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FogBugz emails me about cases I didn't open Todd Day (3 comments)
How to deal with "Returned mail" due to spam ? David Garcia (4)
Indexed attachments? Kris Kumler (1)
Sending all FogBugz traffic to a mailing list Giovanni Bajo (6)
Wiki doesn't handle the Dollar Sign character properly Chris Velevitch (3)
NDA's and HIPPA Laws with FogBugz doug coates (1)
Last Case Number Doug Coates (5)
Turn off email? DJ (2)
Last N Filters Doug Coates (4)
Feature Request: FogBugz to Host Subversion Jeff Kwak (1)
Autosort Inbox items to a Project? Kevin Jones (1)
Meetings? flipdoubt (2)
Code blocks in bug comments? Giovanni Bajo (6)
Moving FogBugz to a shared hosting account Petros Amiridis (2)
email list for new and changed cases Lit Jones (3)
Assign cases to non-users (1)
Permissions Doug Coates (2)
Closing Cases by Mistake Doug Coates (9)
How to see who's working on what NOW. Joseph Hsieh (7)
Feature Request: Also create token without "remember me" Arsène von Wyss (1)
Bug when replying to emails never fixed in more than two years Mike Pokoto (3)
Can we do inline links in case text ? François Beausoleil (2)
API questions: list clients/departments, get user rights Arsène von Wyss (1)
Offensive language in case link Joe W (2)
Help required getting diffs to work using WebSVN Mark Austen (2)
Source modifications to allow for notifying multiple users? Stuart (4)
Elapsed time vs actuals when more than one person works on a cas Krishna Kumar (4)
View emails marked as spam Estelle (4)
Can we alter the bug layout (text, width of window, etc)? Jay Lucke (3)
Search not working, tried Reset but got this error Rich (2)
Wiki Cross-Reference list Jason Glover (1)
Problem w/ MySql on Debian Etch Mark K (17)
Time Format unfamiliar (AM/PM vs. 16:00) Eamon Nerbonne (1)
64-bit readiness in FB6? Andrew Hollamon (4)
Error creating time intervals through the API Andrew Rowley (9)
Bugclipse 1.0 released! Bugclipse Team (0)
PM program management Xabriel J Collazo-Mojcia (3)
Two Feature Questions/Requests Scott Paley (7)
Wiki Tree Export to PDF Jason J. W. Williams (3)
Is this normal behavior Jay Lucke (2)
Is it possible to Undelete a wiki? Kevin Mullard (1)
Disable invalid e-mail reply Andrew Davies (5)
Adding Holiday/Vacation days to scheduling via API George Winchester (1)
Auto-star Andrew Davies (3)
Removing wikis (but leaving pages) Andrew Davies (1)
Integrating with GTD Steven W Riggins (1)
Cannot login with screen capture tool Eamon Nerbonne (3)
Issue with the new Screenshot tool Jay Lucke (7)
"Uable parse date" when defining new Release Lucius Bobikiewicz (2)
Cases Missing after deleting POP3 boxes Jay Lucke (13)
Confused by EBS and multiple projects Tim Day (11)
ordering cases, determining programmer capacity? Philip Bryant (2)
FogBugz Download Center broken Todd Day (1)
Visited links shown as unvisited Andrew Rowley (5)
Full Text Search broke after changing password ... Sam Jones (5)
Is there a Fogbugz demo site or presentation? (1)
Embed File Wiki Duane (1)
Heartbeat works manually but not through FB Maintenance Service Petros Amiridis (5)
Critical Missing Feature Mark Austen (3)
Related cases don't appear in "See also" Andrew Davies (1)
Diagnostics, Maintenance URL, and CDailyTask.php Javier Fox (5)
Migration from v4 to v6 Vlad (1)
Filter by Database field problem David Hopp (3)
Mac Users: Heartbeat problems Michael H. Pryor (0)
BugzScout Jay Lucke (6)
New screen shot tool changed icon, old one is better Samuel Neff (2)
Automatic BCC for outgoing emails: suggested mod not working Chas Emerick (1)
Requirements (disk, memory) etc for FB6 VMware install? Stephen Brandon (3)
Feature Request: Options for resolve handling Arsène von Wyss (2)
Feature Request: Effective due dates for sorting Arsène von Wyss (2)
Another import related thread John Rea (3)
Customizing your wiki / editor Michael H. Pryor (1)
Feature request: make "case nnn" parsing smarter Tim Keating (1)
FB/SugarCRM Contact Integration w/ GreaseMonkey? Jason J. W. Williams (3)
AJAX bug in IE6 Tim Keating (5)
Date search errors using using UK dates & SQL Server 2005 sp2 Mark Austen (2)
Assigning users to departments James Kleinig (1)
How to move fogbugz5 to 6 on a different server?mysql takes ages Alexander Gran (4)
Change Default From Address Duane (1)
Size of the edit window Lance Hampton (1)
Subversion hosting at Fog Creek? Uwe Raabe (7)
RE: On-Demand + Multiple SVN Repositories matt j. sorenson (3)
Feature Request: Ship-date-over-time per person Greg (1)
Internal error in pageComposition.asp Arsène von Wyss (7)
SOLUTION POSTED:Heartbeat locked. Emails won't get sent Michael H. Pryor (2)
FR for Ship Date Over Time Charlotte M (5)
more mono crashes in fogbugz-search Todd Day (1)
Bugz opened from community account not linked to that account Todd Day (3)
Another Feature Idea: Outlook Add-in JohnFx (2)
Accounting Feature Request Brian Young (1)
Report Generation - Average Time from Case Open to Case Close Tristan Hooper (1)
Some errors - Maintenance URL? Heartbeat Lance Hampton (11)
Searching cases in deleted projects Tim Day (6)
Setting reply-to or sender header for mailbox Magnus Ahriman (1)
Visibilty of virtual users Juerg Geiser (1)
Fogbugz vs. @Task Andrea Capra (2)
Feature Req: distinction between Bug/Inquiry/Feature rel cases Chris Dahl (3)
Advice on how best to layout new installation Lloyd Charlier (3)
Option to save all attached file Paul Nystrom (4)
Optional text comments on timesheet entries Jan Sotola (4)
Firefox 3 seems to work with Fogbugz 6 now Simon Courage (1)
New Case - Why is everbody listed under "Assigned To"? Martin Boßlet (2)
FR: Mark as unread Jason (1)
Billing (again) Doug Coates (1)
Windows MySQL Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors. Michael H. Pryor (0)
Eliminating case titles from release notes Chas Emerick (4)
Trouble with the FogBugz API [newInterval] Dieter M. (1)
Closed during specific date range Guy Algot (1)
Image attachments not working after upgrade to 4.1.9 Paul D. (3)
importing bug data from other products fogbugz wannabe (3)
filter outgoing mailboxes Ben Fyvie (1)
Can I delete releases? Ian Clarke (2)
New category absent when editing bug Ryan (3)
Embedded image mime-types (1)
POP3/IMAP setup for FogBugz On Demand Christopher Baus (1)
Is there a time remaining by developer by milestone report? Ian Clarke (2)
I get escalation reports every day, not just working days Todd Day (1)
Mylyn and Tasktop Integration s-boy (1)
Request-URI Too Large Andrew Rowley (6)
Feature request:ability to Edit Status of case David Hopp (1)
Screen shot tool: One more feature request JohnFx (5)
Social flaw in EBS Eric Z. Beard (5)
Moving cases from one installation to another Jason Handby (2)
Feature request: Quick list of case assignments from EBS graph Greg (1)
FB6 Linux and 3rd Party Subversion hosting Chris Velevitch (1)
eAccelerator on Mac OS X 10.4.11 & FB 6 Guy Algot (8)
group users for filtering progress Donna Seneca (2)
Wiki links are platform dependent Chris Velevitch (2)
Strange behavior on IE7 refresh Gerry Kurz (6)
Editing a link in a wiki does not change the text. Gerry Kurz (7)
Where does the footer mailto: address come from in Discussions? Patrick Colgan (1)
Wiki link to a previous attached document Brad Cranford (1)
Mail from FogBugz Blocked by AT&T Marcia Cupery (2)
Feature request: Annotate EBS report graphs Greg (2)
Remember last viewed item of starred discussion threads Krispy (6)
Bug: Wiki links broken after import from trial Colin Fletcher (1)
Date Format incorrect Paul Norrie (3)
Fogbugz on Demand: Possible to set Logo/Branding? Sean Spicer (2)
Finding forgotten cases Nick Delany (4)
Searching in discussion groups Andrew Rowley (7)
Cyrillic is displayed as ???? in notification emails. Vlad Kryvokobylsky (11)
Inhouse report generator, trouble viewing image attachments D Upton (3)
Missing assigned to in notification email Michael Penza (2)
Different title for case RSS Andrew Davies (1)
Export case (as XML / HTML / etc) Andrew Davies (5)
When can you realise subtasking? Bakhty Khujaev (2)
summary & remarks as TWO different fields Saurabh (2)
WebSVN diff doesn't work Vlad Kryvokobylsky (2)
BugScout Meltdown Part 2 - So much duplication in each ... Jason Glover (2)
BugScout Meltdown Part 1 - Got tips for reducing email spam? Jason Glover (2)
Help with FB business case proposal (2)
SearchTool.exe crashing in 6.1.3 on Debian Todd Day (3)
missing image in 6.1.3 Unix version Todd Day (1)
Graphic Images in FB Doug Coates (1)
API question re: POSTing multipart/form-data messages Tim Keating (4)
Anyone installed fogbugz on goodaddy cheap windows hosting Vernon (1)
Close a Project John Parker (3)
Why create a new case for every incoming email? Chas Emerick (5)
Virtual users / departments Kris Kumler (1)
Filter crashed, cannot use FB anymore Vincent Robert (4)
intsall.php is missing CHris Velevitch (1)
Storage limit on FB6 OnDemand? Jason Sherrill (1)
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