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Feature Suggestion: Home button

A number of tasks can only be performed from the FogBugz 'Home' screen, that is the Welcome-to-Fogbugz screen.

Further, that screen can only be accessed (as far as I can tell - please correct me if I'm wrong) by clicking on the FogBugz logo in the top-left corner (once it has been navigated away from).

I find this highly confusing and quite bad usability, for a number of reasons:

1. There is no real title on the 'Home' screen (aside from the Welcome blurb) and it is has the looknfeel of a typical splash screen.
This all leads to the assumption it is not an important screen, and all links offered on it can be access elsewhere in their own section/screen.

2. Generally a Product Logo displayed on a website links back to the manufacturors website.
This was the instant assumption I made apon seeing the FogBugz logo, and why I never bothered to click it.

3. All other navigation is on the right-hand side of the screen.
This again makes it less obvious that the FogBugz logo is of important. More-so it is unintuitive: Whenever I want to do something in FogBugz I look and move my mouse to the right to search for the link amongst the rest of the navigation.

Even after clicking the Product Logo once, and realising it navigated back to the 'Welcome' screen - I still assumed there must be a 'proper' link hidden somewhere else.
Only after searching the Help did it become apparent the Product Logo was the intended link.

Anyway, I've modified our FogBugz installation to include a Home button like so:

And find it much simply to navigate around, and far easier for the typical 'users' we have.
Sam Chrisp Send private email
Thursday, January 12, 2006
I would like to second this.  Your description exactly matches my experience as well.
Mark Preddy Send private email
Sunday, January 29, 2006

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