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DBxtra for FogBugz Rudolf F. Vanek (1 comment)
Changing stuff removed due date Andreas Andersson (7)
Movind access DB to another folder on the same server Hans van Leuken (1)
Create New Categories Yik Chong (4)
Screenshot for public/anonymous users Andrew Rosca (2)
Screenshot Tool: Failed to create tray icon 1 Scott Stonehouse (3)
Scout and unique case title Neil Burnett (1)
Move FogBugz database to another server Michael Dorfman (1)
Attachment difference on uploading and after downloading Yik Chong (0)
SPAM email notifications Keri Prasky (5)
Firebird database support any time soon ? Rob Segerink (1)
More detail in RSS feeds? Max Schwanekamp (2)
Extending FogBugz to integrate with YOUR systems Michael H. Pryor (1)
All bugs cases ever assigned to me Gabriel Yarra (1)
Bug? Case status marked Closed: Active following 'Send & Close' Paul Lomax (4)
Sample svn integration does not play well with Simon Graham (0)
Feature Request: Create a filter by a keyword search David Cheney (1)
maven integration Bryan Rank (3)
Multiple Licenses Juan Gril (1)
filter by correspondent Charles Bartel (1)
Application pool ... exceeded its job limit settings Eric Terrell (9)
Checkin Script error EL (3)
FB is attempting to process .xml file attachments Jack Brewster (2)
How to stop assigning new cases to closed release ? (1)
Do Not Track Correspondence from Users flipdoubt (3)
English phrases in Release Date? Emily Wilson (1)
Screenshots do not print. Karl Werner (1)
Installing on RHEL4 Andreas Andersson (11)
SQL Server 2005 Express now has full text search Jeff Bean (6)
Search & Date Benjamin Katz (1)
Removing old fix for's from the filter drop down Adam White (2)
Discussion group access privileges J Breslin (6)
SQL Server 2005 Nigel Ainscoe (1)
Change Project - Change person responsible for closing the case Jason (2)
Feature Request - A Simple Reporting Function Peter Kent (1)
Feature Request: Secondary Window When Click on URL Peter Kent (2)
time elapse feature request To Macklin (1)
Closed bugs get deleted Joachim  Ante (9)
"In Progress" Status request Sean Kelley (1)
Request to add missing "Verfied" Step Sean Kelley (1)
Unable to add new mail account. Phil Sherwood (5)
Statistics for PROJECT by Priority Maryanne Webb (2)
Is there any way to display the amount of spam? Eric Terrell (2)
Feature Request: Improved Discussion Forumn Kyley Harris (3)
Email Text issue Lynn (1)
Apache: 99% CPU Justin (2)
repo.asp bug with Multiple Repositories Jonathan (1)
Does FogBugz integrate with Rational ClearCase? Grant Drake (1)
Search by Custom Fields using wildcards Leonardo Carlos Prada (4)
Defining not-in filters Peter Mounce (1)
Installing FogBugz on a VMWare server Brake (1)
DCOM error in System event log Peter Mounce (1)
D'oh! FogBuzz fit? Shannon (3)
Feature Request:  filter "Resolved by:" Mike H. (2)
Feature Request: Custom Fields (1)
Any news on 64bit version of Marc Logemann (0)
Dreamhost Josh Dady (4)
Feature Request: Project Codes on Escalation Reports Justin (1)
Autoreply message failing Susan McAllister (4)
Access from two IIS servers Tony Mason (1)
Not staying logged in Justin (5)
Email notifications not being sent Corbin Amman (1)
Adding Categories, changing text of categories? JoelF (1)
How to remove "Welcome to FogBugz" pitch on main page? JoelF (8)
Feature Request JF (1)
500 Internal Server Error When Specific User Searches Dave T (6)
Internal Error Emmanuel Eriksson (3)
Creation of FAQ Document from Cases Peter Bennetts (2)
Feature Request -- Filter on a User-Defined Field HowardW (3)
Feature Request -- Mass Print HowardW (0)
Fogbugz Screenshot - How do I convert from trial to licensed? Chris O'Connor (1)
Keyboard Shortcuts for FogBugz? Emily Wilson (3)
New Feature Request - Automatic Test Spec Creation Lloyd Newby (0)
Quote Code Justin (2)
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