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XHTML fixes for 4.0.31 Olivier Dagenais (0)
Ticketurl? Chris Kasten (4)
Server freezing Donnie Hale (4)
Additional keywords in emails? Rob Kedward (1)
Flow change Rob Kedward (1)
Multiple Attached Files Yehuda Kossowsky (3)
Reports & Graphs A Nixon (1)
Feature Req: Should never display FogBugz version to non-Admin Jim Kring (2)
ticket instead of case# in email subjects Serge Wautier (0)
Feature Req: Source Control URL should be on a per-project basis Jim Kring (5)
Bug: Email to case does not trigger subscriber notification Jim Kring (2)
Feature Req: Case subscription should cause checkin notification Jim Kring (0)
newbie questions Steve (4)
Perforce integration and user permissions Greg (4)
Feature request: Point of contact can create releases Steve Hales (2)
weird email parsing Matt B (1)
Reply to the automatic response creates a new issue Dan (4)
Escalation report filtering Rob Kedward (1)
Release Notes by Resolved Dates A. Jelveh (4)
Cases vs Tickets vs Issues vs Bugs John (6)
Salesforce Integration David Fox (2)
Returned emails creating new cases. Phil (2)
Anyone using FogBugz for other uses? David Freeman (3)
New (unofficial) Feature: Elapsed Time per Bug Event Mat Weaver (0)
Icon for Firefox Search Plugin Thomas Stache (4)
17000+ Events for 1 Bug in BugEvent table MikeG (1)
Timezones and FogBugz hosting Rich (3)
user support interface Kevin Olayan (1)
email attached to wrong case Kevin Olayan (1)
Mail fails due to date conversion error in Heartbeat.asp (2)
How to get All cases for a certain Area ? Angelos Giannatos (2)
Reprioritizing cases Simon Mann (2)
"Description" missing from Project? Tim Hill (2)
Memory Leak on RH9 Rodney Marable (3)
scoutsample.html Chi (1)
Feature request: "Save Draft" when editing a case Tom Paton (2)
Setting the Case number to start at xxxx Doug Stoltz (1)
VSS integration stopped working after 4.0 upgrade Brian Gomori (9)
End-user interface mostly the same as the Admin interface? Richie Hindle (2)
RSS Feeds from FogBugz suddenly off by 4 hours? (again) Wiley Cox (2)
adding the subscribe function in a public edit (1)
Saved filters don't work in Opera Christopher Rasch (2)
Why can't I search for "Case 77"? Stephan Tabben (0)
New (unofficial) feature: List a case's subscribers. Jason Glover (1)
Suggestion: Warn when closing case not assigned to you Andrew Lighten (0)
Can Fogbugz be supported by SQL Server 2005 (6)
Spam resulting in two new cases Phil (3)
Date errors in discussion groups and e-mail Stewart McSporran (1)
Importing from TestTrack? Christopher Rasch (1)
JavaScript booboo? Tom Paton (1)
Trial database data "EULA" Tom Seddon (1)
default area for a project Rich (2)
Can't Delete forum posts James Osborne (2)
FogBugz Schema Michael H. Pryor (1)
Feature Request - Check All/Clear all button Seth Wilpan (1)
Can we disable "Log On" and "Email your administrators"? Pat Ward (1)
Feature-Request: Case Title in "Your Cases" List Louis Brauer (0)
Can't download trial database... Tom Paton (2)
Stop case from being re-assigned Chris Dahl (6)
SQL Server in the Linux version Brian Smith (4)
How to Install on SUSE 9.2 Conchy (0)
unable to set admin password on install Dean Nicholls (1)
Creating custom case categories Spencer Stejskal (2)
Change "Opened By" Allan Skovgaard Hansen (2)
We don't receive change notifications Yuri Kuleshov (2)
homepage view filter setup Kurt Seifert (1)
Maintenance URL Greg Coleson (5)
Getting Error 500: "The Data is invalid" Errors Wiley Cox (7)
Strange error observed Rob Kedward (4)
RSS feeds can see deleted discussions Lloyd Newby (4)
These discussion forums - Moving away from them Donovan J. Edye (3)
Moving a bug from one FogBugz server to another Michael Johnston (2)
4.0.27 update? flipdoubt (1)
Option to see email headers? Ken (1)
Filtering incoming email to specific projects Christopher Pope (6)
FogBugz Internal Error - showVSSdiff.asp Donnie Hale (9)
Issues encountered setting up VSS integration Donnie Hale (0)
RSS Feeds Only Showing First Post in Discussion Groups pja (0)
Bug in FogBugz (Escape chars in full-name) David Arcjer (0)
install fails: cannot retrieve pear packages Max (4)
Feature Request - Filters / Grid View Brandon bonds (1)
FogBugz backup questions Greg (1)
Reply option not being shown... Brian Lyttle (1)
Multiple copies of emails pja (17)
Ldap Integration Jason Coe (2)
Editing FogBugz project Chi (1)
FogBugz Updates Angelos Giannatos (1)
Rich Text or HTML for case descriptions and outgoing email Steve Roszko (1)
automatic email reply not working in trial Kevin Olayan (4)
Automatic reply to correspondent on bug update? Ivan Vega (3)
SubVersion, FogBugz, WebSVN, Tortoise and multiple Repositories Boyd Wold (5)
Tiny feature request... Sherman Uitzetter (0)
Why can't features be Resolved(postponed)? Magnus Timmerby (1)
Last Login Date for Users Ryan McGeary (0)
No email notices for spam, delete feature, Christopher Rasch (3)
Slightly overdue cases Nigel Davies (1)
Read Permissions can't log a case? Michael Dorfman (3)
Knowledge Base Articles James Sellecck (0)
Fogbugz appears to forget site settings Andrew Davey (1)
Send mail feature turned off in trial FogBugZ? Christopher Rasch (5)
VSS integration problem in FB 4.0.29 Steve Hales (5)
Request: Different font please! Tim Mitchell (1)
Missing Button "Remind" for normal users Daniel Hauser (0)
Time Tracking Sean Ramsey (3)
Filter by area? Michael Trisko (1)
Dreamhost success? Marshall Taplits (1)
Segfaults and server hangs Michael Kellner (2)
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