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Network Status

Checkins and searching Kris Kumler (1 comment)
Refund single user licenses within first 90 days Max (3)
Breaking out a new case (feature request) Mark Smith (2)
Filter for 'Recent Activity' Chris Dahl (2)
JetBrains TeamCity integration Alexander Egorov (0)
Feature Request: Sorting Filters by Due Date Krishna Kumar (1)
API change breaks login Eli Golovinsky (2)
Sort By Due Date: Dates Above None Brad Fults (2)
Huge dababase Serge Baranovsky (2)
Search not finding terms on large wiki pages DJ (2)
Critical bug: case gets duplicated and its worktime is zeroed Antonio Leonforte (3)
Bulk case creation tool/method Justin Emond (2)
Default Search to "status:open" Mat Weaver (2)
Initial Setup Hints Required - Looking for tips Daren Hawes (2)
Request: API command to list cases on per-project basis Daniel Pasco (3)
default category Slava (1)
Monitoring the inbox when the main user is out for the day Todd Binder (1)
Deleting cases Krishna Kumar (2)
WYSIWYG editor - how to remove formatting? Simon Morris (1)
Discussion forum topics with new posts Simon Morris (2)
Deleting data while trying out On Demand Catherine Rodgers (1)
Wiki keyboard shortcuts list? Rod Begbie (1)
Importing with FogBugz On Demand Scott Simons (1)
Half of my Ship Date Over Time dates disappeared overnight Rogier van Etten (3)
ToC for page Andrew Davies (3)
Mark events as WiewableByCorrespondent Andrew Davies (4)
Viewing project progress Dan Turner (7)
Feature Request: more custom fields Mike Austin (7)
Default Priority for cases Peter Hauptmann (1)
Feature Request: Let search syntax specify columns to display Krishna Kumar (1)
BUG: Edit Wiki Links: Long URLS are hard to edit. Krishna Kumar (1)
Fogbugz wishes and dreams Pat Ward (6)
Failure Audits on Exchange 2007 Paul Webster (3)
Edit Timesheet Bug Adam Tegen (2)
Firefox 3 Beta 4 - Working on / Edit Timesheet Estelle (3)
Pain to copy bug number David Dunham (4)
Road Map Duane (2)
Case number format changed? David Dunham (2)
scoutsubmit email notification Stephen Willingham (4)
Feature Request: Linking Enhancements Krishna Kumar (1)
Search detail, <caseno> works, but: case <caseno> returns nothin Sam Jones (1)
Time entries lost today Antonio Leonforte (12)
CSV import Rob Murnick (3)
VS 2005 add-in generating error API returned invalid <case> Jason Sherrill (4)
Calendar bug Dmitry Novoselov (1)
Closing cases Antonio Leonforte (1)
Feature Request:Referrer links in Wiki Krishna Kumar (3)
Customer Documents Daniel (2)
Feature Request: ability to use "assignedto:me" (etc) in filters Gavriel Raanan (4)
CSS is not "CSS" Andrew Davies (1)
wiki: Help me get my head screwed on Sam Jones (5)
My Cases filter columns Jay Kyburz (2)
Set the default project? Dan Hulton (2)
Why won't a pdf attachment open in a wiki? Gerry Kurz (2)
Wiki tags or categories Rob (4)
Long time user, having doubts about FogBugz as complete solution Chris Dahl (15)
View Subscriptions Andrew Davies (1)
Wiki Code Pre-Wrap CSS Andrew Davies (6)
Remove FogBugz/FogCreek logo in hosted version Ingmar (5)
Maintenance email address is wrong, how to change? Gerald Brandt (2)
FB & PHP & ASP on Linux Doug Coates (2)
Bug Report: XHTML compliance Arsène von Wyss (2)
Collaborative document editing -- in a bug Jesse (1)
Feature request: When to set Working on to nothing Glen Mandsberg (2)
API limitations Richard George (2)
How MONO affects FogBugz performances & stability on Linux Antonio Leonforte (7)
bug: on demand: cannot backup database jpw (1)
Feature request: Assign case to different user when resolving David Hopp (8)
How to Use FogBUGZ Effectively in a Weekly Status Review Jason Huang (3)
Enabling Full Communication Malcolm (3)
Bugzilla -> FogBugz conversion postmortem Tim Keating (6)
Point me in the right direction (FB Filters) Eric Z (3)
bug: ondemand: editing title for multiple cases jpw (1)
Spam marked as read David Dunham (5)
POP3 security. Doug Hairfield (2)
Office 2007 attachments show up as ZIP Totem (7)
Feature Request: Severity field Clifford Mosley (2)
FB 6 Error creating new cases in newly created project. Kristiaan Davies (1)
Wiki support for linking via CamelCase? Simon Morris (2)
Comment numbering Eiren Smith (3)
Separating one case into multiple cases Eiren Smith (5)
Feature Request: allow user to start work before estimate Pete Luetchford (1)
Forgot to set to "Working On Nothing" Pete Luetchford (7)
eAccelerator and Mac OS X 10.5 David Dunham (0)
How to handle out of office, part 2: Email responders Sam Jones (1)
How do I retire a project? Sam Jones (8)
Tracking bug fixes and features through multiple environments Matt Warden (1)
Time sheet input improvement suggestion Simon Morris (7)
is there a way to send the same email to multiple cases? Tom Andersen (1)
Cut and Paste Simon Parr (1)
CVSDude integration Daniel (6)
bug: mac screenshot is blank when sent to new case jpw (1)
is there a guide to convert from mysql to mssql express (3)
Re-using an e-mail address Nate Silva (2)
Estimate difference Kris (10)
Feature request - snippet placeholders for sender's name Jim Kring (1)
Ship Date Over Time not computed Jim Conigliaro (4)
Subversion Integration: Authentication? Uwe Raabe (2)
EBS Schedules - Shared resources and due dates Krishna Kumar (1)
Failed to update search index chrism (3)
How come Users aren't updated on a case after they've opened it? Todd Day (8)
Timezone Nick Whitfield (3)
Handling a special project : working only between 20:00 and 3h00 Olivier Pons (2)
Fogbugz tells me Support Contract is Expired? Ruatara Paapu (3)
Printer Friendly FogBugz Documentation Sharon Lynch Grey (2)
Search doesn't find any cases Rich (4)
Resolve duplicate sticks after changing resolved subtype Steve Troxell (1)
What is the best way to handle out of office? Grant Rhys-Jones (6)
Report permissions Simon Morris (1)
Set sort order to *always* sort by newest bugs first? Michael Garvais (2)
Date not displayed according to system locale Thiago Figueiro (1)
clicking the column heading SHOULD sort WITHOUT changing layout jpw (1)
Assignment emails to virtual users Tim Sparks (1)
Close Projects Daniel (1)
Alter the number of lines shown in email of case MArkee (1)
Incorrect rendering in IE8 Beta 1 Eric Renken (2)
Add my name to the "tagging" bandwagon Tim Keating (2)
any way to 'subscribe' to responses to your posts here? jpw (3)
any way:  active -> test me -> resolved  ? jpw (6)
very easy, very helpful feature: color-code resolved vs active jpw (1)
Backfilling bug relations Giovanni Bajo (3)
Incoming mail header missing in email Jay Lucke (7)
BUG: Perforce integration bug (and a fix for you) Greg (5)
sCustomerEmail not fills form on public bug report Sander van Dragt (1)
Custom paragraph styles for Wiki and CSS pseudo-element :before Patrick Kristiansen (2)
Cases that my team is Working On Andrew Tobin (1)
PDF Attachment Error Ray (4)
Cannot view certain JPG images Andrew Davies (8)
Case can duplicate itself Andrew Davies (3)
Mac screenshot: how to save file jpw (3)
SECURITY FIX: All users requested to upgrade to 6.1.13 Michael H. Pryor (8)
Time Tracking Todd Geist (2)
PHP install on Gentoo - can't find php.ini [SOLVED] bryan (0)
"Starring" a Case Doug Coates (1)
Case grouping Giovanni Bajo (5)
individual selections for filters (specific project for exmp) jpw (1)
can you link between a case & wiki article? jpw (3)
wiki: when you click New Article, how can you find it again? jpw (3)
FogBugz on Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) David Dunham (5)
Editable/sticky case descriptions? Kurt Reiner (3)
deleting cases, once again, with a simple suggesiton jpw (5)
Feature Request: Multiple estimaties per case Arsène von Wyss (3)
Wiki attachment download DJ (4)
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