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Assigning new cases to "unassigned"? David Keogh (5 comments)
Fogugz and Extreme Programming Leonardo Carlos Prada (2)
Allowing primary contact to change a projects Areas / Releases (1)
Server Crash, Restore Problem Conkerjoe (1)
heartbeat.asp / MailQueue problem Mark MacKay (2)
Recurring: "An error occurred while sending mail.." messages Paul Nystrom (4)
Hiding global filters on the front page ben bracken (1)
page refresh when editing a case Rich (1)
screenshot quit working, only attaches a broken image link Rich (4)
Please add a feature to just add hours Harrison Miracle (0)
Priority as a per-Project setting Andrew Hodgson (2)
FogBugz Screenshot being run thrice Bill Foecke (5)
Please add "timer" functionality to the wishlist Steve Parker (3)
Customizing FogBugs defect templates and workflows? Andy Still (1)
FogBugz 5 - when can we upgrade? Per Bergland (2)
Adding custom database fields Mike Austin (3)
Project Creation Script Jim (1)
Oracle 10g? (0)
Status of FB on WIn 64 Thomas Koch (3)
Parent/Child Cases Mark (2)
Request: Multiple dates for a release PWills (2)
Google Gadget for Fogbugz Ed (2)
Modifying behavior of resolved bug assignment Casey Ransberger (3)
Where is version 6??? Neal Culiner (5)
Fogbugz claims that it supports LDAP, but it does not. Ramon Garcia (1)
BugzID No vs Case No vs Case PrefixNo Costin Calisov (3)
Search problem in this forum? Andrew Rowley (1)
Ability to carbon copy others when updating a case Tom Ketterhagen (5)
Identifying URIs Wes Groleau (1)
Checkins as bug events Ray (1)
Not seeing checkins when resolving - Ajax sideeffect? Andrew Rowley (1)
Semi-AJAX is frustrating Mike Pokoto (9)
Email attachments: why are they stored in the BugEvent table? Mike Pokoto (3)
Upgraded, Now Can't Use Two Favorite Features HowardW (2)
Should I be able to assign a case to someone not on the project? Paul S (3)
List a case's subscribers James Bayley (1)
Adding more email addresses for case notification ... (2)
Flagging a bug as "being worked on" Paul Provost (8)
PHP crash with for php 5.2 Debian GNU/Linux Ramon Garcia (2)
public RSS feeds Neil Stevens (1)
Support for Notes: URIs Ulrik Algulin (1)
"New Case" feature request SAVE & PREVIEW Paul Rogers (3)
Case won't close - still on escalation report Kathleen Karsko (3)
Feature: Add hyperlinks to minireport widget case counts Ron (4)
Bi-directional email integration with discussion groups Mark Traudt (2)
Codestriker Support Brad (1)
Checkins ... Ray (1)
Spam Filter isn't sorting. (possible cause inside) Aman Patel (1)
setting up Primary contacts colin dolcetti (1)
auto-subscribe Neil Stevens (4)
Deleting cases matt (5)
Mantis to FogBugz Alex Kac (0)
Mass-closing of bugs & auto-closing bugs Vincent Rivellino (1)
Resolve / Close Sequence Brian Vander Plaats (2)
Eavesdropped conversation threading Chris Wenham (3)
Exporting of bug cases to Excel format ... (3)
Fixing the discussion group title Thomas Thiriez (1)
Where does FB get an active directory user's email addresses? Christopher Pope (1)
FogBugz with MySql ... (2)
In which language nvictor (1)
Alt-Tab Keyboard Shortcut behavior in Vista (Firefox) Adam (4)
Empty /fogbugz/default.php?pg=pgCheckDl&bSilentSuccess=1 Alex Kac (7)
Issues with Debian 4.0 Ramon Garcia Fernandez (1)
Alerting based on filters and / or areas inside inbox? Joe Public (1)
Header - option to be in a frame? Paolo (2)
Handling of case numbers New FogCreek Customer (3)
Attach files on Screenshot New Case Paul Nystrom (1)
Capture multiple screenshots Paul Nystrom (2)
Status of FogBugz install on Vista? Christopher Scott (6)
Not working on Vista Craig (1)
Sending emails using just Bcc Derek Pollard (2)
Email to public submitter Dave Trayers (1)
More than one BCC causes error Sharon (3)
E-mail Autosorts destroys the newly created case? Paul Nystrom (10)
If bugs are found when testing a feature, do you open a new case Paul S (2)
A case seems to have made itself read-only. Scott Gerlach (1)
Inconsistent error occuring on file attachment Humbug (2)
Installation Problem on WinXP x64 Dan Maharry (2)
Server Application Error James Juno (5) dynamic library problem on install1.php Benjamin Burton (1)
Case Status ... (4)
Lightweight pages (for mobile devices etc) murph (1)
Fogbugz Login half-ignoring cookies Dan Maharry (4)
One session per heartbeat Francis Rath (1)
Assign Reopened Cases to person who closed them? TIM (1)
Block a specific email address Gil Hildebrand, Jr. (1)
SQL Express 2005 SP2 Breaks FogBugz? J.P. Rhea (2)
Non-existence BUGZID when commiting CVS file... (4)
FR: Add this discussion group + KB to FB start page Andrew Davies (1)
Variable font size in IE Andrew Davies (1)
FR: Case list with more details Andrew Davies (1)
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