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Changing default "Fix For" release Kevin Laws (1 comment)
Sending emails on cases created manually Steve Loper (0)
When does "reply" use its template? murph (4)
WebSVN integation, Source Control URL Jonathan (2)
Return case to originator for more info Paul Duggan (1)
Holiday dates Peter Mounce (3)
phantom case generating repeat emails Pete Ketchpel (5)
scoutSubmit.asp, version 4.0.33 Internal Server Error 500 Jonathan (2)
Public Add shortcut Brett Veenstra (2)
Splitting Bugs out from Customer Support Messages Chip Anderson (3)
Yay/Nay? Server Intellect/ValiantHost/ABN/TextDrive/WebHost4Life Sumana Harihareswara (1)
Tweaking Due Date Sort Order Ty Brewer (1)
MSSQL and FogBugz user having issues Dan Hauser (0)
Changing default "My Cases" view for everybody? Kevin Laws (1)
Given up on MySQL Chris Horton (1)
Fix for - Display problems Shimon hirari (1)
Error:  Access is denied Christopher Hester (1)
Upgrading 4.0.11 => latest Graeme Hood (3)
suse 10.0 Vincent Rivellino (0)
Installation issue with Windows Server 2003 64-bit Edition Tony Mason (7)
Customers Glenda Dezutter (1)
academic version? Jill (1)
Closing cases with images seems to silently fail JoelF (1)
Changing the default "Assigned To" Person in New Case screen? Lukas Mathis (3)
FogBugz Feature Request (unless someone has a better idea) Myron A. Semack (3)
Any more you can reveal about FogBugz 5? Steve Troxell (2)
Making projects inactive J Breslin (1)
FogBugz Internal Error Brad Wren (1)
install on two boxes w/o domain Richard Lawrence (1)
Date format UK/US Ian Howlett (7)
Send & Close Makes Case Unretrievable Cleave Whitaker (3)
Can FB launch a windows DIFF app ? Sam (1)
Upgrade problem Chris Horton (10)
Better Page Titles Please Benjamin Katz (0)
Hiding Email J Breslin (1)
FogBugz on Ubuntu Sam Brightman (3)
Changing Default "Fix For" or "Priority" Pat Alexander (3)
Fogbugz 3.0 -- Slow Server suddenly Assad E.K. Ebrahim (1)
"Export to Microsoft Excel" and https issue Paul Provost (2)
Just installed FB, there's an image missing Max Schwanekamp (1)
Email Routing Paul Riker (1)
Customer/Client ACROSS Projects Peter Viscarola (3)
Recent Activity Filter JF (3)
FogBugz Knowledge base and Case Status - for our customers Beac (2)
Deleting attachments Ged Byrne (2)
What if a follow up email is created as a new case. Ged Byrne (4)
Due Date Times Not Setting Justin (2)
apache on windows alex (1)
Fogbugz 3.0 and SQL 2005 Bob (1)
Can Fogbugz work with a Microsoft Exchange mailbox? Ged Byrne (1)
More on SPAM filtering Mitchell Vincent (3)
Filter with "Not Equal To" criteria n.reed (1)
Screenshot Utility Simon Smith (1)
Fogbugz can see mail queued in mailbox but won't download it? Dan Maharry (3)
Fogbugz removing mail from pop server? Todd Thomas (1)
Emails set due dates but submissions via the web page don't murph (2)
Help Desk Peter Cuce (5)
Problem downloading word attachment using Save Target As (1)
Terrible uninstall support Hugh Gleaves (2)
Installing Fogbugz on new hardware Dan Maharry (4)
Question: are large DB log files normal? PWills (1)
Client thank yous reactivate cases Jonathan Kart (1)
enhancement suggestions for future release Jon Bourne (0)
LDAP Issue: Warning: ldap_search(): Search: Bad search filter Justin (1)
More Columns in GridView Jim Flamilowe (3)
Release Notes without a Session Ryan McGeary (1)
Exporting bug lists to Excel. Gabriel Hernandez (2)
Images don't appear with proxy server Lance Johnson (3)
RFE: Client Permissions - Set all Users' Permissions to "None" Jim Kring (0)
FogBugz Site Viewable On Blackberry?? Richard Platt (0)
Feature: "Latest reply" in forum topic index (2)
Entering login info navigates user to Welcome page Lisa Galvin (1)
Fix For returning to Undecided after edit Kristian Eide (4)
All users visible in the assign drop down? Tim Minnick (5)
Feature:  Filter on Release Notes status Josh Metcalfe (0)
Moving servers me (1)
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