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how to inform users of new discussions? Chris Downey (1 comment)
Cannot Search for Words Past Certain Index Steve Coyne (1)
Tracking Iterations, Advice Chris Nagele (3)
RSS: Getting responses to show up in RSS ... Sam Jones (0)
Trying to create an open/closed cases month report Bobby (2)
License issues Azrul (1)
Move MSSQL-based FogBugz to a new server, domain, sql version Ilan Chait (1)
Windows or Linux? Arturo Gonzalez (1)
Support for Oracle DB (1)
SQL 2005 Compatibility Level Fritz Burnell (2)
PHP 5.1 on Fedora not supported ? Gershon Shamay (1)
bug: elapsed time check missing Helgard (3)
E-mail Notification with MS Outlook 2007 Terry Mullican (6)
Bugzilla import script says successfull - bug is missing Marcus Konitzny (2)
Inbox maximum attached file size Sam W (1)
FogBugz and concurrency control? Eric Veltman (2)
Seeking a FogBugz programmer - for deployment Jay B (0)
Cannot create new project John Milazzo (6)
Add Release Notes when resolving Chris Dunford (1)
Multiple selections for filters Chris Dunford (1)
Feature Request: More ways to resolve/close cases Ben Loh (2)
FogBugz not creating cases from e-mail David Thompson (2)
Reorder Email Buttons Please Andy Hooper (2)
FogBugz for Visual Studio and proxy authentication John C (11)
Ability to CC multiple users Kurt (3)
Having multiple e-mail addresses for a project Marc Scheuner (1)
Triggers to prevent update Ross Bunker (3)
SEARCH does not search names of attached files Mr. Analogy (1)
Resolving Cases opened by disabled users Ray (1)
PNG screenshots showing as text in Firefox browser... continued! Ryan Rozelle (3)
Submit screen shot in "resolve" mode? Chris Dunford (7)
Feature Request:  Decription for Projects and Releases Mr. Analogy (2)
Stopping bugzscout emails about closed/resolved/stopreports bug? Dan Mitchell (11)
delete project and all cases Kurt (4)
setup incorrectly says full text search not installed Chris Downey (2)
Filters per project? Marc Scheuner (1)
Prioritizing (Sorting) work to be done Ed Eichman (1)
Is anyone using Mercurial with FogBugz? Jason Williams (0)
DB table name for description Mark (1)
Anyone tried Team Coherence integration? PDF (2)
Attaching an Excel Spreadsheet robert bacon (1)
Minor "typo" in Edit Release window Mr. Analogy (1)
Sort the "Fix For" choices by DATE Aphasia Software (2)
Cannot Edit or Assign fields of one specific issue Eric Brown (3)
Increasing the session timeout time Mark (1)
Migrating to subversion Matt Stupple (1)
Shorten Subj's for Emailed Cases Aphasia Software (1)
Email in cases displays HTML escape codes Sam Ritchie (1)
Anybody used PHP 5.2.0 with FogBugz yet? James Deibele (2)
importing from bugzilla Kurt (30)
Feature Request: Resolving a case makes estimate remaining 0 Paul Norrie (4)
FogBugz 5.0.19 on MySQL 4.1.22: Ok? Georg Ledermann (2)
Import threaded discussions? Terrence Talbot (1)
Reset installation? Fred (1)
Opened By Jeff Roethlisberger (5)
Keyboard Shortcuts on Firefox Angelos Giannatos (1)
How are additional licences treated reg. FB-versions ? Christian Listl (3)
Possible to send email to customers without appending case # Rich (1)
Databe Down Error - Suddenly sprfrkr (2)
Is Fogbugz 6 coming out or is it getting "city desked"? Where to Fogbugz? (21)
Need help with WebSVN -> Fogbugz link Fred (2)
Bug in fogbugzmaintd init script Fred (1)
FogBugz Maintenance Error in heartbeat.php Daniel Eriksson (1)
Tracking simple work items flipdoubt (2)
Defaults Chris Dunford (1)
How to set ISO 8601 date format? Tom Sheppard (2)
Searching by decimal number. Jun Tanahara (1)
InnoDB support for Bug and BugEvent tables Jason Williams (2)
Changing User to Admin back to User results in loss of rights Udo Reuther (2)
Full text search provides wrong results (too many) Udo Reuther (2)
Features required for project planning Daryl Spitzer (1)
Adding Additional Resolve Options Don Fuller (1)
Security between clients Eric M. (2)
Slow page loads for bugs with many associated checkins Matt Stupple (5)
Problem with Messages Not Being Delivered, Jeremy Williams (1)
Email Content Scott (3)
Public filter Joakim Jacobsson (1)
My Cases and Inbox filters are inconssistent with the rest Costin Calisov (4)
Clients/correspondents cases tracking Costin Calisov (10)
Install Error Adding 5.0.17 to Existing Database Andy Hooper (1)
Additional case type? Stacy Cheatham (1)
Default Priority to something other than 1? Stacy Cheatham (4)
Feature Request: Case Merging JF (5)
Source Code commits as bugevents Daniel Bäck (5)
Is it possible to default a "new case" to an Inquiry? Richard J Foster (2)
Licensing for test FogBugz server Dave Diehl (2)
changing the default values for priority mark (3)
E-Mail Addresses Don Long (0)
Link error on "about Fogbugz" page bryan (1)
Download Alex Florentino (1)
Domain Authentication Mike Carlson (4)
FogBug Alex Florentino (1)
Code merging for service releases Daniel Bäck (2)
Upgraded to FC4 and now showerrorpage() is undefined. Greg Shaw (5)
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