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Can i change the view of cases to see the history Giuseppe (1 comment)
Using Fogbugs as a case tracking tool taby (2)
DocLists Dee Earley (2)
FogBugz Error Richard Tuengel (1)
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Public Case View & Attachments Rick Fleischer (6)
Control Community Users access to the Wiki Sonny Ramsay (1)
Combine Cases Eva (2)
Bug report: Cursor jumps to top of the box when it gets bigger Dee Earley (4)
Screenshot tool & Anonymous Submission Ignatius Chiang (2)
6.1.46 Release Notes? (Missing) Kris Kumler (2)
Browser twiddling for 2 minutes after loading a page Phillip Crews (5)
Mailbox administration only available to site admin Gireesh Rema (1)
Adding new fields to cases Jason Harrison (2)
Cases between FogBugz users? Ross Rankin (3)
Times (estimate, etc) in days only? Gerald Brandt (2)
Deleting all cases in my "nondelivery reports" Greg Cochard (4)
FogBugz vs AceProject (4)
HTML in wiki Fred (2)
Tips for analysing "Working On" data Mike F (1)
'Your Cases' not complete Thomas de Nooij (2)
Mail doesn't fetch and send until Diagnostics Magnus Ahriman (7)
Feature req: Autofill username for FogBugz on demand Krister Renaud (2)
Remove an email attachment Daniel Berglund (1)
How to get the most out of your Fogbugz licenses? Susana Matute (1)
Feature Request: Advanced search interface Justine Lera (3)
Grid View won't sort by Fix For Casen Payne (3)
Any chances to create a new case category called error? Susana Matute (4)
API Changes in 6.1.45? Chad Hutchins (1)
Search is not working properly in v 6.1.42 DB 632 Build 315 Clay D. Nichols (5)
Why is the wiki only 640 pixels wide? Mitch Barker (2)
Searching For Cases Returns Nothing Cory Dowd (2)
Is there a way to automatically assign resolved tickets? Narsa Chelluri (1)
Migration from GogBugz Windows to Fogbugz Unix Alessio Pollero (3)
Embed FogBugz discussion Mo Flanagan (6)
FogBugz 6 with 64-bit Windows Myron A. Semack (1)
bug - date/time formats appearing wrong Dee Earley (2)
Can a library be created to share documentation in FOGBUGZ? Susana Matute (3)
Bugzscout with NET.ASP and JAVA? Susana Matute (2)
DCOM 1909 Chris Rendall (2)
iPhone CSS for FogBugz Samuel Neff (4)
Strange Username in FogBugz with LDAP Nick Hartman (1)
Viewing old wiki revisions Bryce Schober (1)
Story Points? Elizabeth (1)
Global vs. Individual Releases Stacey McKinney (1)
Mis-threaded cases / mixed cases Justine Lera (3)
Editing Timesheets of other users Justine Lera (1)
Workflows in Fogbugz? Susana Matute (4)
Search indexing seems to not be working Isaac Strack (4)
API performance Kristian Eide (medallia) (8)
Aha, the menu line changed :-) Angelo Giannatos (4)
Creating a new Wiki Inbal Sinai (3)
Wiki/Template customization Inbal Sinai (1)
Changing the font of a table in Wiki editor Jan Helge Skailand (2)
able to filter by reactivated cases Serkan Kasapbasi (3)
New Case Permission for Community Users only Albert Timashev (1)
Manager should be able to view the Timesheets of the developers Albert Timashev (3)
Integrating FogBugz discussion with Google Analytics Mo Flanagan (4)
FogBugz / Subversion Ian Hardie (4)
More flexible "Created by" option needed Mark Marlow (5)
Better workflow when marking case resolved. Mark Marlow (2)
speed up report generation? Eric (1)
Feature Request: Links in RSS Feeds Josh Asbury (1)
Suggestion: mail gateway and forwards of individual mails Allan With Sørensen (5)
Feature request: cross project "fix for" report Allan With Sørensen (2)
Feature request: Sending meeting invitations! Allan With Sørensen (2)
Case close not estimated but yes track time Miguel Angel Diez Bielsa (1)
FogBugz as Tickler: 43 Areas vs Hide Until (Feature Request) Thomas Holaday (4)
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