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Sanity check on proposed use of priorities and releases


I'm looking for feedback on a proposed scheme for configuring priorities and releases.

What I'm trying to do is (like many people I guess) distinguish between the importance of something and the urgency.

So I propose to use priorities as the importance, so have categories like "must fix", "could fix" etc. and releases as the mechanism for specifiying time, i.e. have releases called things like "ASAP" (as in the examples given in the documentation), "Urgent - Customer waiting" etc.

Anyone tried this and if so, did it work ?

Also, I notice FogBugz sorts the releases alphabetically in the absence of due dates. In my experiements I've resorted to putting "." 's at the start to force the ordering to match my requirements. Anyone seen a more elegant technique ?


Nigel Davies Send private email
Sunday, January 22, 2006

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