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Feature request: associate with a mailbox on public submission Olivier Dagenais (0 comments)
Can't delete shared filter (2)
Subdomain dropped on outgoing email address Richard Lawrence (2)
Seemingly random HTML rendering / encoding problem BigJimSlade (0)
Feature request -- Reply to multiple issues Steven Brown (0)
"and" and "or" filters together suggestion Greg Coleson (0)
fogbugzmaint stays at 50% proc utilization andy knasinski (4)
PHP version for FogBugz v4 Stephen C. Steel (3)
can't get RSS working Graeme Hood (5)
Cannot change POP Check Interval on POP error Jim Kring (2)
Invalid string or buffer length andy knasinski (2)
An error occurred while sending mail Matt Stachelski (1)
Anyway to always email a given user on *any* bug being closed? Chris Skardon (1)
Reassigning Projects Dan Maharry (1)
From MYSQL to MSSQL Daniel Pitarch (0)
Deleting releases Steve Troxell (3)
Edit icon for the "Release Notes" list Steve Troxell (1)
FogBugz name change is not quite a 1-place-edit tco (2)
Bug_event Locked Daniel Pitarch (3)
"FogBugz is being upgraded" Tim Evans (1)
Security Bug Todd Mulholland (3)
Tracking Same Case Across Multiple Projects Allen Moore (1)
LDAP, virtual users, and name changes Jeff Stoltzfus (4)
FogBugz Maintenance Error: Post to heartbeat failed Marc Logemann (3)
Add date-opened to the listings? Berlin Brown (3)
FogBugz Maintenance error Dan Hauser (5)
No internal POP3 server - feasible to use an external provider? Brian Edwards (3)
Local Timezone setting... where? Mike Llewellyn (3)
"auto-click-OK" when user selects Next after editing a Case Mike Llewellyn (0)
Feature request - import from CSV file/Excel file, KNOWN fields Mike Llewellyn (5)
Inbound email stopped working Peter Cuce (3)
temporary lists of bugs peterchen (3)
Feature Request: Multiple attachments N. V. Nielsen (2)
"Start New Case from Existing Case" capability Steve Troxell (1)
Desperately want different grid columns for different filters Steve Troxell (9)
Problems saving attachments N. V. Nielsen (3)
[ANN] CaseDetective 1.0 for FogBugz Released. Ian M. Jones (0)
Automatically close an incoming email case? Graeme Rae (1)
GreaseMonkey + FogBugz = COOL! Michael H. Pryor (5)
Translating the word "Case" - Implications? Ivan Vega (1)
Feature request - Use Snippets in To: and CC: fields Helene Turry (0)
Feature request - address book from Outlook Exchange Helene Turry (0)
Trial version, new account, created users NOT receiving email... Mike Llewellyn (2)
Feature request: Batch reply kareem mayan (0)
Can include attachments through BugzScout? Richard Adleta (1)
For Priority Lists: Display cases with due dates FIRST Ty Brewer (3)
After Send & Close, customer's reply is hidden Oren Hurvitz (2)
Deleting Spam from the Database Dan Maharry (1)
Department (groups) sort, only by ixGroup, NOT by sName Brett Veenstra (0)
FogBugz on Solaris x86 A. Jelveh (3)
Spell Check Eden Brandeis (3)
Spam filter not working -- what am I missing? Chuck McKinnon (2)
1 license for 2 users CS_NULL (2)
Treat "Areas" as labels or tags Eden Brandeis (1)
Marking a bug that is actively being worked on (3)
Usablility Feedback from New Users Richard Adleta (0)
Case History in reverse Leonardo Carlos Prada (7)
Is there a way to do multiple attachments? Kevin Davis (3)
Special Tag to Hide Reply and Forward history? Richard Adleta (8)
Template for ALL bugs? Rob Kedward (5)
Email Notification Not Working Kevin Moore (2)
SQL Server 2005 Supported! Michael H. Pryor (4)
Fun with Fedora Core 2 Luis Camargo (1)
"Open cases by project" does not seem to show workitems? Kevin Finke (1)
Project Templates, repli Derek Yim (0)
Automatically created case received by EMAIL Yaron (0)
Special Users Leonardo Prada (0)
(414) Request-URI Too Long Lance Johnson (2)
Pair Networks Michael H. Pryor (3)
Change Field Name Dale Levesque (2)
Feature request: snippets in all fields John Penrose (0)
Debian update will update kernel (and cause segfault) Michael H. Pryor (0)
Why isn't the last updated date shown on case lists? Jason Clark (1)
Supporting Documentation for a Project Keri Prasky (3)
automatically Assigning Resolved Cases Yaron (3)
Images in Discussion Groups Johan Sjöström (2)
w3wp.exe Hogging CPU Jeff Loomis (4)
FogBugz + Subversion + Eclipse Dan Levine (2)
Bugreport.vb is not pushing title in the fogbugz case Manjit Sooch (1)
Attachment Size Doug Curtis (2)
How to program Holidays for every year Leonardo Prada (2)
RSS Agreator showing current FB list Aaron Davis (1)
Feature request:  Show who is subscribed to a case Lawrence Bruhmuller (1)
Feature Request: Auto-subscribe user who opens a case Lawrence Bruhmuller (0)
Automatic Running VSS Script Leonardo Prada (1)
Multiple version control systems Steve Hales (1)
Assignment of Fix For after bug is closed David H. (1)
bugtraq propset from batch file Jim Kring (1)
Query a Assigned To: by not = rather then = ade tether (0)
Licence Question Leonardo Prada (1)
Logging access attempts? Andrew Rowley (1)
Trouble Deploying/Replicating on IIS Web Farm Andy Hooper (3)
Spanish Version Leonardo Prada (0)
Fogbugz Screenshot on Terminal Server - revisited Glen Germaine (0)
Source Code integration works with VSS 2005? Leonardo Prada (0)
Linking Cases From Separate Company Todd Mulholland (2)
Import From Gemini Leonardo Carlos Prada (3)
Elapsed Time based on User Spencer Wasden (1)
Project Phases in Fog Bugz John Albers (1)
Filter on multiple areas? Charles (3)
New feature:  force log-on to go through https Olivier Dagenais (3)
Notify ex-assignee Denis Howe (1)
Feature Request:  Notify action Lawrence Bruhmuller (4)
Any changes in lang.asp between version .15 and .29? Gerrit (3)
Feature Req: Description Tooltip for Feature Request Jim Kring (1)
Sorting needs to be enhanced Brian Herron (3)
I need my registration key john cesta (7)
Prevent persisting values in two custom fields Neal Culiner (1)
Displaying images in the inbox (1)
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