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create filter "resolved by me" John Francis (2 comments)
How do I create a case for someone else? Paul S (4)
What's new in 5.0.25 vs. 5.0.17 flipdoubt (3)
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Calendar view or export? Rich (1)
VisualStudio add-in not logging in? John Reilly (8)
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Joel: "Killer" (For Me Anyway) FogBugz Feature Request Mark Jerde (2)
I have no Setting table John (3)
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Solaris x86 Jon Ballinger (4)
Fogbugz 64bit Dan Maharry (1)
Testing - resolve and assign James M Bayley (5)
ScoutSubmit.asp access authentication Eric (1)
VS2005 Add-In Incorrect password or username Conkerjoe (3)
Wearing two hats. Manager and programmer. Kim (4)
Dependencies Rich Ireland (1)
[ANN] CaseDetective 1.3 for FogBugz released. Ian M. Jones (CaseDetective) (0)
how to group by cases? Gyula Karakas (2)
E-Mail -> Fogbugz Interface Frank Roscher (2)
Public Projects Brian Richard (4)
Can't add new users using LDAP(AD) David Korz (4)
Poor FogBugz UI design 2: Title field is 1" to right of label James M Bayley (9)
Poor FogBugz UI design 1: "home" link on Technical forum home pg James M Bayley (4)
Receiving multiple emails and escalation reports Jonathan Blocksom (4)
Mail Import Failure Derek Pollard (8)
Opera 9.10 vs snippets Rogier Eijkelhof (0)
Many small bugs or fewer large ones? Paul S (6)
Netbeans and fogbugz Alex Florentino (3)
Stuck mail keeps getting imported David Dunham (2)
How I Do The Download Mateus (2)
Combining FogBugz databases Andrew Van Mil (1)
Where do I set the time zone? (Fogbugz 5 trial) James M Bayley (4)
Gmail blocking notifications SuperJason (2)
FogBugz email not working Richard Lawrence (2)
VS2005 Addin "forgets" Auto Hide setting when VS is restarted James Holland (3)
Restricting access by external contractors James M Bayley (3)
Screenshot Tool: Timing out when sending Peter G. (3)
Two (or more) Fogbugz installations emailing each other Sam Woodward (1)
Database import & "can't insert new bug" Sumana Harihareswara (0)
Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 OK? Chris Lindell (3)
Sharepoint 2007 Scott (7)
Vista and FF2 Issue? Justin (7)
Protect customer service e-mail links from brute force attacks Humbug (6)
Forgot my database password; any hope? Jesse (2)
Redesign of the FogBugz Forum & Wiki Seth G. Rowland (4)
SQL Server Express SP1 restarting every 10:24 Sumana Harihareswara (0)
FB6 Request Will Dean (4)
Changing priority zaps Due date too Tom Sheppard (2)
Need to delete corrupt case (2)
How to Import Data to FogBugZ Prasad (1)
Undecided Fix-For... can it be changed? TIM (1)
Notifications when release date changes Jamie (1)
Moving FogBugz DB from one SQL 2000 Server box to another Sumana Harihareswara (0)
Release Notes report missing items Chris Dunford (2)
Can I filter on "Updated By" to get events by a certain user Rich (2)
Auto Subscribe Enabled Yet? sprfrkr (3)
Migrating SQL Server 2000 -> SQL Server 2005; fulltext indexing Sumana Harihareswara (1)
Escalation Report Filter Tim Lentine (1)
Auto-Assign to Default User Upon Reopening? Chris Thrasher (3)
Trouble with fogbugzmaintd Christof Hamm (7)
Feature requests / suggestions Jesper (3)
Repeated Column in Grid View Mas Agung Sachli (3)
Scheduling Work Arturo Gonzalez (1)
IIS SMTP Limitations? SuperJason (2)
Logo Use Chris (1)
Ubuntu upgrade to Edgy John M (2)
Feature Request - Print button Kurt (6)
multiple cases Richard Mcclellan (1)
Send and Close should be Send and Resolve Tom Sheppard (4)
Trial file size limit: how to remove files? Bjorn Verryt (3)
2 questions from a new user Tom Pester (3)
I'm sold, as soon as I can merge tickets Cliff Helsel (5)
Attachments not being handled properly (IE only) Marc Scheuner (3)
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