (0)
Case ID formatting Steve Troxell (0)
Release Notes Project/Area Mark Stoker (0)
Can I change default codepage ? Angelos (5)
FAQ Feature Request Mark Stoker (2)
Best migration path from trial to Mac OS X server? Joe Hughes (5)
Bug in public submissions Jonathan Riek (5)
Email Not Working After Server Move Jeremy Williams (5)
Ouch! 5 days of email stuck in queue James Shaw (2)
favicon Ken (0)
Feature request: create case from FogBugz Notifications Jon B (0)
Trial Server Currently down? A. Jelveh (2)
SPAM from friends tk (1)
Screenshots are unreadable within the Case meg (4)
Feature Requests: Changes to "TO:" field selection when emailing Wiley Cox (2)
FogBugz 4.0.15 won't keep a user logged in David Thompson (2)
fogbugz maintenance service login failed Scott (7)
Date picker problem on Fogbugz 4.0 Linux version John Koetsier (1)
RSS Feeds from FogBugz suddenly off by 4 hours? Wiley Cox (6)
Increasing version field size and used for cc Peter Teng (0)
Time estimates just don't work SuperJason (3)
Russian language support Apofigus (1)
Mail stop working on FogBugz 4 Tal Ben-Gal (1)
(mod) Calculating number of working days Michael Johnston (0)
Does 4.0 require cookies? Gary Fuhr (3)
RSS feeds without cookies... Daniel Berlinger (2)
Timeout on text search Mark Riffey (4)
ScoutSubmit assign case to user Daniel Spector (1)
Read Reciept Bobby Brill (1)
Feature request: -- Me -- in filter selection Jeff Shaffer (1)
Outbound email appears to have stopped flipdoubt (13)
Escaping in case text Thijs Cadier (4)
'Remember me on this computer' does not work Gerrit (5)
Translation category in 'New Case' not in lang.asp? Gerrit (2)
Install stops with 'Cannot Create Object' Neil Burnett (4)
Support for other SQL databases Mark Stoker (1)
Release Notes Order Yaakov (3)
filtering by correspondent (email) not working... Mark Sicignano (3)
Elapsed Time field disappeared after webserver migration flipdoubt (2)
FB incorrectly reports that browser does not support cookies. Glen Pfeiffer (2)
Fogbugz bug "undefined function: ixgroup()" Ryan Eibling (1)
ScoutSubmit Question Mark Stoker (0)
Discussion comment "Deleted Automatically"? Joe Hughes (3)
Closed Cases show no Elapsed Time flipdoubt (2)
Assignment changes when re-opening a case Vincent Parrett (8)
VSS not producing a journal file Tim Scarfe (12)
Correspondent not showing for some email addresses Rod (5)
restricting users in a department in the To Assign field nicole (0)
script login? Michael Starkie (1)
Searching with Filter Ryan Connelly (1)
Custom Field Grid View Sort Ryan Connelly (0)
Attach Bug to Another Feature Gabor Nagy (2)
User with blank password John Tatlock (7)
Reports in FogBug Me (2)
ViewCVS and multiple repositories Michael Starkie (2)
ViewCVS Michael Starkie (1)
RoundUp vs. FogBugz Chris Ryland (2) & CVS Michael Starkie (1)
Next case to work on? James Shaw (2)
Feature Request: Show recently modified cases Mike K (3)
Feature Request: Assign to multiple people Mike K (1)
Silly Question about pair programming flipdoubt (0)
"Your Cases" in case status Me (1)
Perforce integration: Weak and continues to lose altitude Woofster (3)
Which users can close cases? Simon Brushett (1)
Upgrade instructions Wiley Cox (6)
Feature Request: Associate columns with filters Jacob (0)
"Continue Reporting" and Scout Michael Dorfman (1)
Link to network files Krister Renaud (2)
FB4:  Resolved(Waiting for Info) workflow problem Mike Garrett (3)
How to restrict access to the fogbugs virtual directory thomas woelfer (6)
Feature suggestion: Defined dependencies between tasks Ema Ber (0)
Automatic BCC for outgoing mails? Georg Ledermann (4)
Sending an email generates two entries Kevin Koehne (3)
Screen Shots Tim Scarfe (2)
FogBUGZ reports wrong user opened a case. Greg (11)
Licence annual or once off? Ellers (4)
DD/MM/YY problem with 4.0.15 Roddy Pratt (8)
Feature req: "New Topic" button at TOP of discussion forum Roddy Pratt (3)
Feature suggestion - customer userids Andrew R (3)
Anyone integrate FogBugz with Rational Suite? eric (0)
new email using original email date/time? James Shaw (1)
Need to change the built-in admin account Glen Pfeiffer (4)
Suggestion: Marking topics for watching Georg Ledermann (6)
List of releases can be too long? Glen Pfeiffer (3)
How to enhance the anonymous user's list of items? Woofster (1)
FogBugz 3 on OS X: Clean install Thorsten Kramp (1)
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