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"Working On" system tray tool for FogBugz v6.0 Daniel Schaffer (3 comments)
FBOD - lag time Lee Mandell (1)
FogBugz Setup was unable to set up a web site in IIS.... Greg (1)
Text duplicating itself in Wiki article Jake Karlsmark (13)
Related Cases Issue Chris Kasten (8)
history links:  Main Article > Article 1 > Article 1.1 Rod Kane (2)
FogBugz won't send out mail. Amund Bareksten (3)
Multiple instances of FogBugz Dave Peterson (1)
Linking to a particular area of a page Jake Karlsmark (2)
Global Subscribe for admins Jake Karlsmark (4)
Wiki link not linking correctly Jake Karlsmark (3)
Wiki toolbar missing with Firefox Mike Polad (6)
FB installation folder Jeremy Knowles (3)
FB 6 hangs when sending out emails Ben Reilly (4)
FB6 Maintenance URL problems Dan Maharry (2)
FogBugz on Demand (trial) crashes IE7/Vista64 a lot Tom Snow (2)
Customize smtp auto-reply account per pop3 mailbox Donald Lee (3)
Oh the Oracle Time Sheet PAIN! Gornin (1)
Someone using fogbugz on apache worker Alexander Gran (2)
Client-related question A Mehta (1)
Change a Global release to a Project release Brad Cranford (1)
Deleting saved filter Bill Foecke (1)
Setting up a project Wiki for the first time Sam Warwick (4)
Screenshot Tool - Anonymous Submissions Jason Young (3)
Wiki - Table formating DJ (4)
Wiki Article Editor throws an error Jake Karlsmark (3)
Wiki in a frame Demo User (1)
What happened to the screen capture tool? TheRealPinkyNarf (1)
Feature Request: Add "Fix For" dropdown Ken Bonnin, Jr (1)
Firefox random logout problem fixed in 6.0.31? Ken Morse (1)
Feature Reqeust: Multiple Emails on a Single Case Patrick Altman (1)
FB6 FixFor quirkiness Eric Z (5)
Not sure EBS will work for our environment Don Benson (2)
Invalid time format in drop-down time selection applet Denis Barmenkov (1)
Considering FogBugz, but the bugs... MichaƂ Czardybon (4)
Deleting fogbugz users Antonio Quiroga (6)
New Fog Creek website Javier Torón (1)
Case descriptions - a missing feature? Erik Schannen (3)
Wiki: Wysiwyg bug with empty lines at the end of block items Niklas Matthies (1)
Auto-linking to pages Jake Karlsmark (2)
Virtual Appliance John Van Vliet (5)
EBS and Working Schedule Demo User (5)
How to send email to client? Victor N. (2)
Time Interval bugs in v6.0.29 Mat Weaver (1)
Getting list of "Your Cases" Ken Bonnin, Jr (6)
FB6: Polish special characters in wiki rich editor Przemek Socha (3)
Table in wiki with no border Jake Karlsmark (9)
FogBugz vs. Team Foundation Server Tom Kidd (2)
Bug on calendar Eduardo Díaz (2)
Suggestion: Forums Enhancements Ingmar Koecher (3)
Suggestion: Subcategories for forums? Ingmar Koecher (1)
FogBugz screenshot tool with no system tray in taskbar Nick Stenz (1)
BugScout or API Leonardo Carlos Prada (5)
Display order of case history. Gone? Serge Wautier (4)
UK BST - GMT timezone causing timesheet times to be one hour out John Conners (7)
Trigger to Notify user(s) of EVERY change Ken Bonnin, Jr (2)
how to express dependencies between cases? Assaf (5)
Does EBS require all tasks to be assigned? PDF (1)
text editor in the bug reporting text box Javier (1)
FB6/Unix; upgrade costs? PHP version? etc? Tom Davis (3)
Edit Timesheet, No Estimate bug Tony Niemann (3)
scout.dll Frede Hundewadt (1)
Integration with multiple Subversion repositories? JL Gray (1)
Wiki markup Not Supported in FB 6.0 BigJimSlade (7)
Bug with font families in wiki templates Niklas Matthies (1)
No keyboard support for wiki context menu Niklas Matthies (1)
Ship dates on Sunday Charlotte M (3)
Due Date Changes On Every Edit Craig Eddy (5)
Community Users Demo User (3)
FB6 running on a Macintosh Guy Algot (6)
EBS and Feature estimations vs. Bug estimations Dudley Fox (1)
Discussion Group URL Crazy Eddie (1)
How do I schedule items with hard dependencies? Shannon Holland (2)
Suggestion: Add Case should recognize Search items Crazy Eddie (1)
wiki list elements and paragraph tag (1)
FB6 hosting Lance (4)
FB6 Time Log Import? Tony Niemann (4)
Save filter by name not working Javier (1)
Bugs with menus using IE7 Javier (4)
Wiki - who edited the page last Craig driscoll (1)
Er, ambiguous message on set up (1)
How to schedule for larger(ish) projects (stupid noob questions) Shannon Holland (2)
Users logged out randomly in Firefox brent (10)
Installing Fogbugz 5 on MacOS 10.4 C.D.Miller (1)
Question: Filtering on LastEditDate JohnFx (1)
Cannot create new issue azrul (1)
Newbie feedback Shankar (6)
Temporary Save (draft) of case edits craig driscoll (2)
Greasemonkey script to remove the "Add Case" row in grid view Samuel Neff (0)
Why not allow estimate an elapsed on initial edit of a case? Phil Dobranski (1)
Best SQL server for FB6? SQL Express vs MySQL ? Azrul (3)
Import scripts Dragnet -> FogBugz Ken Bonnin, Jr (1)
Vault Check-in Comments - Kinda Hidden! Ken Bonnin, Jr (3)
Searching for scout-submitted cases John Conners (2)
SqlServer 2005 Memory Leak David Gancarz (2)
How many of you like the new UI? Binh (15)
ftp:// not allowed in Wiki link Greg Coleson (1)
Wiki links and editing Niklas Matthies (3)
SSL error John Sheehan (5)
Can't connect to FogBugz DB Brian White (5)
FB6 using API to create a new case Beau Elliott (6)
Week starts on...? Torben Gundtofte-Bruun (6)
Import trial db into existing db Reggie Gardner (2)
Suggestion: Email notification in forums Ingmar Koecher (5)
Wiki shortcut keys with modal dialogs not working correctly Jim Kring (1)
Bugscout submission of linux core.dumps andrew finkenstadt (1)
Subversion Integration for on hosted version Jason K. (1)
Suggestion: Better support for phone tickets Ingmar Koecher (2)
Suggestion: Remove the FogBugz Logo on hosted version Ingmar Koecher (4)
How To Import FB5 data into FB-On-Demand trial account? Chris Velevitch (1)
Restrict discussion forum to specific Community Users. Jason J. W. Williams (1)
Link to files in Wiki? Jason Young (2)
Unclear on the Concept (actual v. calendar time) (4)
Delete article from wiki Brett Slaski (1)
Message stuck in mailbox Chris Ormerod (3)
How do I change default Wiki article font when editing? Kevin Jones (4)
Upgrading from FB5 linux to FB6 windows Azrul (2)
Max attachment size to Wiki in On Demand? Jason Sherrill (1)
Feature Request: Configurable drop-down lists for custom fields JohnFx (4)
Issue with Ship Date Confidence Scott Porad (3)
IMAP support on FogBugz for Windows? David Thompson (1)
Tracking and managing billable hours Terry Kearns (2)
Watching an experienced person use FogBugz - Alanta Bugz tour Terry Kearns (0)
No filter on last updated date Austin Ziegler (2)
Any progress on PostgreSQL? Nate Silva (1)
Why isn't FogBugz in ASP.NET? Thomas (7)
FogBugz6 - Formatting code in the Wiki Thomas (2)
FogBugz World Tour - Austin JohnFx (4)
Sometimes just resolve button is showing Brett Slaski (1)
Estimating and billing time again "misc" type task Aaron (3)
Error in fogbugz stops us viewing some cases (again) markee (1)
What's new in FB 6.0.29 Andrew Davies (7)
Possible bug while using russian language input Alexander Egorov (2)
EBS for a hobbyist or occasional developer Jesse (1)
Failed to update the search index: -2146232832 - read past EOF Jim Kring (4)
Why are messages templates not used in "Send Email"? Steve Troxell (2)
Wiki Backlinks and Orphaned Pages Jim Kring (2)
Wiki Image Thumbnails or Reducing Jim Kring (2)
Ampersand issues Ari Davidow (1)
getting back to the case opener Ari Davidow (1)
Upgrading from 4.0.33 to latest 6.0 Sam Warwick (1)
Fog Creek blog RSS all messed up (points to localhost) Samuel Neff (2)
Copying bugs from one fogbugz db to another pram (2)
Usability bugs with dropdown/combo boxes (IE6) Niklas Matthies (2)
Should I update the "Current Estimate" when closing a case? flipdoubt (3)
Deactivate users = lose all cases? Grant Peterson (1)
FB On-Demand: Custom Statuses? Erik Dillingham (4)
Mailboxes are not pulling after upgrade Serge Baranovsky (2)
Searching for (possibly) past assignments Niklas Matthies (0)
What is the recommended way to upgrade? Petros Amiridis (1)
What version of FogBugz has API version 4? Petros Amiridis (1)
"happy searches"? Jeff Paulsen (2)
EBS and forgetting to track time Charlotte M (1)
fogbugz and ldap user authentication Hamza Rafiq (3)
Task Hierarchy Steven L. Pearson (9)
Feature request: Marking comment as stale (almost deleted) Per Bergland (4)
Combining Cases Andrew Davies (4)
Is there a top level RSS feed for the wiki? Jack Rosenzweig (2)
Found Version Kristi Lugo (2)
Email is being left on mail server Rich (6)
User daily activity report Petros Amiridis (11)
More Scrum and FogBugz Questions Austin Ziegler (3)
Version 6 Case Width Jeff Loomis (6)
download on demand database: problem and solution! Pedro Vieira (0)
Multiple SCC Repository Integration bill sutphin (1)
TimeSprite FogBugz integration embarrassing problem Andrew Rowley (0)
Show Wiki as if I were not logged in? Paolo (3)
Starred column does not print Charlotte M (1)
Index outof order error markee (2)
Wiki doesn't support Opera Stefan Kulmer (7)
Project Status Reports bugs Niklas Matthies (1)
Add Case quicklink on List page works sometimes? J.T. Grimes (1)
Broken layout in "Searching for cases" online help page Niklas Matthies (1)
Case edit sort order up/down buttons Niklas Matthies (2)
Editing case entries Brett Slaski (7)
fobugz ondemand too slow bumperbox (7)
LINK to TEXT within Current Wiki Page Paul Chiafullo (2)
Fixing SVN links in FogBugz Chris Dunford (2)
Easier Time Tracking Andrew Rowley (1)
Is there a way to correct a wrong BugzID? Petros Amiridis (4)
Wiki - some feature requests Andrew (9)
Internal Error in heartbeat.asp Dan Maharry (4)
tables in wikis Charlotte M (1)
URL not allowed in Wiki link Brett Slaski (1)
View all projects EXCEPT one JW (1)
FBOD - Logoff timeout Lee Mandell (1)
FB 6 performance is terrible Jeannine Everhart (4)
Firefox and FB 6.0.27 broken since upgrade Martin Lewis (1)
Best way to keep across case updates while people are away? Shaun Hills (3)
Elapsed time incorrect when using working on feature. Magne Hopland (5)
Exchanging FogBugz cases Andrew Davies (6)
How to track non-dev related tasks? Kevin Jones (3)
Searching help needed JohnFx (5)
Microsoft full text search engine used in FogBugz 6.0? Haidong Ji (6)
Whitespace usage in FB6.X JohnFx (2)
How does EBS behave with refinements in estimates? Alessandro Dantas (1)
How do I check spam if inbox empty markee (4)
CVS integration broken with UseNewInfoFmtStrings Alexander Gran (1)
Working On menu doesn't tell me it David Thompson (2)
WYSIWYG Missing Template Font Jeffrey Price (1)
Missing button JohnFx (1)
FB API Docs: listSettings should be viewSettings Ian M. Jones (CaseDetective) (2)
Writing Documentation in FogBugz Wiki Erick Sasse (3)
Hours to days conversions JohnFx (3)
API Issue/Feature Request Eric Renken (4)
On Demand ~ Email Retrieval Error Jack M. (6)
Getting incorrect search results Greg (5)
DOT / Graphiz Wiki integration Rick Terrell (1)
FogBugz 6, The Book. Angelo Giannatos (1)
viewing other people's estimation histories Charlotte M (1)
EBS with sequential dependencies Charlotte M (4)
Multiple source repositories/sRepo Justin DeCourcy (1)
Automatically start and stop work DJ (3)
FogBugz Internal Error 6.0 Phil Rudich (1)
Virtual user message Ken Morse (1)
Adding Due Date to email notification in FogBugz On Demand? Jason Sherrill (1)
Cut-n-paste from Word to FogBugz wiki is very good Chris Wenham (0)
Feature Suggestion: In-List Editing Scott Porad (6)
How to: organize a project workflow Sergey Grinkevich (2)
How to: Use fogbugz for internal MIS ERP feature requests David (5)
Sort order of dateless releases (like "Undecided") Niklas Matthies (6)
FB API: listWorkingSchedule fails when user hasn't updated sched Ian M. Jones (CaseDetective) (2)
Time Sheet report Jaydel Gluckie (9)
Editing Case Comments Karl Werner (7)
Reporting re-activated cases Dawn Wielgus (1)
Using FB for ongoing web dev projects without ship dates Mark Moline (3)
Does FB6 show who has subscribed to a case James Bayley (4)
Schedule items require estimates? Estelle (14)
Issue with Wiki in FB6 S (3)
Combinging search axes Niklas Matthies (15)
Feature Request: Attach plain text as file Niklas Matthies (5)
Is anyone using FogBugz for Agile/Scrum projects? Steve Povilaitis (3)
Failed to update the search index? Tomas Leko (3)
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