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Network Status

Search filter returning too much Kris Kumler (2 comments)
Inverting a filter Kevin Sikes (3)
Summaries from list view in grid view Andy Lumb (3)
Request: Release versions (department level) Kris Kumler (2)
LiteSpeed Web Server support Gerald Brandt (0)
Windows Error Reporting Phil Bachmann (1)
wiki line spacing is driving me crazy Matthew Henry (5)
Save to file option in screenshot tool. JohnFx (3)
Attach and Browse Daniel Bower (1)
List All adding Type:"Cases" in query Thomas (2)
Sorting search results Thomas (2)
Monitoring user activity nuno borges (2)
Customise built-in filters Andrew Davies (2)
DiscussGroup hit stats Andrew Davies (2)
Password reset / force change Kris (1)
Suggestion: Move password fields on user creation pg to the top Tim Keating (1)
DEBUG: Search Logs on Unix Michael H. Pryor (0)
Named links in Wiki flipdoubt (1)
Any way to show inbound links on a wiki page? Paul D. (2)
Difference between - and .. Andrew Davies (4)
Insert horizontal line in Wiki Andrew Davies (4)
Request: Show the assigned to name in email notification D Upton (2)
SearchTool.exe says Directory not found Thomas (5)
Request: FogBugz API sandbox instance Tim Keating (1)
Feature Request: ability to invert sense of time filtering Tim Day (2)
Any URL I can use to monitor FogBugz health? Mark Rogers (2)
How do you work with different branches? peterchen (3)
Delete Case DJ (2)
On Demand - EULA and privacy statement DJ (2)
Download previous version? Eric Z (3)
Remove Filter Column When Sorting on That Field Allen Moore (1)
Error - Could not login to mail server Rich (6)
Tracking ticket number Mary Ann (5)
Tickets not being generated Phil Bachmann (3)
Where are your lawyers? Phil Bachmann (2)
Add/Edit/Delete Community Users via API/CURL ? Michael (1)
Fogbugz6 analytics on Fogbugz4 database? system of a Don (1)
Feature Suggestion: Wiki diagramming tool Chas Emerick (1)
Tiger vs Leopard on a mini Guy Algot (3)
FogBugz API - Brilliant! Phil Bachmann (2)
I want to be able to remove the Send and Close button! Ken Southerland (5)
Constant SQL communication.. Normal? Stephen Boyajian (5)
Bug: Inactive user names not always visible in cases Charlotte M (3)
Suggestion: 'Save' instead of Floppy icon for wiki edit Michael Mee (3)
svn hosting at fogbugz - one stop shop? Michael Mee (2)
My date format does not depend on what country I'm from Avery Pennarun (3)
Search service keeps dying on FreeBSD 6.1 Todd Martin (1)
heartbeat.asp is locked Phil Sherwood (3)
SCRUM (and what you are doing today?) Dave Peterson (1)
How to edit client and customer Future mISV (2)
Filter drop-down menu sometimes does not work properly Marcia Cupery (18)
New v. 6 install - MS SQL database 45 MB Jesper (5)
How can I set the Columns widths in a Wiki Table? Jon Tresadern (3)
Bug in installer - Mail-MimeDecode dependency incorrect Joost van der Sluis (1)
What are the limitation with the free version of FB6 ? Future mISV? (3)
Site-wide release estimates! Ben Harper (1)
Snippets Don't work in Release Notes TM (1)
Schedule items repeatedly asking for estimates Jim Wilson (2)
Email subscription to this topic Todd Martin (1)
Release Notes report shows resolved cases, HTML version doesn't Todd Day (1)
Emailed BugEvent Headers Jason Miller (1)
Cancel button for Wiki Andrew Davies (1)
Remove "default.asp" from URL Andrew Davies (2)
Release from deleted project still shows up Todd Day (3)
FB 6.0.27 truncates long lines in case body Matt Stupple (2)
Message Template not appearing for some users Andrew Davies (7)
Send Email doesn't insert Message Template Andrew Davies (4)
Mailbox Message Template {phone} variable Andrew Davies (3)
Auto-file duplicates Andrew Davies (2)
Changing Auth to LDAP (from FB Auth) Andrew Davies (6)
What is 'Expert Mode'? Andrew Davies (3)
ANNOUNCEMENT! New network status blog Joel Spolsky (1)
Heartbeat.php failing during full text indexing? Brian Webster (34)
Full-sized screen capture images downloading to computer? Todd Martin (4)
FogBugz On Demand DNS issues Matthew Passell (1)
I add Releases for a Project but they do not show in drop down Jeannine Everhart (1)
Add wiki template variable for inbound links or visited articles flipdoubt (1)
Using wiki as public knowledge base / FAQ? Gametime Jitters (2)
FB6 on Linux -- seriously, now. Danger Dog (3)
Customizing Wiki/Discussion Group notification emails? Michael McAvoy (1)
Using images in Wiki template CSS flipdoubt (2)
Continuous Integration/Build Server & FogBugz (@ FogCreek?) Jason J. W. Williams (6)
customize "issue resolved" email Sara Fleming (2)
How can I suggest features/enhancements? Chris Stewart (2)
font size of cases varies Charlotte M (1)
"assigned to" defaults back to primary contact Spencer (5)
FB 6.1.5 is Painfully Slow Dan Hauser (4)
How to override the default Body and Header fonts? Jon Tresadern (2)
Active Directory support in FogBugz Chris Stewart (9)
Time tracking and reporting capabilities Remi Despres-Smyth (1)
External hyperlink to a linked case in an email reply Joe Hanna (3)
sorting when searching by cases is completely broken Todd Day (5)
Due:* and -Due:* Steven L. Pearson (3)
Safari 3 seems to work with FB 6 now! Jason J. W. Williams (6)
Report or filter for my cases changed by other people? Nick Stenz (2)
UI does not show you can enter an estimate in grid view James Bayley (3)
Which non-web RSS reader supports cookies? Jason Sherrill (1)
Calendar Popup Current Day Incorrect? Andrew Davies (4)
Fog Creek Week Off? Andrew Davies (2)
timeline Slava (2)
different source repositories for different projects Slava (1)
Release Notes Order Todd Day (2)
Wiki HTML Editor Eyal Amir (5)
Client CPU impact of AJAX: This is not a joke. FB6 client hit Sam Jones (9)
Odd session expiry and login issues in FB6 Sam Jones (5)
FogBugz Updates page Kris (1)
Non-logged in user adding to a case Chris Skardon (6)
I18n Jean Lemoine (2)
Wiki edits don't commit Paul Nystrom (3)
Sorting by category JohnFx (1)
Table column header formatting problem Joe W (1)
Performance or Feature difference between install platforms? Rich Chang (6)
Resend Bounced Email Feature Andrew Davies (3)
Release Notes for new FogBugz versions Todd Day (6)
wiki template - still picking up FB CSS nick swan (1)
When is EBS updated? Eric Z. Beard (4)
New version? Who know A user (4)
Time Tracking in API v4 CM (2)
FB6 Bug - Source control integration not working James Bayley (1)
Fogbugz 6.1.5: Error on BugView Pages Paolo de Dios (1)
Batch create a task for each member of the team Paul Austin (1)
API Documentation Andrew Davies (1)
Namespace in API XML Andrew Davies (3)
Remember Me in the API Andrew Davies (2)
Support Link to Main Support page Andrew Davies (1)
Dates much beyond 2030-01-01 result in "unable to parse date" Todd Day (2)
Changing default FixFor for multiple projects Rafael Campana (1)
Suggestions for prioritizing cases in FogBugz with Agile. JohnFx (2)
Wiki crash when saving page containing certain unicode character Christopher Kline (5)
Sort by column header in search results Chris DiMartino (1)
Page load problem with large nubmer of CVS checkins (6.1.3) Chris DiMartino (1)
openedby:me is busted for long list Todd Day (1)
Showing 200 cases out of 788 total, where's "Next Page"? Todd Day (6)
Email notifications don't happen Petros Amiridis (6)
Filters / Reports / Searches as XML Andrew Davies (2)
Release Notes missing case prefix (& category) Andrew Davies (2)
Transient User Behavior JR Lawhorne (1)
Drop down menus with Firefox 3 Beta 2 Tate (8)
How can I set login startpage preference? G Weir (3)
Making a virtual user with many addresses makes User screen wide Todd Day (3)
Wiki Import Tools (5)
Automatically categorize by project/client based on email domain Todd Etzel (2)
Filter Select Multiple Assigned To Ken Turley (1)
Will FogCreek issue tracking tickets for features? James Bayley (3)
Cusomise Wiki Styles Rob Rademeyer (1)
Feature: Show only Text related events in case view Angelo Giannatos (1)
Search result logics Hanneke Debie (1)
Link to wiki from case Andrew Davies (2)
Leading zero scrubber messes up dates (picky) Todd Day (3)
API Ray (6)
Autocompletion for internal wiki links? Christopher Kline (1)
Moving Wiki pages between wikis? Christopher Kline (1)
Moving FogBugz installation from C: to D: Petros Amiridis (3)
Changing the correspondent when creating a case Andrew Mattie (1)
Bugclipse Beta released Bugclipse (0)
Importing MediaWiki Onno Jongbloed (27)
Person who opened case not updated when status of case changes Todd Day (5)
"Assigned To" field incorrect when case closed Todd Day (2)
"Opened By" field is wrong when bug postponed Todd Day (7)
Is there a way to list the cases currently being worked on? Craig Smith (2)
Filtering in snippets CM (3)
Release Notes on unresolved cases JohnFx (2)
Searches containing wildcards AND "exotic" characters don't work Gunnar Hägglund (3)
Upgrading FogBugz5 to FogBugz6 on Linux Brian Leach (6)
Firefox 3 and FogBugz 6 errors Simon Courage (4)
Assigning a user to multiple projects Saxon Druce (6)
Changing Default Priorities Andrew Davies (4)
Feature request - Search term highlighting Jim Kring (1)
Installation Fogbugz on Windows 2003 SBS. Arnout (4)
Feature request: subscribe to discussion board Azrul Rahim (1)
Delete Wiki File Attachment TM (1)
fogbugz 6.1.3: error when users create their own account Avery Pennarun (3)
FB 6 Install issues on FreeBSD 6.1 Todd Martin (4)
Way to tell when check-in was associated with Case? TM (1)
I need to browse the bug database without a full User license Todd Day (1)
protocol prefix Dennis van Aalst (3)
Converting the Wiki Hanneke Debie (2)
Update doesn't keep repo.asp Nick Delany (1)
"search" field width is too small James Bayley (1)
First word of email that creates case is "Blank" Trevor Jobling (2)
FB6 - problems displaying screenshot attachments Andrew Rowley (1)
Does EBS track features and bugs separately? Brad Fults (2)
CaseDetective development on hold Ian M. Jones (CaseDetective) (0)
Internal information Rob Rademeyer (4)
Feature Requests: Tagging and Nagging (6)
Capacity planning for FB5->FB6 upgrade Andrew Rowley (10)
Customize The Page for Public Submissions? Irma L. Olguin Jr (5)
Is there any way to assign a bug to multiple users and/or a dept Eric Tarn (1)
Errors during case update or sending email. David Warshowsky (2)
FB6: Please display number of unused licences James Bayley (4)
FB6: Incoming mail - full line is not displayed. James Bayley (3)
BUG: FB6: Attachment order seems off Sam Jones (3)
FB Kiwi Icon Changed Andrew Davies (3)
Feature Request: Case Visibility Date Sam Jones (4)
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