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We (me and my partner) are in the planning stage of starting our own business. We are looking for a right tool for handling our requirements specification. I wonder if we could use FogBugz for that.

Our wish is to have a tool, where (just like in Wiki) we create the SRS document (one requirements->one page + TOC), and each requirements become an task. All we need to do then is to set priorities, create detailed subtasks when required, and -- execute. But we always have a high-level view of the project -- the SRS (with marks telling us what parts are done, and what are just planned).

So far the best fit we've found is XPlanner. But it lack the most important part: ability to present user stories (requirements) as an one large document. I had a short conversation with XPlanner guys, and they told me that it could be done, but no estimates were given. Besides, the permanent-beta status of XPlanner makes us hesitate to relay on it.

So, the questions are there anything like this in FogBugz?
Are there any plans to implement it?

Thank you.
Vladimir Dyuzhev Send private email
Monday, January 30, 2006

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