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Network Status

PHP vs ASP on Windows.  Can I use Apache? Mark Wrenn (3 comments)
SMTP with TLS not A-OK? John C (4)
Why No Email on Close or Resolve? Bill Brown (2)
"New Case" Change from 3.0 Bill Brown (0)
searching for terms with a hyphen Jason Luther (3)
FogBUGs with Exchange instead of POP3 Dan Novak (4)
MailQueue filling up Ron Ifferte (7)
Release Date data entry Bug Ian Blackburn (6)
Log on seetings (1)
Source Code Jack Brown (1)
Installer and the screenshot tool Colin Newell (1)
Can you hide internal notes from clients? Jack Brown (1)
Give Ticket IDs to pre-4.0 cases Robert Brewer (1)
Why, oh why doesn't FogBugz do scheduling? Squirrel (6)
RSS feed and private discussion groups Andrew Lighten (2)
can't download screenshot tool Graham Asher (2)
Can't save site settings -- Database not found Jeff Key (3)
Installer Fails "Upgrading the database" Ron Ifferte (5)
What's new in 4.0.11? Ryan Wood (2)
Can I change the work flow? Mike Agar (2)
4.0.9 Installer bug Steve Hales (3)
FB Screenshot bug? Steve Hales (6)
Can you include attachments to BugScoutz submissions? Jay Cincotta (7)
Logins in FogBugz 4.0 John Fuex (6)
Filter by teams Jeff Carnes (3)
Change interval for POP3 pulling Georg Ledermann (6)
Can't upgrade from 4.07 to 4.09 Jo Davis (6)
Screenshot tool Jo Davis (1)
All cases gone after upgrade to 4.0 Brett Clapham (3)
Connection error while upgrading/installing fresh Adam Preble (3)
Email and the FoguBugz URL field under site Brian Clubb (5)
What were the default priorities ? Gerard Richardson (1)
Where's Expert Mode? Bill Brown (3)
Attaching files to a Discussion Forum Post Dano (3)
Merging Fogbugz databases Eric Swann (2)
Screenshot and Public Users Bill Brown (5)
Easy way to retrieve TicketID Ryan Wood (4)
Tracking release numbers for individual actions aleck (0)
spam stuck in queue keeps throwing FB4 errors Bob Walsh (3)
See Also Marc LaFleur (3)
How do I see who resolved/closed a bug in list/grid view? David Avraamides (4)
Opera! Jeff Carnes (1)
Confused Installer Marc LaFleur (3)
Upgrade didn't preserve FileUpload folder David Avraamides (2)
'Capture screenshots link' Jo Davis (1)
Supporting Firebird as database for FogBUGZ? Georg Ledermann (3)
Strange UI for the new FogBugz tour Confused Guy (5)
Feature requests - New project templates  Knowledgebase module (2)
SQL Error running setup for upgrade of 4.0.9 from 3.1.9 David Avraamides (17)
FogBugz request: Default primary contact for Areas Alexandre B. Correa (0)
Setting up db on a separate non-trusted server John Hart (0)
4.0 prePrefs links Robert Brewer (1)
Adding a category John Tatlock (5)
License - I need to inactivate a user that appears twice Mark Wrenn (2)
'Active Users' count is incorrect William Hayward (1)
VSS check-in comment template Chaz Larson (1)
Case relation with other case Julio Cesar (1)
Automatically notify interested parties of new bugs Ami Fischman (2)
Why does Close take you back to the List view? Farshad Nayeri (3)
Error starting Dispatcho during installation Eric Parker (3)
Empty the DB of all Projects/Cases? Jo Douglas (6)
Search feature not finding all entries Barry M (7)
Deleting vs. Marking as Spam Chip Anderson (3)
email when any case resolved Neil Burnett (1)
Automatic Reporting of Bugs Warren Blackwell (1)
New interface for 4.0? Jonathan Brown (1)
TIFF attachments? Paul St. Pierre (1)
Expand notes for Projects and Areas Paul St. Pierre (1)
Permissions on MachineKeys Folder Stephen Martin (1)
Deleting a user Alex (1)
Can you generated printed reports from FogBUGZ? Dana Hoffman (3)
Relationships not set in mdb Neil Burnett (4)
FogBugz 4.0 information Joel Spolsky (6)
Installing a Second copy of FogBugz for development Shaun Anderson (2)
fogbugz timeouts? Brad Wren (3)
Replicating the FogBugz database to our co-lo facility Shaun Anderson (5)
Shared Hosting plans Kent (3)
Export to doc to create release notes? Kevin Jordahl (2)
Install New Licenses Bankstrong (2)
How do I download database on our expired trial? David Angier (1)
Changing the login page BradC (1)
You are not authorized to view this page, 401.1 Mike MacSween (2)
KB use? Peter van Boeskoop (1)
Dispatcho Dan (1)
Is Dispatcho to blame? Neil Burnett (1)
Cases relying on one another? Calvin Spealman (3)
Attaching TXT files to Cases Dan (2)
Grid view preferences John Koetsier (3)
Dispatcho error Jonathan Brown (16)
sort by time estimate? katyBug (1)
Free for non-profit use Gregg Tavares (2)
FogBugz 4.0 Beta Michael H. Pryor (5)
Spliting One Project Into Own Database Jason Glover (1)
Why two different resolve lists? Neil Burnett (1)
Can you attach a new inbound email to an existing case? Brad Green (1)
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