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Does FogBugz 4.0 set the "return-path" on email correctly? Jack DeNeut (1 comment)
Editing the correspondent email address Hadee Roslan (3)
add Area to HTML and XML Release Notes export Lee Hamel (2)
Bug Report: "Reply" doesn't inline all of previous email Matt Dillard (0)
Search never finds any matches Robin Sandilands (2)
Problem with Maitenance Service, Wincdows 2003 Server Tim Scarfe (5)
Diagnosing "A message could not be sent"? David Thompson (1)
Attachment to a closed case Scott (0)
[Feature Request]: Filter by Edit Date flipdoubt (3)
Best Practise Priorities Ilja Heitlager (2)
Resetting due date problem Ilja Heitlager (4)
Good Fit? Browser (1)
Importing PVCS Tracker data into FogBugz Matt Stachelski (1)
Printing all cases Howard (1)
Importing Usernames from Active Directory for 75+ users Matt Stachelski (3)
Move from VSS to Subversion? Scott (2)
Sorting in Case Filters and reversing? Wiley Cox (1)
Error retrieving license info. Gyula Karakas (2)
Licensing for "hoit spare" server Jim Edlin (2)
Using FogBugz with an iPaq? Daniel Berlinger (2)
Marking Bugs as a Duplicate Andrew Dunn (4)
4.0.15 upgrade problem Randy McCharles (1)
another reason to make options per area, not per mailbox James Shaw (2)
"A Review of Painless Project Management with FogBugz" Kevin Walsh (0)
quotes in cases get rendered as \" Michael Lorenat (2)
FogBugz sql query - Adding another view Ryan Wilcox (2)
No forum notification or auto-case creation like email? James Shaw (2)
Day one, but already spam filtering working.. James Shaw (3)
RSS Feed Validation Error David Petersen (6)
Dutch lang.asp? Version 4... Gerrit (0)
Fogbugz Screenshot and Windows DEP Roddy Pratt (1) Javier Tortosa (1)
Separate inquiry into its own case Georg Ledermann (3)
BUG?: Pasting un-wrapped text cuts off right-hand text Paul Norrie (1)
html or multi-part email? James Shaw (1)
Searching for previous Assignee's of bugs Jon Hance (2)
FogBugz 4.0.11 won't keep a user logged in David Thompson (4)
Release notes for ACTIVE bugs Alicia (0)
Detailed Unix Install instructions for SubVersion integration? Wiley Cox (2)
FogBugz and Sarbox 404 Howard (0)
Feture request -- show totals for each group Howard (2)
how to move license? James Shaw (3)
Version 4.0 for Unix Michael (4)
Eula steve (3)
Staying within the Email Client dave w (3)
Sending email to co-workers has unintended consequences flipdoubt (7)
FogBugz API Michael H. Pryor (12)
Screenshot tool: "The page cannot be displayed". Joe Hughes (1)
Would like to display more than seven columns Howard (2)
Move FogBugz Database & Use Separate Web Server Jeremy Williams (1)
Best way to setup or hosting companies? James Shaw (1)
Email infinite loop Andrew M (3)
HTML Emails Andrew M (0)
No client/department project option (FB4) Ryan Eibling (2)
Using FogBugz for Non Software Companies Daniel Bayerdorffer (2)
Property Management for small condo HOA sb (0)
Trial Server down... Brett Veenstra (2)
Sort by Estimated Time Jacob Ellis (2)
Does FB run on MSDE ? Serge Wautier (3)
Just Wondering: Why Fogbugz and Fogbugz.1 directories? flipdoubt (2)
More sophisticated work schedules Harold Chu (0)
Hybrid List/Grid View Harold Chu (1)
Allow public viewing of issues Tate Needham (0)
Date handling still broken in 4.0.15 Andrew Lighten (16)
Can't set up mailboxes on FogBugz - need secure password auth. Jessica Palmer (1)
Foreign Keys in Sql Server? Jacob Ellis (0)
x64 Support? Jeff Key (2)
Hiding quotes not working with german e-mails Georg Ledermann (4)
FB 3.0 very slow to open after upgrade to SQL Server SP3a Charles Scott (2)
Simple guide for Projects, Clients, Areas & Departments Paul Duggan (2)
VersionFormat Paramter in method Submit in class BugReport N  Brake (1)
Feature request: "Latest changes" Per Bergland (2)
Due date format in FB4 - US only? Per Bergland (2)
Cannot upgrade to .15 from .11 George Rasch (1)
2 Instances of FogBugz 4.0 (Windows) on 1 server? Regular Poster... (2)
RSS feeds Benjamin Katz (7)
How *do* you turn off the Version and Computer fields? Cheryl Anne Brummer (1)
Use Snippets in To: and CC: fields? Jo Douglas (0)
4.0.15 released Michael H. Pryor (5)
Feature Request: Open Case List Sorting Brett Veenstra (1)
BugzScout "feature" implementation? Brett Veenstra (1)
Feature Request Tony Edgecombe (2)
How to make FB check / send email less frequently? Woofster (2)
Filter question: Finding closed items you worked on yesterday Woofster (3)
"Assigned To:" link title mouseover bug? Scott Cunningham (0)
Screenshot Tool: Only usable for people with accounts? Joe Hughes (1)
Running FogBugz sans IIS on Windows François Beausoleil (2)
Attachments make viewing cases much slower Dan Cardinal (0)
Type mismatch: 'FormatDateTime' Or meirov (3)
Full text search is not working, how to fix? Woofster (2)
Can Dispatcho automatically forward incoming message? Mat Weaver (4)
Speed issues Frank Rizzo (2)
How to go to list after editing bugs? Frank Rizzo (2)
EULA clarification? Don (0)
Required fields Rob Kedward (12)
FogUtil4.BinaryFile.1 error 'a0000106' Ian Blackburn (5)
Configuration questions about FogBugz4 John Fuex (0)
Trying to install FogBugz 3 on Red Hat Enterprise 3 GiorgioG (1)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 Support? (1)
doube columns in reports Ilja Heitlager (1)
Cannot attach some filetypes Jens Bo Frederiksen (17)
Error Message - Bill King (1)
Typo in FB_FIX_FOR_AT_LEAST_ONE Arugula (1)
Exporting to Excel or plain HTML Andrej Kyselica (2)
Database size in trial version: DoS email received Andrew M (3)
Transferring FogBugz Licenses Jacob Ellis (1)
Screenshot tool - bug details end up in log in window Rob Kedward (1)
dd/mm/yy dates causing major headache Roddy Pratt (3)
search doesn't work in FB4 Trial Serge Wautier (2)
Language problem in FogBugz's discussion forum. oscar. yoon (1)
Email Attachments Chris Lindell (8)
Modifiable Assignment with Resolution Bill Rapoza (1)
Maximum bug number 32767? Andrew Finkenstadt (1)
Publish date of cases in RSS feed Jon B (3)
Sort items by last-modified-time, not last-created-time? Dan Mitchell (2)
Project-level or mailbox-level CC default address Ross Overstreet (2)
Email overload in trial? Andrew M (1)
Can filters be shared? John Tatlock (2)
how to get a 'case status' ID when not emailing taco (2)
Discuss Forum permissions Jeff Shaffer (1)
Screenshot Tool: Failed to create tray icon 1 Joe Hughes (2)
Deleting a release Sridhar Mandyam (2)
A Case Closed Before it Begins? Jim Provost (1)
Screenshot tool doesn't create new case or edit existing case David Mabury (1)
Can't get RSS feed if I am the Administrator Jon B (4)
Problem Creating New Case Nick Graham (4)
Escalation report filter Ilja Heitlager (4)
Escalation Report format Ilja Heitlager (1)
Defaults for priority and fix for Brad Schick (3)
user Password Change Len Kalman (1)
version fixed nate pease (4)
FogBUGZ Christopher Baus (2)
Painless Project Management with FogBugz review Michael H. Pryor (0)
Very Expensive to import data: Warning to all! Woofster (7)
Live chat feature Lee Hamel (1)
Why not in Java? John Bolton (1)
Screenshot utility hotkey? Michael Johnston (1)
ScoutSubmit, newlines and description length Michael Johnston (0)
Import from Visual Intercept? Ricky Dhatt (0)
Project Management Simon Barber (2)
Project notes Andrew Lighten (1)
Darcs integration John (1)
Spam Filter Not Working Jason Robertson (6)
Filters, Estimate Summaries, and Views flipdoubt (4)
How do you guys link FogBugz cases to your test plan? flipdoubt (1)
Description field in Either Grid View or RSS feed Patrick Woods (0)
heartbeat.asp: Server log every 20 seconds Georg Ledermann (4)
Security: Subversion and FogBugz Integration Gavin Stark (1)
Tooltips - can they be turned off in v4? Jason Fredrickson (0)
Ability to subscribe to forum posts David Thompson (0)
error upgrading to 4.0.11 addendum John Morales (1)
Discussion privacy (2)
Filter: List of replies in a given timeframe Georg Ledermann (1)
MySQL option missing from installation program Michael Johnston (2)
Edit Discussion Topic Phillip Carter (7)
OK to install a 2nd instance for testing data import? Woofster (4)
'See also' seems useless Paul Mills (3)
Screen shot: How to capture a menu? Woofster (3)
Restricting user access to Departments does not completely work Shekhar Bhide (2)
Case Count Summaries Counter-Intuitive Ryan McGeary (1)
How do I see only *changes* in tasks/projects? Mr. Analogy (5)
Forwarding Email - Problem (1)
Benefits of SourceSafe and FogBugz integration Adma Jones (5)
Fogbugz and Delphi/BCB Roddy Pratt (0)
Release Notes HTML & XML Views James Higgs (6)
Upgrade to 4.0 and new server box Scott (19)
Use FogBugz as a PIM Eden Cohen (1)
ok button location in New case submit Ilja Heitlager (2)
training the autosort (1)
ALT-PrintScreen Bill King (3)
Implementing workflow with permissions John Penrose (0)
Bug history sort order John Penrose (1)
Mailbox bug John Tatlock (4)
Messing about in GreaseMonkey Phil Wilson (1)
Migrate FogBugz database from MySql 4 to PostgreSQL 8 Simon (4)
Constant reminders every 10 seconds Bill King (2)
Fully deleting a user John Tatlock (2)
Time estimates and temporary reassignment Michael Johnston (2)
Per-project user lists? Michael Johnston (2)
modifying a field (4)
Firefox display bug with forcing links underlined Peter Harkins (0)
Loss of Registry Rights - Bill King (5)
Remove Picture of The Day Brian (1)
Customize Logon Page Bill King (6)
Full Text Search Not Working - What's Wrong? Jeremy Williams (5)
Alternate port for SMTP server? Roddy Pratt (4)
Can we change the default priority of new cases (1)
Can we change the 'Case' keyword (1)
Going over time budget in 4.0 Andrew Lighten (6)
Dont reply to users when checking mail? (3)
Bug in calendar control with dd/mm/yy formatted dates. Jason Glover (2)
How to see recently resolved cases? (1)
Way to Promote Discussion Forum to Home Page? Steve Metcalf (1)
Maintenance service error Adrian Slade (1)
Why no severity field? David Beardsley (5)
Printed reports with full/partial details would be cool BradC (4)
FB 3.0 Customer submitted email Brian Gomori (10)
Perforce integration is not workable and I give up Woofster (12)
Another application for Bayesian logic: Error handling Woofster (0)
Error when resolving a case, due to PD in "due" field BigJimSlade (9) integration Bryan Larsen (2)
How do I add new fields? Rob Kedward (4)
Fogbugz help pages (1)
Screenshot tool: "Current Window" not found Thomas Stache (1)
Filter for cases modified recently Matt Richardson (1)
Seeking feature-track recommendations for large projects Michael Johnston (7)
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