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Altered Status Not Displaying in Status Drop Down Paul Henderson (3 comments)
source control comments in case history. Ben Fyvie (3)
High-level reports? Gary Robinson (1)
Checkins are forever? Greg (5)
backslashes encoded to %2F in svn file checkin paths kareemm (4)
how to fix gmail errors? Wei (3)
different auto reply for each inbox area Tim Harrison (4)
FogBugz and Dependencies (7)
Search saved as Filter - Ignoring "OrderBy" TM (1)
FB 6 / On Demand / Newbie Schedule - Date Questions Don Cosseboom (1)
pear mail problem Marc Logemann (6)
Modify discussion group appearance more extensively wauter (3)
"Open in Tabs" button available with Greasemonkey script Samuel Neff (4)
Add new case through gridview doesn't auto-fill as hoped Byron Ross (3)
FB6: Customized columns in list view lost? (1)
Manually Add Spam Filter? Zoltan Tougas (9)
How to move to new SQL Server ? Sam Jones (4)
Any way to change a correspondent. Zoltan Tougas (3)
Newbie Question - Custom Queries Zoltan Tougas (2)
Can the main menu be controlled? (e.g. remove the Wiki option) Sam Jones (3)
Alternative to POP3 Mailbox Mike Carlson (3)
Getting Administration Information Gerry Kurz (4)
After adding new area or release, it doesn't show up in dropdows Michael H. Pryor (1)
New Search feature: Powerful, but tedious Sam Jones (8)
Where is the 'Save to Excel' or 'Export' feature ? Sam Jones (5)
search on area:xyz works but search on -area:xyz does not AllenC (5)
Wider text w/o access to lang.asp Kyralessa (1)
starredby:other user searching? Samuel Neff (1)
mail error Rich (3)
"-- current user --" for shared filters? Eric at IML (3)
Customize RSS feeed title "RSS Feed" Samuel Neff (1)
FB6 Wiki - one question, one suggestion Shaun Hills (2)
How to backup the FB6? Søren Bonefeld (1)
FB6: Firefox Find feature finds invisible text on case list Sam Jones (11)
Repeatable releases? Victor N. (1)
VS Addin hangs on login (or spins) Michael H. Pryor (0)
Feature Request: Default Due to Fix For Date Sterling Heibeck (1)
Bug Shooting - New Screenshot Tool Alexej Hirsch (8)
Get 2 people alerted when email comes in Nick Swan (2)
FB6: Why designed for 800 pixel wide? Sam Jones (11)
Remove "No Estimate" text in RSS feed Samuel Neff (0)
Are there 'skins' for the FB6 UI ? Sam Jones (9)
Forum spam Niklas Matthies (4)
Can I "Filter" on Starred cases? Krispy (5)
BUG: FB6.0.35: Allows new case creation visually when should not Sam Jones (3)
Ping for PostgreSQL Cory R. King (4)
FB6: Unable to retrieve some cases, hairy error Sam Jones (3)
EBS Query - Is estimation history per case type? Greg Whitfield (1)
Some comments (er, beefs) with the new FB6 UI Sam Jones (10)
Hairy log entry on new upgrade to FB6 ... important? Sam Jones (2)
Are emails restricted by client \ department? Dan Maharry (2)
VS Add-in source Andrew (2)
Change default priority? Brian Rosenthal (5)
Add projects/areas through API? Brian Rosenthal (1)
Giving access page to wiki MArkee (6)
Feature Request: Grouping vs. columns in grid view Niklas Matthies (5)
Undo (Ctrl+Z) inconsistently supported in text inputs Niklas Matthies (1)
Feature Request: Allow colons in wiki article names Niklas Matthies (1)
Feature: Sort Cases List by Category Angelo Giannatos (3)
Wiki: Problem with pasting Unicode characters Niklas Matthies (1)
restricting write access to wikis Charlotte M (4)
Feature request: case summary in popup? Paul Johnston (2)
Wiki URL Names Samer Kanjo (4)
Assigning a tracking ticket manually? Charlotte M (3)
Time Intervals are not quite right. Jim Mitten (3)
Stars New? Krispy (2)
Wiki is prefixing "http://" before "file:///" links Brandon Hamm (14)
Wiki: Wrong cursor position after undoing Tab Niklas Matthies (1)
Wiki: Shortcuts for Increase/Decrease Indent Niklas Matthies (2)
FogBugz on FreeBSD 6.2 (and on Pair Networks) Jonathan Boutelle (2)
List of cases in date order? Howard Dunlavy (1)
Is anyone uing FB6 for professional services time tracking? Howard Dunlavy (2)
Importing from another tracker (TestTrack) Fredrik A (8)
Developer Ship Dates spanning week-end Krispy (1)
FB6 issue in Safari 3 Dan Maharry (5)
Bug: maxrecords field does not check for garbage input Rasmus (1)
How to View Closed cases? James Tweedie (3)
Automatically Close a case after time... (2)
Customize the log-in page? (1)
Wiki Spell Check in Spanish Leonardo Carlos Prada (1)
How to Generate Work Log? BenjiSmith (4)
Search for cases that have ever been assigned Billy Rowe (1)
A work around for non-estimatable schedule items? Gerry Kurz (1)
How are historical estimates created? Gerry Kurz (1)
Wiki article links in cases Ben Fyvie (3)
Prevent Replies to some email addresses? TM (2)
Spam Buttons Greyed out on FB3 John Rees (4)
New features? Gerry Kurz (1)
Bug?  EBS lists Releases alphabetically instead of by Date MrAnalogy (1)
EBS: Error on Page after changing priority. MrAnalogy (1)
Bug? : EBS-View Cases doesn't correspond to  Release Selection MrAnalogy (3)
Feature request: Make filters a little more advanced Ivan Vega (2)
Bug?: Can resolve cases which have already been resolved Charlotte M (1)
can't insert images in wiki article Richard Kaye (2)
Wiki word select/linking refinements Andy Burton (1)
Estimating only my own work units Max (2)
Spam showing up in Escalation Report AllenC (2)
Working on stopped logging time at 6pm Gerry Kurz (8)
Feature request: Make correspondent case opener Ivan Vega (2)
View Cases updated in last X days? MrAnalogy (7)
Improving RSS feeds a bit Ivan Vega (1)
How do you catagorize Cases that will apply to multiple Projects Mr. Analogy (1)
Find out what everyone is Working On Douglas Tarr (3)
FB API: sLatestTextSummary field format? Ian M. Jones (CaseDetective) (1)
Extract release notes to file from batch build Brian Rosenthal (5)
How to disable session timeouts? Petros Amiridis (4)
FogBugz Maintenance Error Message Uwe Raabe (2)
Ampersand not rendering in list Andrew Davies (1)
Search Box Filtering Andrew Davies (3)
Forum Notification Andrew Davies (8)
Security - Segregating Wiki's, Discussion Groups & Cases Andrew Davies (5)
Executing SQL Andrew Davies (1)
E-mail FROM keeps resetting Andrew Davies (1)
Ship Date Confidence Distribution / Time Zone Krispy (3)
HTML characters in Scout Message are html-encoded Donald Lee (2)
New Case Title Spellcheck Krispy (3)
New Case Title delay in getting Mouse Cursor position Krispy (3)
Search button requires two clicks Krispy (4)
Is subscribing to a case suppossed to generate an edit message? Gerry Kurz (5)
Will older version work on Centos 5/PHP 5 Lee Semel (2)
FB6: Inline editing from list view Adrian J. (3)
Feature Request: Add shortcuts for items in "Recent" list Niklas Matthies (1)
Feature Request: Make "Recent" list a separate menu Niklas Matthies (1)
Feature Request: Allow configuring length of "Rectent" list Niklas Matthies (2)
Exporting reports in Fogbugz on-demand Jake Liddell (1)
Users can be assigned to cases regardless of permissions Niklas Matthies (2)
Display bug in dropdowns (IE6) Niklas Matthies (1)
Create cases out of every page without leaving it Friedrich Lasnia (2)
Adding comments to estimates Jonathan Webb (2)
Any difference in way spam is marked AllenC (1)
FB6: New releases and filters do not appear James Bayley (3)
New unsaved wiki articles are in a strange state Niklas Matthies (7)
Wiki: Saving of drafts Niklas Matthies (2)
Can't see newly created 'project area' in menu's for about a day Andrew Davey (3)
Wiki: Prompt upon "Discard draft" Niklas Matthies (3)
Client billing and FogBugz David O'Leary (1)
Search for "last 5 days"? Niklas Matthies (5)
Cloning a wiki template? Niklas Matthies (1)
Writing a custom screenshot tool Paul Moby (3)
A Wiki admin, not a Case admin Kyralessa (4)
Wiki: Update Label for Link Krispy (3)
Feature request: Extended "Quick Add Case" Krispy (7)
Subversion Integration Uwe Raabe (1)
Decision on Discussion Group comments via RSS David Tims (2)
Failed to update the search index: 424 - Object required RP (4)
Customise Fields in VS Add-In? Jamie Fairweather (1)
Bug: Compare-to in Template History doesn't work Charlotte M (1)
appearance of FogBugz for community users Charlotte M (8)
Can we have internal links on wiki pages markee (2)
Editing the default text styles. Jake Karlsmark (1)
search returns closed cases RP (4)
Sorting icon backwards Rich (3)
Serious bug: Random crash after user logs in Ivan Vega (2)
FB 6 search index stuck at 2% Rich (2)
Story points as estimates Nikita Zhuk (0)
How do I edit the title of a closed case without reopening it? Chris Velevitch (2)
Search for show:unread shows read item Niklas Matthies (2)
"Search" links in wiki Niklas Matthies (1)
Saved Searches Niklas Matthies (8)
Query that returns all wiki pages Jake Karlsmark (3)
New shared filter not surfacing Richard Kaye (2)
Fogbugz and TFS Source Control integration Stu Cashmore (1)
Bug: Saving filter doesn't save column selection Richard Lennox (1)
No Info into "Developer ship dates" Denis Martyanov (8)
Bug: Firefox search should use same URL as notification link Ivan Vega (2)
BUG: Adding release notes marked as "Release notes removed." Azrul Rahim (9)
Wiki Template Margins Jeffrey Burt (1)
Perforce DTG Integration - users Kris Kumler (3)
Passthrough with LDAP authentication Jason Young (3)
Sending a case-related e-mail without an inbox Niklas Matthies (5)
Wiki: Bug with Undo, styles and list item Niklas Matthies (1)
Moving data to hosted version Greg Whitfield (1)
Wiki: Bug with applying fonts to single words Niklas Matthies (1)
FogBugz 6 for Mac OS X When? Andrew Brehm (1)
Styling and on demand accounts Peter Lillevold (2)
Upgrading from older versions to 6.x Rob Holmes (1)
Wiki: Please add more keyboard shortcuts Niklas Matthies (1)
Wiki: No way to apply paragraph styles to list items Niklas Matthies (6)
Wiki: Removing paragraph justification Niklas Matthies (0)
Wiki: Multiple paragraphs within a list item Niklas Matthies (1)
Case view triggers IE's "Three Pixel Text Jog" bug Niklas Matthies (0)
Can't save client permissions Ivan Vega (5)
Translating FogBugz 6 Ivan Vega (3)
old releases and employees Jeff Paulsen (1)
Memory leak on Windows 2000/FB 6 Ivan Vega (3)
Feature request: NOT operator in searches Ivar Sønstabø (5)
FogBugz 6 -> Windows Server -> 2003 SP2 -> Very slow network Not a network admin (1)
Time spent on FogBugz tasks Max (1)
Integrated Calendar Nick P. (3)
Grid view header mouse cursor bug Niklas Matthies (1)
Bug: Filter Tools box positioning Niklas Matthies (2)
Rendering slowness (mostly IE) Niklas Matthies (10)
On Demand - Messaging and Access Control Eric Krauter (1)
how to get end user's link to a case history FogBugz User (8)
FBOD - Truncates lines with no spaces at 85 characters Lee Mandell (1)
EBS doesn't work with 'all projects' releases - why not? Matt Stupple (8)
Confusing typo(?) in mail account config. Jack M. (1)
Bug: Wiki: Link inserted at wrong position Niklas Matthies (1)
Bug with Open Link in New Window in wiki and invalid file links Niklas Matthies (1)
Feature Request - Restore user profile David Gancarz (1)
Bug with long input text in wiki Insert Link dialog Niklas Matthies (1)
Bug: Undo in wiki Insert Link dialog Niklas Matthies (1)
How to modify visualization of case number in FB 6.0.31 Grzegorz Seniuta (1)
Festure Request: Sticky "Fix For" Matthew Lock (1)
Add support for ViewVC? Daniel Cazzulino (2)
Why can't the SVN commit notification be an email? Daniel Cazzulino (2)
Problem with setting up TortoiseSVN Jon Young (2)
Is it possible to modify an entry in a case ? Laurent Quérel (1)
Is it possible to assign a case to several users ? Laurent Quérel (1)
Can we use the, FB screenshooter for a customer? Jon Young (3)
Important wiki features Azrul Rahim (1)
Looking for Atli Oddsson (4)
Can I disable email reply message when user accesses their cases markee (2)
Timesheet feature request Charlotte M (2)
Email Problems (Blanks and Duplicates) Crazy Eddie (4)
How to explude SPAM from a search? Samuel Neff (2)
How to let non-admins edit the "Releases (all projects" list? Pascal Bourque (4)
How to reassign estimation history to other users. Dave Reich (2)
Filter by correspondent no longer works (V6.0.27) Dan Borrego (6)
Can we mix LDAP and FogBugz authentication? Pascal Bourque (3)
Reviving "resolved issue is always set to submitter" CR Ivar Sønstabø (3)
Issue after upgrading to 6.0 Dan P (3)
Who resolved a case? and grouping by time period (3)
Upgrade to v6 takes ages and doesn't finish Ivan Vega (1)
REQUEST: EBS by hour instead of date John Van Vliet (4)
can't get "Delivery Reports" of bounced emails to sort correctly Rich (3)
Locales & Date Format Kris Kumler (1)
VS 2005 Add-in not functioning Dan Reber (3)
Feature Request: Add unique identifiers for wiki pages (2)
FogBugz tries to re-create a table when upgrading from v4 to v6 Ivan Vega (8)
How to map FogBugz project tracking to SCRUM process? Dave Reich (3)
Wiki spellcheck causes missing cursor DJ (4)
Wiki - List of recent changes Greg Whitfield (1)
How to change font size for Case title and number Barry Milam (4)
Allowing customers to enter cases (multilingual) Mario Howard (7)
FogBugz Screenshot Mario Howard (2)
webSvn on Windows Jim Willeke (1)
Default 'assigned to' Craig driscoll (1)
Leaving the clock running Matthew Lock (1)
Snippet functionality Myles Penlington (2)
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