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Mailboxes can't have periods in their "Full name" Oren Hurvitz (1 comment)
Can I search for empty fields? Chaz Larson (1)
Force Logoff? Kevin McDermott (2)
Feature Requests - Field Display Options part of Filter Todd Bryant (0)
CRM for customer email/support contract management Francis Upton (0)
Samples of customized forums? Boris Yankov (0)
FogBugz *requires* php version 4.3.10 or greater Jim Pringle (3)
ScoutSubmit and tickets/cases/etc Brady Duga (5)
FogBugz Email Setup via Exchange w/ Pop3 Jacob Weir-Gertzog (4)
Best practice for upgrading FogBugz after modifications? Sherman Uitzetter (11)
MySQL Server on a different machine (3)
Resolved vs. Closed? Allen Moore (1)
Upgrade from 4.0.31 to 4.0.33? Eden Brandeis (2)
Better feedback from pg=forceDatabaseCheck Peter Mounce (2)
Opening FogBugz page in frame Victor Bargachev (1)
Clearing out an estimate Ryan (4)
Response Buffer Limit Exceeded (2)
A Bug? Xiaofeng Zhao (1)
edit release date bug still in 4.0.33 (DB 469) Marc Logemann (1)
Transit Strike and FogCreek? Wiley Cox (1)
RSS Feed issues with 4.0.33 update? Wiley Cox (9)
recent changes Steve Howell (2)
FogBugz Search Plugin for Firox/Netscape Ben Fyvie (3)
Release notes for ACTIVE bugs Adam White (1)
How can I get better area sorting? Terrence Talbot (6)
Who was the case assigned to?!! me (4)
Date field troubles Miha Nahtigal (1)
VSS Automation Error Leonardo Prada (2)
Feature request for release notes Peter Mounce (1)
WebSVN/FogBugz/Windows XP/IIs:svn: Can't determine the user's co David Kafrissen (2)
Embedding links to other cases in case histories Peter Mounce (1)
Quoting Peter Mounce (0)
Snippets, Opera Yevgeniy (0)
Spam not deleting Praveen Angyan (0)
How I installed FogBugz on Fedora Core 4 painlessly Jeremy Levy (3)
Attempting to sort search results displays filter instead Greg (0)
Releases - Assignable Trevor Pegley (1)
Releases - Dates Trevor Pegley (7)
Feature Request:Show case content in reverse chronological order Lee Carter (3)
Issue Lists: Generating pretty lists Lukas Mathis (1)
How big is your database? Ian M. Jones (6)
Case changed activity email should highlight changed item Jim Kring (3)
[Bug?] users see saved filters for all projects Jim Kring (0)
Is there an easy way to click the OK buttons? Myles Penlington (1) 0 bytes again Marc Logemann (1)
WebSVN integration, how to do this improvement? Peter Mounce (3)
What does selecting Items in Spam, then clicking on Spam do? Praveen Angyan (3)
Cases Being Closed by Someone Other Than the Creator Eugene Mallay (6)
Screen Capture Oddities Bill (0)
BugzScout/email not working MikeG (2)
Suggestion: Double-click on release to select as part of filter Tom Paton (0)
default project view Rich (2)
Recommendations for test plan manager Mark Eaton (0)
Multiple Forums with a single installation Boris Yankov (1)
Project for Multipule Clients Steve Meyer (2)
Double quotes in case subject is an error in IE John Penrose (4)
Naming File for Attachment Requires Drive Letter Allen Moore (1)
pear list and pear update Problems (0)
Adding unique pre-fix to case # on linux John Maloney (1)
Feature Request: Ability to have no global releases Paul Talbot (1)
Filter to show recently modified cases Michael Trafton (2)
Handle emailed case like a BugzScout case? Sherman Uitzetter (2)
Turn off email checking, keep email sending Chris Rasch (1)
Bugscout Lloyd Newby (1)
Emailing w/in FogBugz - I want to forward the case history Scott Smith (0)
FogBugz specs Paulo Carvalho (0)
Feature Request: "Resolve & Close" when reason is "Duplicate" Robert Merrill (0)
Updates by anonymous users Guy Pardon (0)
The FogBugz Maintenance Service is not running Miguel (1)
"Fix For" Explanation Needed Allen Moore (2)
Associate Discussion Group and Project RM (1)
Reducing Minimum Account Password Lengths gghamer (1)
Feature Req: Project Discussion Groups Jim Kring (0)
"Helper" applications. Brian Schkerke (1)
suddenly, POP inbox gets "stuck" much more frequently matt shobe (2)
Bug/Quirk of the system: why email me when I edit the case? Mike Llewellyn (2)
Sub-Optimal Screenshot Inclusion Ben Berger (0)
POP3 Server Test Eerror: getting msg sizes: Object required John McCormick (2)
Calendar: Month after December 2005 is January 2005 Vincent Robert (2)
Feature request: default assignee when resolving cases Dave Burns (5)
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