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Status field no longer given focus after clicking Resolve Kevin Sikes (1 comment)
Maintenance Service error after upgrading to 7.1.5 Greg (6)
FB 6: Incoming mail header missing in email Justine Lera (3)
How are estimates handled for cases with sub-cases? John Dexter (1)
Are case attachments compressed? Jason Harrison (3)
Fogbugz 7 and IE 8 - I am always redirected to the login screen alex strusberg (3)
Suggestion for logBugDataSVN.vbs (Revisited) Rob LaFreniere (2)
Can't login to this page John Dexter (3)
Can't enter time over midnight boundary? John Dexter (1)
FB7 Close a case thru email Scott Rossi (1)
Release note as Resolve note Alessandro Cavalieri (3)
How do you setup FB7 for user stories? Totem (3)
Release notes and subcases Johann Deneux (1)
FB7 OnDemand: Emails Not Being Received and Not Being Sent Micky McQuade (3)
External / 2nd Party case numbers Chris Wenham (3)
How to display the "duplicate of" text box for new status Alex Strusberg (3)
Autocreate Cases (for recurrence) Jason (4)
Filtering by Parent Case Benjamin Katz (1)
ailed to update the search index: TMZ (1)
FogBugz 7, backlog plugin and Scrum Erik Bengtsson (2)
Unable to insert new bugs after upgrade to fogbugz 7 Alex Strusberg (1)
API + ScoutSubmit + Tags = Broken Black Beard the Pirate (1)
New to FB (running FB 7.0.29) - Need all the details "report" Erik Hilliard (2)
Warning Message about FB7 Mike Robertson (4)
RSS Feed Formatting Mike Robertson (1)
FB7 - Logo Issues Scott Rossi (4)
FB7 Scott Rossi (2)
Import MS Access Issue Database to MySQL FogBugz database TMZ (2)
kiln error in fogbugz bug creation for external users Jeff Johnson (2)
No "Don't Optimize Column Width" option in MyODBC Brent Matzelle (8)
FogBugz 7 MySQL Export Primary Key and Index Fix Script Brent Matzelle (6)
FogBugz 7 API: Setting ixBugParent to 0 does not work? Lukhnos D. Liu (3)
Not quite getting the hierarchy John Dexter (3)
Skinning FogBugz? John Dexter (4)
Email link does not show up Y (1)
Upgrading to 7 to a new server Nick Dat Le (9)
fogbugz status table TMZ (3)
Ever-shifting Working Schedule Mathew Waddilove (7)
Firebug 1.4.5 hoses FogBugz Kevin Sikes (5)
Updates Page Double-Click David Beegle (2)
Scheduling Question Gerald Brandt (1)
FB7: Category resets to Bug when editing a case Don Fuller (3)
Timesheet bug with & in Case title Joe Kirby (3)
FB7: How do I attach multiple files to a case at once? Sam Jones (4)
Position of "Edit Interval" inline popup Markus Fischer (2)
Custom field number format only accepts integers? Chris Weathers (1)
How To Bill Bugfixing Time Back To A Feature Zian Choy (1)
Linking a user only to their "Project" Bill Caisley (2)
Accessing Fogbugz when ldap access fails Mahesh Velaga (4)
Is it possible to use a custom domain name with FB On Demand? Steve McLeod (7)
FB 7 on Demand - customize user self registration email text KJ (1)
FB 7 user self registration allows email address duplicates KJ (1)
Test Case Mngmt tool->recommendations for fogbugz ondemand user? Greg Balajewicz (4)
Filtering parents without estimates when subcases have estimates François Beausoleil (2)
Shortening case display or reversing the chronology Chris Wenham (2)
Mildly Customized v6: How to map our customizations onto v7? Sam Jones (5)
Filtering by Area not obvious Marek Janouš (3)
FB7 and grid/list view Niklas Matthies (3)
Customize report RSS to match report definition Robert Merrill (1)
importing from Basecamp Nuno Morgadinho (1)
Feature Request: Ability to *truly* merge cases Skip Montanaro (5)
How to attach notes to cases Sathish Srinivasan (2)
Feature Request: Customization of "Mini Reports" Arsène von Wyss (2)
Show:unread filter only shows cases Akash Chopra (2)
Filter for Replies (or no replies) Scott Porad (4)
Customer Support Case Flow Tutorial??? Scott Porad (3)
List Single Case and subcases (1)
FogBugz incorrectly moves multiple To: addresses to Cc: field? Justin Goeres (5)
Does BugMonkey support jQuery? Assaf Lavie (1)
Case listing limit is weird Binh (2)
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