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How do you handle: knowing what version a case was resolved in? Aphasia Software (4 comments)
How to Delete a Case scott (7)
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FogBugz for product management Per Bergland (3)
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What's the highest possible case ID number? Dave Booker (2)
Case shows Email screenshots at end, after text. Tom Parnell (1)
Hosting service recommendations Tim Hennings (4)
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Pre-populate the version field with text Adam White (2)
Vault integration with multiple repositories D In PHX (3)
Feature:  Screenshot of dropped-down menus Aphasia Software (4)
Can only Administrators close Cases? JasonM (2)
Incoming is not spam but is not a case either Tim Turner (6)
Get an Email Notice when a new Case is opened Tim Turner (2)
Suggestions or possible future Feature Request – Assign Tasks Ed Castillo (4)
Over aggresive spam filter? Azrul (7)
Custom Field bug - dropping leading zeros on a number Richard irving (3)
BugScout files for Unix version customers Sam W (1)
suggestion: Verify case has not changed when clicking Reply Mike Wozniak (2)
Screenshot tool installer not signed. Drew Cooper (1)
Blank ixStatus field Rafi (6)
NaN/NaN/Nan is shown in the Due: field Akira Matsumoto (1)
"New post" forum indicators via CSS Josh Clark (4)
Relying on the browser's "visited links" feature Steve Troxell (2)
Bug in Fogbugz??? JF (2)
Keeping tabs on how many hours folks work Ted Bongiovanni (4)
Reactivated and Date modified Dawn Wielgus (1)
Mildly annoying Outlook 2007 behavior Kiere El-Shafie (3)
[Feature Request] Collapsible Grids John Milazzo (1)
Unix Fogbugz with SQL Server SuperJason (2)
Is there any way to redirect POP / SMTP to another server? Richard J Foster (6)
FogBugz Performance (5.0.19,Win2003,SQL2005) Michael Dorfman (4)
[Feature Request] Filter/Search by last edit date -- update? Alexis Goldstein (3)
Vista and IIS 7 Boris Yankov (4)
Edit Discusstion Carl Parrish (1)
Importing non-FogBugz project data Steven G (2)
Can't reconcile autosort to message Dan Maharry (1)
Changing Inbox filter David Dunham (2)
Feature Request: Preview Mode (1)
Strange Browser Behaviour/Behavior Geoff Michaels (7)
No "Filters" menu item for user?. No custom filter for user? Azrul (3)
FogBugz Tips, Tricks, Tools, and Tomfoolery Sumana Harihareswara (0)
Cannot delete fogutil4.dll Brad C (2)
SMTP passes diags but fails in normal use Pete Wason (1)
non-standard usages of FogBugz? matt wilkie (6)
Feature Suggestion Janet Thomas (5)
boolean filters? (1)
Feature Request: Generate changelog between releases Azrul (5)
Feature Request (2)
adding a global column mark (1)
Fogbugz needs some PDA friendly pages murph (3)
Migrating from Microsoft Access to SQL Server 2005 Standard Gary Thorne Jr. (2)
Feature request: Email To: picker Pete Kruckenberg (2)
Permissions to View Other Open Tickets Listed in Email Becky Goodman (1)
Feature request: Subtotals Per Bergland (3)
email notifications are useless? John Lindsey (2)
RSS case number limitation - show all cases? Terrence Talbot (2)
Best way to reset spam filter markee (2)
Importing from Bugzilla Hank Schultz (3)
problem with mimeDecode.php Sumana Harihareswara (0)
Permissions conflict with WebSVN users Sumana Harihareswara (0)
SPAM: its churning my bugzids! (Feature Request) Mark Roddy (2)
Spell Check krs (4)
Feature Suggestion - Assigning bug on resolution Shaun McCarthy (4)
FB 5.0.19 on Redhat -- Installation Error? Max Schwanekamp (3)
Send email to Fogbugz Users Dan Maharry (2)
Customize/add options for "Opened..." value in List Filter? KMcDermott (1)
Feature Request: Options at top of List view as well as bottom R Downey (6)
Reply loses estimate and elapsed times Paul (2)
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