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Make wiki pages RTL (right to left) Robi Y (1 comment)
Request: Define timesheet in hours per week Dan Drew (1)
Suggestion: add "Set priortity" in case quick menu Markus Fischer (4)
Managing clients and projects as... well projects Rowan (2)
Delete old attachments Aaron (3)
Capturing URL, Browser Version Lee Semel (1)
Filter problem in 7.0.34 Chris Bates (1)
Illegal characters in path Keith Mangold (1)
Edit Discussion Posts Steve McLeod (3)
Feature Request: Offline Support Scott Porad (3)
Migrate from MSAccess to MySQL TMZ (1)
Email update when case is edited (1)
Is it possible to remove a custom field? John Wilson (3)
Timesheets? John Dexter (1)
Release Notes for Known Issues, not just Resolved Bugs Thom Franklin (0)
Is there a way to limit email notifications to certain projects? Carson (4)
Any way to insert table of cases in a wiki page? Jim Kring (3)
Change Checkin to Assoiate with a New Case Chris C (6)
Brainstorming: Creating a "Risk" Category using Custom Workflow Jim Kring (5)
Approval of Plugins for On-Demand Steve Pearson (4)
Syslog Emails into FogBugz Database TMZ (3)
FB 6: Password reset URL truncated Justine Lera (1)
Improving "Only show field when it has a value" Tuomas Jokinen (2)
FNN Recent Event, don't espect timezones? Gerard Laslett (8)
Going from student -> full account - 45 day trial? John Dexter (1)
Request: Edit tags on closed case Kris Kumler (0)
How would requirements tracability be handled in FB? David Reich (1)
How long before actual estimates history overwrites initial? David Reich (1)
Per Project prefix Gerald Brandt (5)
Fogbugz database indexes on fogbugz.Bug Joey (2)
FogBugz 6.1.41 bug id: 3239 Darren Isbrecht (2)
Maintenance Service Error Darcy Parks (3)
Balsamiq Permissions Steve Pearson (3)
Wiki unable to submit a saved draft? flipdoubt (2)
Feature Request: Compound OR type filters David Holt (1)
Download Center Keith Thomas (1)
Feature Request: Working in the Case List Mark Boltuc (2)
WIKI messes up formatting, looses lines, moves lines around Greg Balajewicz (7)
Case Filter Include Wiki's and Discussions Jonathan Beerhalter (4)
CAPTCHA for public (unauthenticated) case submissions Paul Martin (5)
Feature Request: Images in Discussion Messages Steve McLeod (6)
Feature Request:  Add 'Print All' bulk operation to Context Menu Ryan Alford (3)
What are FB's expected semantics of a "project"? Donnie Hale (3)
Release notes report should not show all resolved cases... Johann Deneux (5)
Feature converted to bug when editited with Backlog plugin (FB7) Matt Spradley (7)
All case edits are one hour out. James Fisher (2)
Clone / Copy a Case Ross Rankin (2)
LDAP Name field workaround Michael Stormoen (2)
FB 7 for Linux release date David Sexton (3)
It Works Page Jeremy Kunkel (1)
Is there a field for Mercurial Changeset #s Matt Spradley (5)
Missing Wiki Feature - Quick Save Hays Clark (1)
Adding Group Column to Grid View Scott Gaston (1)
Timesheet editing with IE7 DUpton (1)
Estimate roll-ups (sums) include hours for (filtered-out) cases Bill Burcham (1)
repo.asp in FB 7 doesn't work Steve Hales (4)
POSSIBLE BUG: Forced to supply credentials on every click John Kelly (3)
Email address autofill in 7.0.32 Pete Smith (1)
Feature Request: Estimate Schedule Items by time period Peter Dulimov (5)
mail sending and heartbeat.asp issues iain lewis (7)
Email with large attachments get stuck Joe Fortun (2)
Cannot send screen shots to Fogbugz Felix Mason (1)
Bug: Date fields always 23rd of month. Jason Howat (1)
Plugin for editing the description field? Totem (4)
Undelete Wiki page from FogBugz on Demand John W Wilson (2)
I'm missing the dotted outline border around links Markus Fischer (6)
Is there a way to restrict the users in a dropdown? Carson (4)
Estimates are not recognized correctly Juri Kuehn (5)
"page cannot be found" error andy knasinski (5)
Let me edit wiki article HTML! Kenny Evitt (3)
Feature Request: How to see who's working on what NOW Cyril Golub (9)
Search mathmatics Justin Boyd (2)
Rollup of custom number fields MSSW (3)
What program "upgrades" the database Ben (4)
Maintenance error Jan Helge Skailand (1)
Feature Request: Faster edit timesheet Kevin Korslund (2)
FB6: Search box entry - is there a length limit? Justine Lera (2)
Feature Request: Queue emails without sending Donnie Hale (2)
Feature Request: Hide all notifications Donnie Hale (1)
Feature Request: Retry individual emails Donnie Hale (1)
Possible bug: Send email gets object reference error Donnie Hale (2)
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