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Release Notes
Network Status

Customer Email Strategies Jason Robertson (1 comment)
Submitting using BugScout.Dll causes links to unrelated cases. Odin Ortiz (4)
Bug: Primary Contact doesn't update Mr. Analogy (1)
Perforce integration docs are incomplete Woofster (9)
How do we want the reporting interface to look? Greg Robinson (0)
Can a project be made inactive? Justina Badger (3)
taking off some fields when adding a new case (1)
Training (1)
Unix/Linux v4 release Eugen (2)
Error in Perforce integration vbs Woofster (5)
Text formatting in case notes Andrew Lighten (1)
how to control session timeouts (rember me doesn't work?) Jude Poole (6)
No-self-notification overruled by subscribe? Harry (1)
FB4 on IIS 6: How to change the web server port? Woofster (6)
SMTP Error Displaying Password Matt Hawley (0)
Escalation Report Email Problem Jeremy Williams (4)
Search never returns anything Chris Lindell (2)
Upgrade 3.x -> 4.0 and server move Edh (1)
Can I define "Sub-Areas" in FogBugz 4.0 Brian Giroux (3)
Get release notes from FogBugz 4.0 with FinalBuilder 3? Paul Healey (9)
Moving trial database to live FB install? Woofster (12)
deleting a case (3)
Can't signon to Administrator after 3.0 -> 4.0 upgrade Mark Wrenn (3)
email notification when you assign a case to yourself (1)
Correspondent Jon M (4)
Test Tracker that integrates with Fogbugz Arthur Strutzenberg (0)
Logon page Mike Ingoglia (1)
Default Resolution John Fuex (5)
Importing from Bugzilla Liam Clancy (1)
Alternate webserver to IIS on Windows Liam Clancy (2)
Date format problem stopping mail service N  Brake (3)
Chanage pop3 pulling interval (the saga...) Yaron (7)
Install on shared host? Michael Stephenson (2)
Can a user access stuff he should not? Woofster (1)
External users lose track of submission if it is closed as dupe Woofster (0)
Screenshot tool John Fuex (1)
Install FogBugz 3 After FogBugz 4 Installed? Dave T (4)
Service Unavailable SGA Smele (4)
Capping estimates Chaz Larson (1)
Previous Values are "Sticking" in New Cases Steve Metcalf (5)
Email woes continued David Avraamides (7)
Auto Subscribe to All New Cases Pam Feldstein (3)
auto refresh setting in list view? Woofster (4)
suggestions for setup eric pearl (4)
Time on is off by 4 minutes Erik Springelkamp (1)
Upgrading to FogBugz 4 and Migrating from Linux to Windows 2000 Susan Forman (2)
Notification for open cases where the originator is now inactive Howard (3)
workflow question FB 4 Woofster (4)
How do I attach multiple files to one case ? Woofster (3)
FileUploads import question David Thompson (6)
Users can see, edit cases not assigned to them (Online trial) VB (3)
Tech support process Paul Morton (1)
Minor bug with filter names Dimitris Giannitsaros (1)
Suggestions for future version John Fuex (2)
fogbugz database for reporting Jason Gleason (1)
Automatic CC handling and correspondent re-assignment Adam Preble (0)
IIS Keeps Crashing Brian Hardeman (4)
Filter sorting not working with grouped filter definitions? JoelF (3)
Importing attachments from FogBugz 3 Howard (5)
Deleting attachments DanB (3)
Upgrade from 3.0.9 to 4.0.11 Mike Agar (0)
Email down... H (5)
Feature request: Case summaries rollover Giuseppe Taibi (5)
Please confirm whether there is a bug with RSS in private forum George Rasch (5)
& in bugscout report terminates David Whatley (5)
Any recomendations on 'Postponing' bugs? Michael Cowan (6)
Attachments and FileUpload directory Adam White (5)
Case count summaries do not appear to be accurate Mike Wozniak (1)
Empty escalation reports encourage bad habits Adam M. (3)
Manual setup on a shared hosting plan Clueless about shared setup (3)
E-mail notification by project John Q Tester (1)
Unix Beta version Tim Turner (2)
Random internal error in util.asp Braden Evans (3)
Performance problem on loading pages Neil Burnett (2)
Deleting bugs Brad Schick (4)
FB4 full-text search not working on SQL Server David Thompson (6)
Network share of the accessories folder Steve Hales (2)
Calendar tool support for (None) Steve Hales (1)
License Question Eric Brunsen (2)
Image thumbnails Jon M (1)
Inserting a link to a local file Pavel Kolarik (5)
Feature request: ability to download multiple attachments at onc Pascal Bourque (1)
Skinning Fogbugz Neil Burnett (1)
Email spacing problem (4.0) Alex Morris (2)
Subscribe others to a bug Martyn Speck (4)
RSS Feed Jon Tresadern (4)
Splitting a bug John (4)
Email no longer working David Avraamides (10)
Fix For Default Pam Feldstein (5)
Escalation Report: Fix For vs. Due Date flipdoubt (1)
Email error for deleted Mailbox Brad Schick (3)
URL for entering bug with some info filled in John (1)
Setting the Category for items submitted through BugzScout Brett Parkhurst (1)
Suggestion for search results page Asa Packer (1)
FogBUGZ 4.0 POP3 downloads and deletes messages from by default? Liam Clancy (3)
Multiple Database Steve Bradshaw (2)
VERY slow performance on new install Thomas de Nooij (1)
FogBugz Internal Error George Leithead (4)
Macros for email template in version 3? Torben Koch (3)
cannot download screenshot tool Matt (1)
Excluding addresses from spam categorization Mark Riffey (2)
Escalation reports per user Lasse Vågsæther Karlsen (1)
Escalation reports not needed over weekends Alan Mitchell (4)
Submit via email - can it group duplicate occurences? Alan Mitchell (1)
Bug in BugzScout Brian (5)
FogBugz error in event log Troy King (3)
Defaulting fields for a new case with a hyperlink... Mike Nickelson (1)
FogBugz 4.0 is FAST! Dave T (1)
Attachments cut short Adam Preble (3)
Related Cases and "Bug" Dave T (3)
Resolved vs. Closed and Filters Cameron Horton (5)
Javascript error in IE4 (Trial version) Mike Fosker (1)
pop3 timeout or retry Greg Coleson (1)
Searching for a number Paul Morton (2)
Allow users to enter bugs, and only see what they have entered? Woofster (3)
List All function not working Jon Tresadern (2)
FogBugz screenshot on a terminal server N  Brake (3)
Can't create user without a password? David Avraamides (3)
Ugh. John Fuex (2)
FogBugz screenshot localized N  Brake (2)
Access to project by user Woofster (2)
Screenshot tool authentication DS (1)
Deleting cases N  Brake (3)
Title bar non-obvious; submitters often miss it John Koetsier (7)
Screen shot tools not working with app "UltraMon". Odin Ortiz (6)
Upgrading from 2.0 to 4.0 Jan Ahlbeck (6)
Email account in MS Exchange Server (1)
Updates and Closing calls via email Mark Pearce (1)
Install Path Doesn't Work David Petersen (1)
Bold and italics in Bug Edit text? DanB (2)
error upgrading to 4.0.11 John Morales (7)
source integration: one checkin, multiple bugs Chaz Larson (1)
Problem with from/reply-to field in email sent by FogBugz Ryan Neaderhiser (2)
BugScout Problem David Whatley (4)
How can I uninstall the FB 4 beta? flipdoubt (2)
HELP - Upgraded - But "No cases were found that matched"!!!! George Leithead (3)
FogBugz 3 and 4 on the same machine? Phil Wilson (5)
VSS Journal doesn't seem to work from Interdev Matt Richardson (0)
Restricting ability to set up user accounts John Tatlock (5)
Project Management? Patrick Ward (1)
E-mail Body No Longer Included in Notification E-mail Dave T (2)
email not working consistently in 4.0 Rich (6)
Is there a workflow diagram of the states of cases in Fogbugz? Carlos Conti (2)
Can projects be assigned to multiple clients/departments? Carlos Conti (1)
Can you turn off the estimates feature? Carlos Conti (1)
Screenshot takes only the primary of multiple monitors Matthew Hile (4)
Where to find FogBugzScreenshotSetup Matthew Hile (2)
Assigning a client to a bug Cory Foy (2)
Release Notes XSD Matt Dillard (0)
Screenshot tool in TS Jeremy Knowles (0)
Release Notes - Title Question Jason Schneiders (1)
Tickets for customer service Paul Morton (0)
FogBugz USAGE: Issue/Project Tracking? (ie: How do U use FB?) Javier Jarava (1)
Bug in release date Jeremy Knowles (2)
Release notes extraction Luke (4)
2 highlights in screenshot tool? Rich (0)
Screenshot tool with Norton Internet Security Rich (1)
BugScout limitation on data size David Whatley (2)
Trouble with mail queue... Daniel Berlinger (4)
Customer Responding to Case E-Mail in the CC field Joe Lesh (2)
Scout Reopening Bugs Marc LaFleur (6)
Email sending with link as internal IP Paul Morton (5)
Help link on the logon screen Robert Ryan (4)
How do you remove a password? Denis Howe (1)
4.0 On Line Trial: I did not get a password emailed to me Woofster (2)
Screenshot Tool Jennifer Z (5)
Fogbugz 4.0 doesn't detect current install Adam White (4)
Problem setting up mailbox Steve Hales (1)
Send email? David Whatley (11)
Thanks for hiding quoted e-mails in 4.0 Jamie (1)
Sort Events newest first Rich (2)
Automated e-mail response Steve Hales (1)
FogBugz as help desk tool Ward (1)
4.0 Slooooow?? David Whatley (7)
Date issue Scott (2)
Mac Version -- when? Thorsten Kramp (1)
V4 issue, logon on submit screenshot Robert Ryan (6)
BugzScout at 30,000 feet Bob Walsh (2)
Grouping only applies to bugs, right? Bob Walsh (4)
Show Elapsed time in Grid and other views flipdoubt (1)
Are attachments allowed in the discussion groups Brian Clubb (1)
Possibility to break down tasks in hierarchical structure Justas Staniulis (1)
Granting access to a client Kirby Turner (3)
Urgent help needed :( Robert Ryan (2)
Wildcards in filters? Ken (1)
Gentoo compatibility ? Frederic Merizen (3)
International versions?? Javier Jarava (5)
Feature Suggestion: better use of priorities Richard Buckingham (6)
Need roll-up reports for project hierarchies Jay Cincotta (1)
Discussion Group Security Steve Schoon (3)
see also Greg Coleson (5)
Update text in email body? Benjamin FrantzDale (3)
Feature wishlist Brad Schick (3)
What happens if the case is closed? Bob Walsh (1)
Last-Viewed Filter Setting Dave T (3) contains .PCH file Will Dean (1)
oops - mail relay wasn't on.  are the messages queued? Mike Wozniak (1)
Permissions on Accessories folder Jo Davis (3)
Banner message on Welcome page? Adam Preble (4)
FB bug?: Discussion groups showing "deleted" messages? Javier Jarava (14)
Where to report "would-be bugs?": FB trial space usage ERROR Javier Jarava (2)
Integrate into my C# Windows Application Eric Renken (1)
list view and clients Greg Coleson (7)
Changing Primary Contact Neil Burnett (1)
Discussion Group Suggestion Bill Brown (0)
After importing trial database ID table not present George (2)
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