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Feature Request: "My Watched Items"


We find the 'subscribe' to an item to not be useful. What we really want is an 'Add to My Watched Cases' link.

This would be like 'My Watched Items' in ebay. You can always go there and see the scoop on any of your items, without getting all the @#$#@$% emails.

(We hate emails!)

The My Watched Items area could (should) also expose an RSS feed, so that I can easily see changes in that area without having to go there.

We find there are often items that two or three or four people need to stay current on, but it is assigned to one person.

So the team does not stay in sync like they want to.

Sam Jones Send private email
Friday, January 27, 2006

You do know you can turn off the email notification right? Just go to the Users tab and select the desired user then change email notifications to OFF. Some of us don't have time to keep checking a huge list of defects and need that email to let us know there has been some change.

If just want a list of defects to review I would suggest the filter option. Setup a few good filters and they will do the same as 'my watched items'.

Good luck
Dan Hauser Send private email
Wednesday, February 1, 2006
>>Setup a few good filters and they will do the same as 'my watched items'.

Filters really aren't flexible enough to do this. You'd need a filter as arbitrary as "ixBug = X OR ixBug = Y OR ixBug = Z". Or a filter that says "cases subscribed to by" but the poster says he doesn't want the emails from a subsription.
Steve Troxell
Wednesday, February 1, 2006

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