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mail error - "10022: Miscellaneous error" Rich (1 comment)
Does Actual Time Stop on Resolved or on Closed? Scott Willeke (1)
Force time display in hours, not days Brad Fults (6)
Concept of Featureset Anand Rajaram (4)
EBS UI bug: Slider continues to move after I move mouse elsewhre MrAnalogy (1)
Strikeout links to closed cases Dean Earley (4)
FB6 automatically saves cases when I attach files Sam Jones (1)
FB6 Screen Shot Tool: Makes me log in to FB twice Sam Jones (3)
Where to download? Frank Rizzo (0)
How to move FogBugz to another server. Frank Rizzo (1)
can't stop editing a link Peter Harkins (5)
Estimated ship date bug? Charlotte M (1)
FB6 Performance: Poor compared to FB4 Sam Jones (4)
Petition: Make FogBugz more usable Per Bergland (7)
How to Account for "To-Do" Cases? Scott (4)
"Handle emailed case like a BugzScout case?" James Bayley (2)
How to Edit a Project Description Scott (2)
How to Copy a Project (or modify a Project Template) Scott (1)
Billing from FogBugz Doug Coates (0)
Another thumbs down for the FB6 UI Andrew Rowley (3)
Snippets not Updating Brent Sessions (1)
Attachments with long filenames don't open correctly in IE Ryan McGarry (3)
Cute Tired Coder (4)
Functional Description of SearchNotifier flipdoubt (8)
FB6: Print version cuts off text. Kris Kumler (6)
Total Elapsed Time Back In Time (2)
Screenshot tool and Wiki JohnFx (1)
FB6: Attach File option not available when Closing a case Sam Jones (3)
Disable Global Releases (Undecided) Dan (4)
When will EBS report on Releases for All projects? Chris Home (1)
what's the largest number of projects currently used in FB? Blue Lang (1)
"Can't create/write to file" errors Niels-Peter Vest Nielsen (4)
FB6: Another UI 'regression' from FB4 Sam Jones (0)
Time format not consistent Uwe Raabe (1)
Logical NOT in search/filter Steven L. Pearson (8)
Pretty Please with cherries on top.... JohnFx (3)
Search terms shorter than 4 characters will be ignored. Michael Drew (3)
FogBugz On Demand very slow on Firefox Michiel de Mare (6)
Cannot remove 'empty' wiki link Andrew Davies (3)
(Lack of?) Support for File et al Wiki Links Andrew Davies (3)
Allowing User to Edit Last Message George Penzenik (1)
Vault Checkin Comments in Case Ken Bonnin, Jr (2)
How to in-depth inform users of bug/feature progess Hanspeter Gisler (1)
API listIntervals Problem Andrew Rowley (1)
Total Estimated Time Remaining Rob Morris (1)
Out of office replies Jack Rosenzweig (1)
Unplanned Time Tracking Dave Sanders (1)
Case Descriptions Dave Sanders (7)
Spam gets deleted after a few hours Niels-Peter Vest Nielsen (3)
Multiple e-mails for a project Marc Scheuner (1)
passing page url outside of FogBugz Brendan Hillary (3)
Changing Send & Close to Send & Resolve Binh (4)
Loss of 50% date value from Status Report Charlotte M (5)
Customer DB Giovanni Bajo (1)
Marking a bug as resolved in multiple versions Giovanni Bajo (3)
Add new Areas and Fix Fors from Edit Case DJ (2)
Getting Full Text Index error Serge Baranovsky (9)
Setting initial case number Jim Bob (6)
Estimate Bug Denis Martyanov (2)
Public case - Auto email Jim Jones (9)
Fix For dropdown in customize filter Steven L. Pearson (7)
Email client other than FogBugz Doug Johnson (1)
Feature request: redaction Kris (2)
a newer version exists notification bumperbox (1)
Request: Setting to turn off context help popups Chris Cowherd (2)
on demand - can i create a case by sending an email james (3)
wiki bug: bold sometimes not applied Charlotte M (3)
Feature Request? Force "public" users to enter e-mail address Guy Shepherd (2)
<hr> element missing in insert-menu of wiki (1)
Feature request: Unlink case Greg Whitfield (6)
Results list for "unread" not clearing Krispy (5)
Notification (email) sent when resolving SPAM Atli Björgvin Oddsson (1)
Display Case/Project attributes in Wiki ? Mike Pokoto (1)
Wiki not displaying article correctly. Mark Gibson (2)
Screenshot Tool: ability to add a note! Ken Bonnin, Jr (7)
SugarCRM lead integration Chas Emerick (2)
Prioritizing within priority Jack Rosenzweig (5)
FB For Your Server + On Demand? Kevin McD (10)
On-demand user and API Jim Jones (4)
API: Case Changes as Another User Clay Loveless (1)
API: Updating Elapsed Time on Cases? Clay Loveless (1)
Estimation, Feature and tasks Nicolai Brodersen Hansen (2)
Beating a Dead Horse Dan Hauser (1)
FogBugz 6 for Unix/Mac beta signup Eric Nehrlich (4)
Scout case addtions making everything #1 Priority! Derek (1)
Source Control links not working in latest version of FogBugz Michael H. Pryor (0)
backslash in a search yields a MySQL Error Dan shannon (1)
Search Index Progress at 0% Allen Moore (9)
replying to an email case: how is "From:" dropdown populated? Steve Troxell (1)
Set subverson properties with a batch file SuperJason (5)
API: listFilters and search commands enhancements Ian M. Jones (CaseDetective) (1)
FB6 Review: Some things I expected to be in FB6 that weren't Sam Jones (8)
wiki feature request Charlotte M (1)
Taking "ownership" of a bug Jay Kyburz (1)
Max Length of Saved Searches Jay Kyburz (6)
"Not logged on" while uploading via api Tim Harrison (4)
TOC in Wiki? Rosemarie G (11)
Sharepoint 2007 and rss feeds (1)
Adding a link to the FogBugz menu Rosemarie G (3)
FB6: Another UI Beef: Order of fields when creating New case Sam Jones (6)
iCal Integration Mark Thibault (1)
Who is Working on What Report Jeff Kwak (1)
FB and Subversion Integration - multiple repositories Adrian J. (8)
Automated Testing Justin Boyd (1)
Template feature Jack Rosenzweig (3)
Feature idea: A sandbox for incoming cases Ivan Vega (2)
auto load images in new tab/window in firefox Eric (3)
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