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The "Thanks" problem Chris Wenham (14)
fbcli xml list -- show more than 200 cases? Steven Ng (1)
Can I delete releases? Torben Gundtofte-Bruun (6)
Allow edit/resolve but not create cases in a project Thomas de Nooij (7)
How to trace FB performance ? Sam Jones (3)
Fogbugz 7 vs Unicorn Duane (22)
Filter/Report cases changed by user Richard Hough (2)
Saving column layout: What am I missing? Sam Jones (4)
Possible to switch "working on" case from the command line? Zachary Vonler (1)
How should we handle re-estimation? Akash Chopra (3)
Adding additional info about project releases. Mark Robinson (2)
Notification of email forwarding does not name forwardee Frederick Hinchliffe 2nd (2)
Email case assignment workflow Ignatius Chiang (2)
Searching for CVS / source control file names Arsène von Wyss (1)
Mechanism to apply filter settings to a set of saved filters? Mike Llewellyn (3)
What about a fullscreen button in the wiki editor ? Andrea Griffini (1)
nothing happens after installing VisualStudio integration Peter Henry (3)
Automatic BCC: Here is the solution Georg Ledermann (2)
Migrating to FogBugz (Perforce Integration) Marc LaFleur (1)
Bug: Non case creator can close case Jim Duffy (2)
Feature Request:Rich Text Editing in Cases/Emails Philip Villars (0)
ScoutUserName for FogBugz On Demand Tim Harrison (2)
Firefox extension to quickly open a case Ivan V. (0)
My FogBugz support contract expired... in 1949? Jeffrey Price (1)
Single wiki, all changes, RSS feed Graham Ullrich (2)
Cross-Project Email reply template behaviour Justine Lera (1)
FogBugz 6: Leave Mail on server Justine Lera (1)
Some thoughts about FogBugz as a newish user Renaud BOMPUIS (12)
Project Releases Ian Davidson (2)
Creating Tooltips for Inserted Image Jenna Baze (3)
Frontend migration - License Transfer Dennis Fung (1)
Linking FogBugz SQL Server tables to MSAccess 'too many indexes' Renaud BOMPUIS (5)
Per Project Community User Access Bruce MacKay (1)
Multiple mailboxes in "On Demand" Nick Pierpoint (1)
Additional fields to support application drill down Ivor McCormack (0)
Migrating from On Demand startup to Professional Nick Pierpoint (4)
Feature request: Quick case entry Dee Earley (2)
Feature request: Project/area drill down Dee Earley (2)
Feature request: Links from the case view page Dee Earley (2)
Case number hotlinked when in Email body text Justine Lera (2)
Reasons not to re-create FogBugz Ibis Stood (12)
Any way to delete a "Fix For"? Justine Lera (2)
sharing defects with external development resources matt woodside (1)
Feature Request / Help Request James Salt (1)
Does EBS account for developer time on other projects? Ed Holder (6)
FogBugz in Lotus Notes environment Matt (3)
Feature request: Merge cases Dee Earley (2)
Question: FogBugz 7.0 features? Grigory Ptashko (2)
Feature request: Pull down additional field Ansgar Fehnker (1)
Customize Status Table Jonathan Beerhalter (1)
linking to/from external wiki? (dekiwiki) Matt Wilkie (1)
Feature request: Ability to change the "opened by" property. Lars Kruse (4)
ANN: Python API Wrapper Patrick Altman (2)
Printing Wiki articles (Fogbugz 6.x) Chris W. (2)
Reopened cases go back to closer TM (1)
Searching only customer feedback or bugs Rashmi (1)
Feature Request: get copies of all outbound case emails Rob (1)
Feature request:Cases from email addresses of registered users Ed Gunn (1)
Bug in ship date confidence distribution generation? nathan short (10)
Suggestion: UserVoice type site for feature requests JohnFx (4)
Feature Request: Ability to Subscribe others to cases Dan Hauser (2)
Feature Request: Customized Work flow Dan Hauser (1)
Feature Request: Additional Fields Dan Hauser (4)
Feature Request: Excel report button Dan Hauser (5)
Formatting a Wiki Sonia (0)
Need a Forward and Back button for Cases Doug Coates (2)
FreshBooks to FogBugz Integration Russ (4)
Best Practice Setup for Client Access and Support Russ (4)
"Fix for" filter dropdown (redux) Donnie Hale (2)
Subversion checkins appearing in the body of the case. Jon Marston (4)
Am I completely missing how to use FB wikis? Donnie Hale (3)
Limit number of From address in drop down Ed Castillo (1)
Case Descriptions Dave Sanders (5)
Deleting cases... François Beausoleil (2)
Feature Request - "Total Estimate of Selected Cases" Mark Howard (2)
"Last Viewed" in database G - M (2)
MediaWiki Importer: No Export to FogBugz special page Laurie MacDougall Sookraj (9)
Adding a numeric field to bugs for tracking the fix build number Nikhil Singhal (1)
Adding "Emails" manually Dee Earley (10)
Feature Request: Better / Different Security approach Sam Jones (1)
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