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need to relogin Ilja (3 comments)
Billing with FogBugz Kieran (3)
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enable support russian language? evgenis (2)
Intel Mac support yet? Brady Duga (13)
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Default From and Signature?? Eric J. Smith (3)
Strange Mail Error Eric Marthinsen (6)
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New line character passed to BugScout as parameter?? Rudolph (3)
Exporting Custom Filter Results Rosalie (1)
FB using LDAP on multiple domains Dan Hauser (3)
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NNTP hooks John Lindsey (1)
Initial Setup Question Paul Henderson (5)
Simple Feature Request - Projects list show last, next release Mike Llewellyn (1)
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FogBugz as Customer Support System Tim Turner (7)
Feature Request - http upload to pictures directory Jon Jacox (1)
Moving a fogbugz installation Braden (1)
disabling the "See also" list under correspondent Dave Melville (2)
Cloning cases Dave Melville (2)
Modifying Public Submission Form Stephen Johnston (5)
Moving just the Database Chris K (2)
Fogbugz and Subversion krs (4)
Scandinavian characters in E-mails Mats Stromberg (2)
Creating multiple cases from a forum message David Dunham (2)
Highlighting Registered Customers Derek Pollard (2)
changing the width of the text tip mark (1)
Gute Nachrichten fur unsere deutschsprachigen Kunden! Branimir Dolički (2)
[Feature Request] Reduce the number of notifcation emails Udo Reuther (2)
[Feature Request] Udo Reuther (1)
Only variable references should be returned by reference Azrul (1)
Separating two projects Chris Wright (1)
Hack: Resolve sends case to first assignee Sumana Harihareswara (1)
Adding newline in tool tip text mark (3)
Copy and paste bug list no longer works in FogBugz 5 Jason Glover (3)
Can I specify the SMTP port for SSL? flipdoubt (1)
Next FogBugz release Ray Nixon (2)
SessionSaver can cause duplicate cases Sumana Harihareswara (0)
Handling email in FogBugz... Kieran (3)
Branding FogBugz Kieran (1)
Can i filter according to revision number in fogbugz? Hed Bar-Nissan (4)
Can subversion connect two bugs to one revision? Hed Bar-Nissan (2)
FogBugz and Mantis Ray Nixon (3)
When attempting to upgrade FogBugz to 502 get a MySQL ODBC error Dave Madison (1)
Restricting user access to Filters/Snippets/Releases Sam (1)
editing the tool tip in new case Mark (3)
Email download 1 at a time? Binh Dang (5)
How to stop maintenance during db maintenance Benjamin Peikes (1)
Jet database engine stopped - no e-mail huub van mierlo (2)
Aggregate Summary Lists Alex Joneth (1)
How about a previous and next button? Tracy Tullier (1)
No auto-sorting? Jason Miller (4)
Request for Reassign Options TC (6)
FogBugz performance on Mac OS X David Dunham (1)
Do you take paypal payment? Azrul (1)
Displaying Closed Status Allen Moore (1)
FogBugz forwards unintended text from case Sharon Lynch Grey (5)
Attachments in auto-reply message Andrew Sherman (2)
ixStatus in Bugs table Rafi (4)
Is FogBugz crashing Apache on Mac OS X? David Dunham (3)
Discussions not showing in Discussion Home Page Jon Tresadern (6)
Escalation report purpose? Ulrik Sandström (1)
mime type not being set for attachments Daniel Raynaud (0)
search not working John M (1)
How to handle dependent releases? Steven Brenner (1)
Minor Bug in Column Auto-Size Allen Moore (1)
Feature Request (regarding email) Nathan Hopkins (1)
date format is incorrect bumperbox (6)
Filter and navigation functionality basicallly sucks Richard Glanmark (8)
ole automation error Scott P (15)
Can bugs and features be submitted by email to FogBugz? Lana Holmes - in free trial (1)
How we can see in report/filter 1st comment/bug description? Lana Holmes - in free trial (1)
Couple UI Suggestions Jared (2)
Dealing with spam in Inbox David Dunham (5)
Feature request: Edit remaining estimate instead of current esti Kristian (1)
Size of features Kristian (1)
Inform someone? Kieran (2)
Automatic subscription to cases (please review my code) Iván Vega (0)
Running Version 5 on Server Running Earlier Versions Neal P (3)
How do you return to home page of Admin? Tim Turner (1)
Feature requests: Forum notification Josh Clark (1)
Forums And Moderators John Topley (1)
Uncommented JavaScript block in JSPlaceHolders Olivier Dagenais (1)
W3WP uses 250 MBs RAM? Steve Troxell (2)
Feature Suggestion: Fogbugz header JF (2)
Forum Access Jesse (3)
Spam filtering feedback Todd Thomas (1)
Client contact info Kathleen Karsko (1)
Assigning while resolving Brad Schick (5)
How Do I Set Up Reply Emails? (2)
Email auto-reply notes not going out Tim Turner (5)
Editing discussion group sidebar David Dunham (5)
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