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Stop reassign to ixPersonOpenedBy when receive e-mail


We're using FB for our customer support and made an edit to the sources a while ago so when one of our support staff (who each have their own unique login) resolve a case, the case stays assigned to them (rather than being reassigned to the person who opened the case).

We did this by commenting out the line in CBug.asp:

ixPersonAssignedTo = ixPersonOpenedBy

However now when the customer replies to our e-mail the case is being reassigned back to the person who opened the case. We'd like to find the line of code where this happens (i.e. when an e-mail is received from the customer) and comment it out.

Does anyone know where this is? Has anyone done this before?

Any help would be appreciated, because currently reassigning tasks to the correct support team member manually is a big time waster for us.

Kind regards,
Chris Dahl Send private email
Monday, January 30, 2006

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