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FogBugz command line sort order (fbcli) Brian Rosenthal (3 comments)
API version Dan Reber (2)
Resurrecting a discarded estimate Adam Tegen (3)
Feature request: Individual Reply/Forward controls Justin (5)
Deleting Releases Brian Criscuolo (3)
Feature request: Create Case on behalf of other user Rory Becker (3)
Feature request: Split case into 2 parts Rory Becker (3)
Access to "occurrences"? mpg (3)
EBS in face of multiple developers? mpg (1)
"Collapsing" long displays? mpg (2)
Feature request: duplicating a case mpg (3)
Case Numbering Format & Schema Doug Coates (3)
Escalation Report Behaviour doug coates (5)
SQL Reports Created by FogBugz Users Matt Stachelski (7)
Philosophy/responsibilities Mauro Zallocco (1)
Feature request - edit timesheet through API Jan Sotola (1)
API cmd=newInterval allows to add overlapping intervals Jan Sotola (2)
Win server 2008 64 bit Joe Lucas (1)
New Entry issue of the Project, Area Praveen Saini (1)
Perforce commits show (0 Files) in FB case Totem (14)
Search explodes on certain terms Javier Fox (6)
Checkins list not so happy with Git John Reilly (5)
Request: prepopulate params on public submission PWills (3)
FogBugz Maintenance Service Errors David Martinko (2)
Problems with setting table column widths Gerry Kurz (1)
Feature Request: Working on indication in list view Larry Deaton (1)
Timesheet report? Torben Gundtofte-Bruun (6)
Logo on front page of Hosted account Jaydel Gluckie (3)
Running Timesheet editor in plain browser window Jan Sotola (1)
Information about special case via API? Daniel Nitsche (1)
Hosted Fogbugs: forums on my own domain? Serge Khorun (1)
reading api-xml in PHP SD Meijer (2)
Width of bug view (2)
Search returns 1 result. DB shows 400 words indexed & Files as 2 Clay Nichols (1)
WorkingOn for FogBugz v1.3 Daniel Schaffer (3)
Wiki notifications Thomas Coleman (3)
SVN Comment Checkin broken after upgrade to 6.1.23 Joey Officer (5)
cvsSubmit.asp security problem? Jonah Burke (4)
Another vote to not get automatic reassign on resolve Jerry (12)
Last Edited Date as searchable/filterable field? J.T. Grimes (4)
EBS misunderstandings Vincent Robert (4)
Email Alert Truncation Kevin Prestage (6)
Feature request (?): grid view editing Jeff Ondich (2)
Upgrading to 6.1.23 causes headers to be ALL CAPS? Chas Emerick (6)
Aria OS X Fogbugz Client: request for beta testers Daniel Pasco (0)
IE8 -> many problems Dan Mitchell (2)
Bug Status and Workflow Permissions Brian Larkin (1)
FogBugz 7 Beta date? Dan Hauser (5)
Filter loses project when client removed Andrew Davies (3)
Feature Request: User Availability Adam Tegen (2)
Feature Request: Filtering old releases. Krishna Kumar (2)
BugzID with multiple case numbers Duane (2)
Hiding Inactive Users Thomas Coleman (1)
Feature Request: Export Filters and Search Results to Excel Krishna Kumar (5)
Feature Request: Better control of release notes presentation Krishna Kumar (5)
EBS and Case types Stephen Lee (1)
Copy/Paste from Excel - Hack DJ (1)
Default Area for Project Simon Olsberg (3)
Mail Server Test hangs Peter Harkins (3)
Serving FogBugz from website root (php) John Reilly (2)
Fixing Fogbugz URL in screenshot tool John Fuex (2)
6.1.19 linux/mac requested to upgrade to 6.1.23 Michael H. Pryor (0)
Adding Custom Statuses to FogBugz Daniel Henry (2)
world resolved is repeated 3 times filter Vaida Bogdan (1)
Ability to edit cases Steve Matthyssen (16)
"template" in FB case Glen VarnHagen (3)
FB vs Basecamp doug coates (6)
URL for FB on-demand Duane (1)
Feature request: Copy Link Function on Search Results Krishna Kumar (1)
Upgrade on PHP FogBugz FIX Michael H. Pryor (1)
Missing columns in filter creation Greg (1)
Replying to other than the last correspondent email Steve Troxell (2)
FogBugz for PHP not saving data FIX Michael H. Pryor (2)
Wiki fails to save CRevision.asp line 451 Paul Nystrom (2)
Is it possible to translate "Case" in FB6? Jochem (3)
Visual representation of fogbugz cases Andy Bulka (0)
URL is case-sensitive Andrew Davies (1)
Client Department Andrew Davies (4)
Feature Request:Hide history data for changed fields Totem (3)
The 'Release Notes' link on cases: Sometimes it is not there... Sam Jones (5)
Scaling to large projects? john danskin (6)
[Request] Release Note Templates John Reilly (5)
Feature Request: Select multiple projects on a filter Andrew Hollamon (2)
EBS difficulties (feature request) D Upton (5)
Logfile for database 'fogbugz' full problems William Wako (4)
Case Reopened Assigned to Wrong Person Kevin Prestage (4)
Hours worked per month/project Antonio Leonforte (1)
Attachment size info Andrew Davies (2)
Sort columns Andrew Davies (4)
MDB -- where is it Glen VarnHagen (1)
Deleting Shared filters Glen VarnHagen (1)
Scheduling future tasks Stephen Lee (4)
Estimating tasks for other people: whose history does it use? Stephen Lee (2)
Multiple duplicates Andrew Davies (2)
Request: Winmail.dat file support Angus Gratton (1)
Can I Email A Case Directly Into FB? Doug Coates (6)
Labeling Cases Terry Mullican (1)
Upgrading FogBugz Petros Amiridis (4)
Hosting Alternatives Duane (1)
SMTP code 421 incorrectly assumed to be an error Todd Day (7)
Release Notes? Gerald Brandt (2)
Anyone running FogBugz for windows on a virtual machine Antonio Leonforte (3)
Per Project case number prefix Gerald Brandt (1)
6.1.19 has a typo Thomas Stache (2)
Adding a new status in the status drop-down list? Capstan (1)
How to 'Schedule' a case for the future ? Sam Jones (7)
Using our own logo - size issue Joe Fortun (3)
On-deman sluggish since Thursday evening Justin Emond (2)
Mime type problems for download of screenshot tool (1)
Programmatic "Delete Project?" Daniel Pasco (1)
When is email sent, exactly? (1)
Enforce public user to enter Email on barebone case entry form Mendy Rimler (2)
Wiki font selection bug Nick G (4)
Discussion Editing Font size smaller than article. Mr. Analogy (1)
FBOD - filter for cases w. time assigned on a specific date Lee Mandell (5)
Can't Edit New Cases Doug Coates (2)
RSS Feed for an individual case Bug Shon Urbas (3)
Wiki MisBehavior Doug Coates (6)
Feature request: Priority reassignment via dragging. Rory Becker (1)
Viewing elpased time over a period Dan Turner (4)
Working schedule vs. Daylight savings time? Thomas Stache (7)
Limit search results using search term? Andrew Davies (4)
SVN post-commit only works when run manually (2)
Attachment issue Eric Lindquist (3)
Case Stats Aaron Pazurik (2)
500 mails in, spam filter not learning Steve Matthyssen (3)
Grouping in Project Maintenance Andrew Davies (3)
FC Search Take a Loooong Time Andrew Davies (5)
RSS login always fails Andrew Davies (7)
Editable FB Crash Reports Andrew Davies (3)
FB Web Parts Andrew Davies (4)
Filter totals Andrew Davies (1)
FogBugz Screenshot capability for end-users Mendy Rimler (4)
Feature request: automatically present search results as a filte Tim Keating (1)
What does EBS do if you change an estimate? Tim Keating (2)
Delete a release? TM (1)
Suggestion: quick way to add release PWills (6)
Cannot set release date for Undecided Alan Gant (2)
Can the "List" link be made to remember search terms? Simon Morris (2)
"Special" filter fields in API Richard George (1)
Upgrading from FogBugz 5 to 6 on CentOS 4. (6)
How to best use 'schedule items'? Totem (3)
Generate search from ad-hoc filter Andrew Davies (1)
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