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Broken separation between clients when using mailboxes

I have read this article on how to achieve separation between clients so they cannot see each other on the system:

However it seems that because mailboxes cannot be assigned to clients or departments, this separation is broken because each user can email anyone out of each mailbox on behalf of another client or department, for example if there is CocaColaSupport mailbox sorted into CocaColaClient, PepsiColaCustomer can still send the following email from any open case for their PepsiColaClient:

From: "CocaColaSupport" <>

Please send the CocaCola formula ASAP to help us debug the production issue you reported.

The reply will of course sort right into their PepsiColaCustomer case.

Are there plans to restrict Mailboxes visibility or is there another way to deal with this problem?

Alexander Sokol

P.S. Other than for this issue, you have the best user interface by far of all I have tested. Great job guys!
Alexander Sokol Send private email
Tuesday, January 3, 2006

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