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Latest Version? David Taylor (3 comments)
Adding a new category to FogBugz Jason (6)
FireFox + SSL connection blocks Jean Vaucher (2)
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Splitting a bug - Part II John F (0)
Call for FogBugz Beta testers Brett Kiefer (4)
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Why Is Deleting Cases marked dead? JK (1)
How to change displayed time stamp from GMT to a local time zone Pei Ku (4)
Issue: Behavior of the "There is a newer version" link Sam Jones (0)
Feature Request: "My Watched Items" Sam Jones (2)
Feature Request: auto generate title from case body Richard Downey (0)
Leaving NAV Email Scanning On Allen Moore (1)
Feature request: More flexible Filters Kevin Hawkins (0)
Best Practice question (Source Control Integration) Michael Dorfman (4)
Sql Server setup d. hendricks (4)
RSS Feed issues with 4.0.33 update? (more info) Jim Kring (1)
Feature: Filter Versions in Release Notes Eric Renken (1)
Installer fails on "Upgrading the database" Norman Bax (4)
importBugzilla gives error: First node not Fletcher Cocquyt (6)
FogBugz running with mysql on Case Sensitive HFS+ Filesystem Ryan Dionne (10)
Feature Request: Accept "Case: nnn" to define case relationships Guy Hanchet (0)
Default Area for a project Rich (3)
Change Email Reply Template for New Cases Created via the Web Derek Davidson (1)
Fogbugz Reporting NewUser (0)
Feature Request: Number of days open Dan Hauser (1)
Recommend a fogbugz system Rik (9)
LDAP initial configuration Tim Oehring (1)
Spam filter has stopped filtering... Bob Walsh (1)
Sanity check on proposed use of priorities and releases Nigel Davies (0)
FogBugz/TestDirector Andrea Kuehnel (2)
Questions about the "track the status" (ticketurl) page Todd Matson (3)
Remember Email address Leonardo Carlos Prada (3)
Search for source control revision? Peter Mounce (0)
Feature suggestion: More features in the RSS feed David Helgason (1)
Default URL for FB Jeremy (4)
Public forum test (2)
Problems sending emails for cases with international characters. Félix Pedrera García (1)
Formatting release notes (1)
When posting to a Forum, the "Home Page" isn't remembered Oren Hurvitz (1)
"Most recently edited cases first" - based on what? Per Bergland (1)
Empty html release notes Per Bergland (1)
Upgrade to 4.0.11 and Missing Bug Records Jason Sweet (5)
Casedetective NewUser (6)
Request for a new feature: "Print" button (grid view) Steve Veller (0)
Source Safe database on network share Tobias Furuholm (3)
Install screenshot tool for all users Anthony Dyson (1)
Spam Notification Glen Richards (2)
Label search field Brady Duga (0)
Error handling in fogbugz? Josh Egstad (1)
LDAP Full name Tobias Furuholm (1)
ER Database model diagram NJR (2)
Assigned To: Closed Davi (3)
LDAP and users' e-mail addresses David Thompson (1)
Reporting on CLOSED Projects Clive Pereira (2)
LDAP and New User Control Tobias Furuholm (4)
Where to find case ticket? me (2)
Feature request: Security options at project level Eden Brandeis (2)
Your Fogbugz Support contract expired on 1/1/1950 ?? Wiley Cox (3)
Feature request for different admin levels Steve H (0)
(RE)Asignement of incoming/sorted emails to an open case Javier Jarava (3)
Feature Suggestion: Home button Sam Chrisp (1)
How can I configure the groupings on the main page (1)
Slow Access Times with Large Image Attachments Todd Matson (0)
FirefoxPlugin has problems with umlauts Alexander Balzer (3)
Extra Fields - Limited View Derek Davidson (2)
Disable yellow tooltip (sticky note) hints NJR (6)
Changing Fix For After a Case is Closed Todd Matson (4)
Feature Suggestion: Recent Activity list Sam Chrisp (4)
How much pain if we make Version field in Db longer? Sherman Uitzetter (1)
email integration with forums Brady Duga (0)
How do I remove the fogbugz directory path in the URL Stephane Grenier (4)
How do I change the title of the discussion group Stephane Grenier (2) wrong for suse install Marc Logemann (0)
Fogbugz integration into SVN 1.3.0 Dan Maharry (2)
Can't get snippets working in Opera Dan Maharry (0)
Feature Request: E-mail Confirmations by Client/Dept Kerrie Senyk (0)
Send & Close Makes Case Unretrievable Kerrie Senyk (3)
Large Email Attachments - slow access times Josh Unger (5)
RSS for private discussion fora Hans Gerwitz (1)
Search by Project J. Fuex (3)
Using full email address for Account Name Nick (2)
[BUG] empty tool tip in forums Brady Duga (0)
Opening Links in a New Browser Window Chip Anderson (3)
Install 2nd license of FogBugz on Webserver Todd DeFrane (2)
Feature Request: Editing Comments (1)
How can I list the cases I have created? Dennis Bland (1)
Setting default filter Dan Maharry (3)
Using forums (monitoring posts) Brady Duga (1)
RSS feed for filters malformed in the trial version Chris Subagio (3)
INFO - SQL Express 2005 with FogBugz Mark Smithson (0)
auto-assign bugs based on area? Eric Hahn (1)
Feature Suggestion: sorting email into projects Paul Norrie (3)
Subversion integration issues, Help? Wiley Cox (4)
FogBugz Internal Error Alexander Balzer (5)
First word of attachment file name cut off in IE Eden Brandeis (1)
My fogbugz users have abandoned fogbugz for basecamp #@$% Sam Jones (4)
Mailbox download failure Phil Dye (3)
Lizenz issue (1)
Broken separation between clients when using mailboxes Alexander Sokol (0)
Discussion via WebForwards Fred Schetterer (0)
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