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Feature Request: Discussion Group Enhancements Sam Jones (3 comments)
Feature Request: date range syntax extension Sam Jones (5)
automatically assign items emailed to a specific mailbox? Ari Davidow (2)
Project Planning: Tasks and sub tasks warren miller (2)
Fogbugz Screen Capture tool keeps dying Adam (4)
local git integration Chas Emerick (2)
Feature Request - Easier way of selecting FogBugz URL in SS tool Jason Glover (2)
Feature Request - Ability to change the Title of BugScout reprts Jason Glover (2)
Feature Request - Sticky BugEntry or bug Description field Jason Glover (3)
FogBugz - Just project management John Deed (2)
Feature request - Search for duplicates before creating new case Jim Kring (2)
Excel add-ins Timofey (1)
Feature Request: 24 hour timestamps PR (1)
Feture Request: Enforce password length and strength ? Sam Jones (5)
Maintenance Service Install error Richard Xu (3)
Feature request - wiki table column sorting Jim Kring (1)
The Remind feature should have a more selective issue list Mark Marlow (1)
Feature: setting end date for vacations Bob Petersen (1)
Bug in search? (boolean operators + custom fields) Akash Chopra (3)
Recuring Cases Berek Bryan (3)
I accidentally emptied my POP3 account into FogBugz To embarrassed to put my name here. (4)
FogBugz on Amazon EC2? cloud guy (9)
Lost Wiki Data David Ludwig (1)
Bug in FogBugz? Paulius Maruška (6)
Hierarchy and wiki connection Mike Coon (3)
Time spent on a case - prior, during, after Robin Schmidt (3)
Designer != programmer. How to estimate ? Torben Gundtofte-Bruun (3)
On Demand BugFogz - Public Submission page... Allan Chong (2)
Subdomain change - Message links use old domain Mark Illing (1)
FR: Make "See also" a link to list of all linked cases Ian M. Jones (CaseDetective) (1)
Again on e-mail notifications: some missing features Giovanni Bajo (1)
I'd like to get an email for cases I open for myself Aaron Harnly (0)
fbcli -- access to attachments? Aaron Harnly (0)
FR: Case Data, Discussion Group & Wiki Improvements Zach Burlingame (1)
Importing bug list from custom xml file Anthony Johnson (1)
ForgBugz replacing intercompany emails, hmmm ? Angelo Giannatos (4)
Timesheet Reporting Plug-in Zach Burlingame (5)
Case report Guy Algot (2)
Request: installer should only create a backup when... Peter Mounce (1)
Way to limit which Wikis are visible? Carolyn C (3)
Inaccurate message "Due date...has been reset to today" Drew Dormann (2)
MimeDecode issues... Ben K (3)
Create a Roadmap with Fogbugz Rich Alger (0)
Search Notifier Failure to Send AmberGreen (1)
Email notifications don't work after upgrading from 5 to 6 Vlad (6)
Keyboard Shortcuts in the Wiki? Spencer (1)
Sorting Incoming Cases KP (1)
Multiple Releases in Release Notes Zach Burlingame (1)
RSS Summary Link missing in Thunderbird Chip Hartney (2)
FB6: new user tries to log in, gets login page again, no error SC (3)
Visibility improvement of in-case entries (fix included) Marnix de Bil (0)
LDAPS support John Rutherford (1)
EBS - combining % time on FB with "leave the clock running" Akash Chopra (4)
how does fogbugz pull email from pop? Windows service? (5)
listIntervals for a specific case Dee Earley (1)
Search: Edited in last x days Ray (5)
Discussion Groups - setting width Matt (1)
Subscribe to topic in Forum John Wilson (3)
Firefox Search Engine Icon not showing... Gabriel (4)
putting schedule to the tray peterchen (4)
sorting bug: too many sections on primary sort James Baker (9)
Email notifications via SSL? Donovan J. Edye (1)
Minor HTML error bryan (1)
FogBugz Screenshot tool feature request JohnFx (1)
Customer features - create a new case or use the orignal case? Mike Llewellyn (6)
New Eclipse/Mylyn integration for FogBugz (Foglyn) Peter ┼átibraný (2)
FB 6 - Backup and restore plan Mark M (1)
Administrative error messages - can they be emailed? Justine Lera (2)
Please allow options for email notification policies Scott Reed (1)
Link a discussion group to a wiki John Wilson (2)
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